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MarĂ­a Fernanda Landa

María Fernanda Landa is a former professional tennis player from Argentina. Landa competed on the WTA Tour from 1995 and made all of her main draw appearances in the doubles format, in which she reached 108 in the world; as a singles player she won two ITF titles, with a best ranking of 183. She qualified for the main draw of the women's doubles at the 1996 US Open with Marlene Weingärtner and with the same partner was runner-up at the 1999 WTA Madrid Open. At the 1999 Wimbledon Championships and Weingärtner received direct entry and were beaten in the first round by eventual champions Lindsay Davenport and Corina Morariu, she competed in the mixed doubles draw at Wimbledon that year with Diego del Río. She now runs a tennis school in Buenos Aires. María Fernanda Landa at the Women's Tennis Association María Fernanda Landa at the International Tennis Federation

2014 Pendle Borough Council election

The 2014 Pendle Borough Council election took place on 22 May 2014 to elect members of Pendle Borough Council in Lancashire, England. One third of the council was up for the council stayed under no overall control. After the election, the composition of the council was Conservative 19 Labour 18 Liberal Democrats 11 British National Party 1 Before the election the Conservatives had 19 councillors, the most for the party on the council for the previous 30 years, while Labour had 17 councillors, the Liberal Democrats had 12 and there was 1 British National Party councillor; this was a change from the situation at the last election in 2012, after Labour councillor Abdul Aziz had defected to the Conservatives in September 2013 after having been suspended by Labour. The council was run by the Conservatives, with support from the Liberal Democrats.16 seats were contested at the election, with Labour defending 6 seats, the Conservatives 5, Liberal Democrats 4 and the British National Party 1. Among those defending seats at the election was the leader of the Labour group on the council, Mohammed Iqbal in Bradley ward.

During the campaign Pendle was visited by the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, both the Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman and the shadow chancellor Ed Balls, the Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander to support their respective parties. There was little change in the party composition of the council with Labour gaining one seat from the Conservatives, while the Conservatives took one seat from the Liberal Democrats. Labour's gain came in Reedley, where Yasser Iqbal defeated the Conservative councillor for the previous 40 years, Pauline McCormick, by 36 votes; however Conservative Lyle Davy became the youngest councillor in the country at the age of 18 after taking Coates from the Liberal Democrats by 49 votes, after the Liberal Democrats had held the ward for the previous 16 years. Meanwhile, Brian Parker held Marsden for the British National Party by 6 votes over the Conservatives, in the only seat won by the British National Party at the 2014 United Kingdom local elections.

Overall turnout at the election was 38.82%. Following the election Conservative Joe Cooney continued as leader of the council after the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats reached an agreement, with the Conservatives taking 6 seats on the council executive, while the Liberal Democrats took 4 seats on the executive. A by-election was held in Old Laund Booth ward on 3 July 2014 after the Liberal Democrat former leader of the council, John David, resigned from the council due to ill health after having held the seat since 1986; the seat was held for the Liberal Democrats by Brian Newman with a majority of 161 votes

James Sadleir

James Sadleir was a member of the British House of Commons, chiefly notable for being one of the few members expelled by that body. Sadleir was the son of a farmer, of Shrone Hill, County Tipperary, his mother was the daughter of a local banker. His brother John, with whom he was involved in the Tipperary Joint Stock Bank, was MP for Carlow Borough from 1847. James Sadleir was approached to stand as a Liberal candidate for the Tipperary constituency in the 1852 election and refused, but was induced to accept, he supported the idea of religious equality in Ireland, although without much enthusiasm for the Roman Catholic priests in his county who passed a vote of censure in April 1853. His brother served in Lord Aberdeen's government as a Junior Lord of the Treasury from December 1852 to January 1854 when he resigned, having been implicated in an attempt to imprison a depositor of the Tipperary Joint Stock Bank who had refused to vote for him; the scandal that led to both of their downfalls arose through the crash of the Tipperary Bank in February 1856.

