Eduardo Iturralde González

Eduardo Iturralde González is a retired Spanish football referee. He referees European matches in the Europa League and Champions League. Iturralde notably refereed the El Clásico on three occasions, in 1999, 2005 and most in November 2010, in which he was praised for his solid and free-flowing performance. Iturralde González was the referee of the Republic of Ireland's 2–1 win over Armenia in the last Euro 2012 qualifying match. Early in the game, he sent off Armenian goalkeeper Roman Berezovsky for a handball, although video replays indicated that the ball hit his chest. Two days after the match, the Football Federation of Armenia filed a protest to UEFA over the goalkeeper's dismissal. On March 23, 2012, he announced his retirement from refereeing due to disagreements with the Spanish Technical Committee, although it was time for him to retire at the end of the 2011–12 season, his last game was Real Betis vs Real Madrid on March 10, 2012. He could not finish this game due to a muscle injury, being substituted by the fourth referee, Gorka Sagués Oscoz, during half time.

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William Lee Woollett

William Lee Woollett was an American architect practicing in California. He designed theaters in Los Angeles in the 1920s including the largest movie theater built in Los Angeles, Grauman's Metropolitan Theatre which opened in 1923. William Lee Woollett was born in Albany, New York on November 13, 1873 to William M. and Sarah Louise Woollett. His father died. Around 1892, Woollett studied architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he apprenticed as a draftsman for Fehmer and Page, Boston, MA. Woollett returned to Albany in 1896 to open his office, he was joined a few years by his younger brother, John Woodward Woollett an architect. Together, they founded the firm and Woollett Architects becoming the 3rd consecutive generation of Woolletts to practice architecture in Albany. After the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, Woollett and Woollett opened a branch office in San Francisco. William Woollett closed the Albany office. Woollett and Woollett was located in San Francisco until 1917 when William Lee Woollett relocated to Los Angeles.

In 1921, the firm relocated permanently to Los Angeles. Woollett died on February 11, 1955, he is buried at Grand View Memorial Park Cemetery in California. Woollett & Woollett are responsible for a number of significant structures in California including: Tajo Building, Downtown Los Angeles, CA 1896-97 Municipal Rose Garden, Oakland, CA Syndicate Building, Downtown Oakland, CA 1910-11 The Berkeley Piano Club, Berkeley, CA 1912 Hotel Royal, Oakland, CA 1912/13 Quinn’s Rialto Theater, Los Angeles, CA 1916-17 Million Dollar Theater, Downtown Los Angeles, 1917-18 Otis Hoyt House, Long Beach, CA 1920 McClain House, Beverly Hills, CA 1920 Lee B. Memefee House, Hollywood, CA 1920 Grauman’s Metropolitan Theater & Office Building, Downtown Los Angeles, 1921-23 Lakeside Country Club, Toluca Lake, CA 1924-25 George Lockwood Eastman House, West Hollywood, CA 1926 City of Los Angeles Public Library Malabar Branch #2, Boyle Heights, CA 1926/7 E. J. Longyear House, Alta Dena, CA 1927 John J. Iten House, Lake Arrowhead, CA 1930 City of Oakland, Parks Department, Linda Vista Park, Oakland Park, CA 1933-37 Borrego Valley Defense Program Airfield, Salton Sea, CA 1942 William Woollett House, Glendale, CA Paramount Theater, Los Angeles, CA Naylor, American Picture Palaces The Architecture of Fantasy, 83, 85, 217, 1981.

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