The Bank's London agents, Glyn and Co. refused to pay on draughts of the bank, returning them with the words "not provided for". The Bank of Ireland continued to pay as usual for a week more, resulting in a rush of investors withdrawing their money there. On 17 February, John Sadleir, the principal creditor of the bank, committed suicide on Hampstead Heath, he sent a suicide note to James' wife Emma which read "James is not to blame–I alone have caused all this dreadful ruin. James was to me too fond a brother but he is not to blame for being deceived and led astray by my diabolical acts. Be to him at this moment all the support you can. Oh what I would not suffer with gladness to save those. My end will prove at least that I was not callous to their agony." It was found by the Irish courts that John Sadleir had begun to abstract money from the bank from about the end of 1854, took a total of £288,000. James Sadleir was Chairman, Managing Director and a public agent of the bank, on 29 February the first creditor sued him to recover £2,827 15s.

4d. It was recognised that he would bear the brunt of the failure, The Times reported that there was "a wide-spread feeling of pity" for him as he was a ruined man. Other creditors of the bank rushed to try to recover their money from him. An early judgment was soon reversed; the court inquiries disclosed letters written from John to James which implicated him in organising the frauds. However, Sadleir absconded on 17 June. Questions were asked why no criminal charges had been brought against him by this stage, any previous sympathy for his position having disappeared. Charges were brought on 18 July. No-one was sure where Sadleir was. In September, a Carlow newspaper reported that the police were on the wrong scent in looking in New Orleans, as he had made his way to South America. By February 1857, all patience was at an end, the Attorney-General for Ireland moved for Sadleir's expulsion for failing to surrender to the warrants for his arrest. A letter was read in the debate which placed Sadleir in Paris where he dined every day at the Palais Royal.

He was expelled by the House on 16 February. His estates and those of his wife were sold. On 13 May, a letter from Sadleir, posted in Paris, was published in the Dublin Evening Post, he denied involvement in the frauds, stated that he had denounced his brother when he learnt what he had been doing. This apologia was swiftly countered by James Scully, his cousin, implicated in the scandal, who described James as a "notorious culprit". Sadleir was maintained by an annuity paid by the Wheatleys, he never returned to face justice, moved to Switzerland in 1861, living in Geneva and Zürich. Twenty years while taking his regular walk up the Zürichberg, Sadleir came upon a thief intent on robbing him of his gold watch, he resisted and was shot dead, his body being concealed in the thicket by the side of the path where it was discovered a week later. His funeral was well-attended, his will was dated 23 May 1856, although the executors suspected that he may have made a will which they were unable to find.

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Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri

Ali Bin Mohsen Bin Fetais Al-Marri is a senior Qatari official and magistrate. Since 2002, he is the Attorney General of Qatar. Internationally, Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri is a Special Attorney for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Together with members of his family, he created the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Centre, of which he owns the offices. Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri is the subject of several controversies, notably for ill-gotten gains in Geneva and Paris, bank accounts held at the National Bank of Kuwait and human rights violations, he was accused by US media and a leaked diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks of having helped members of his family who were members of Al-Qaeda. Born on February 8, 1965 in Doha, Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri originates from the Bedouin Al-Marri tribe. From a modest family, Al-Marri made a career out of his loyalty. "He has no room for manoeuvre within the seraglio. The Al-Marri are not lucky enough to be part of the elite", explain French journalists Nicolas Beau and Jacques-Marie Bourget."At the palace's request, he is the one who judicially executes the troublemakers, prosecuting them for corruption, not a difficult task".

After completing his education in Qatar, Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri earned a master's degree in Public Law at the University of Rennes, France. Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri speaks Arabic and English. Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri is married and father to two sons, Hamad Ali, born in 2002, Tameen Ali, born in 2013, he is a relative of Maha Ali, a student in Doha and of Abdulmehsen Hamad Fetais, director of the ROLACC. and another daughter Sadeem Ali born 2007 According to media reports, Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri is related to Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri and his brother Jarallah, both Al-Qaeda members. Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri began his career in 1997 as an assistant at Qatar University, where he taught international law. In 1997, he was appointed Assistant Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers and attended weekly meetings. From 1998, he headed the legal department of the Diwan of the Emir of Qatar, with the position of Under-Secretary. In March 2001, Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri represented Qatar before the International Court of Justice in the case of maritime delimitation and territorial issues between Qatar and Bahrain.

Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri is appointed Attorney General of Qatar by a decree of the Emir on June 19, 2002. Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri has been a member of the United Nations International Law Commission since 2002In September 2012, in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri was appointed Special Regional Representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for the recovery of stolen assets, his mandate was renewed in 2014Several observers criticized this appointment in light of the revelations concerning ill-gotten gains in the name of Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri. Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri is the president and founder of the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Centre, a Qatari organization founded in 2009. In March 2017, ROLACC opened a Geneva office, ROLACC Geneva chaired by Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri, his secretary-general being a member of his family, Abdulmehsen Hamad Fetais, born in 1985. On December 8, 2017, ROLACC Geneva awarded at the Palace of Nations in Geneva a series of anti-corruption awards to personalities who came from China, the United States and Italy.

Claiming that Qatar had "bought a prize against corruption," the newspaper Le Temps said that in return for this promotional event, Qatar had just funded renovation work at the United Nations Office in Geneva at a cost of 20 million Swiss Francs. Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri is a relative of Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, alias Abdul-Rahman al-Qatari, a Qatari citizen who admitted being an Al-Qaeda terrorist. According to journalists from the Daily Beast, Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri was "said to be a relative of the confessed terrorist". According to, No evidence was presented to sustain these allegations, many of which appeared to have been gained through torture. Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri was arrested in December 2001 in Illinois by federal agents, detained as an "enemy combatant", jailed in 2009 for 15 years by the US Justice Department, as he admitted being an operative of Al-Qaeda, of which he attended its training camps from 1998 to 2001.

He met Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the September 11 attacks mastermind. Prior to his arrest by federal agents, Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri was preparing new attacks in the US, including with chemical weapons, the US Justice Department revealed. Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri worked as a senior auditor for the government of Qatar and was "a key person" in the audit department of the Qatar Islamic Bank, where he worked for about 10 years. According to US media, the General Prosecutor of Qatar intervened via an intermediary to free his relative in exchange of a couple of US citizens arbitrarily detained in Qatar. At his arrival in Doha, the Al-Qaeda member was welcomed by Qatari officials as "a hero". A board member of Al-Jazeera wrote a celebratory message on his Twitter account. Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri's younger brother, Jarallah trained in an Al-Qaeda camp in Afghanistan, before being detained by the US as an "enemy combatant" at Guantanamo Bay, expelled to Qatar. According to a "confidential" US diplomatic cable, Qatar allowed Jarallah to travel abroad "despite explicit assurances that he would not be permitted to do so, that the US Government would be notified if he attempted to".

US diplomats wrote that Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri was "almost party to the decision" and "failed to inform us despite numerous oppor

Sandman Centre

The Sandman Centre is a 5,464-seat multi-purpose arena in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. It is home to the Kamloops Blazers Ice hockey team; the arena is owned by The City of Kamloops. The Arena is located on Mark Recchi Way, named after the NHL player whose hometown and home team is in Kamloops; the Sandman Centre was constructed to replace the Kamloops Memorial Arena, built in 1948 and now a historical landmark. The Sandman Centre opened as the Riverside Coliseum in 1992; the Riverside Coliseum was called Sport Mart Place due to a sponsorship deal with Sport Mart. The deal between Sport Mart and the City of Kamloops expired during the summer of 2005 and a new sponsorship deal resulted in the commercial name Interior Savings Centre. In summer/fall of 2005, The Kamloops Blazers Hockey Club, City of Kamloops, several corporate sponsors constructed new private box seats, upping the capacity by hundreds of seats; the arena has hosted many concerts. Avril Lavigne performed at the arena during The Black Star Tour.

On April 2, 1999, Shania Twain performed there during her Come On Over Tour. Other artists include Bob Dylan, Nickelback, KISS, Alice Cooper, The Cult, Dierks Bentley, Rita MacNeil, Florida Georgia Line, George Thorogood, Reba McEntire, Nelly Furtado, The Back Street Boys, Sarah Mclachlan, Def Leppard, Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, Bryan Adams, Tom Cochran Johnny Reid, Dallas Smith, The Band Perry, Terri Clark, Rascal Flatts; the arena hosted the 2014 Tim Hortons Brier from March 1–9. In 2016, the arena hosted the 2016 IIHF Women's World Championship. During the 2017 BC wildfire season Emergency Social Services used the arena as an over night evacuation centre when residents of the city of Williams Lake were given a mandatory evacuation order. Sandman Centre official website