Jakki tha Motamouth

Jakki Rubin, better known by his stage name Jakki tha Motamouth, is an American rapper from Columbus, Ohio. He is a member of MHz Legacy, he was part of the group The Weathermen. Released in 2004, his first solo album, God vs. Satan, was re-released in 2005. God vs. Satan Psycho Circus "Widespread" b/w "The Chosen" "I'm Trying" RJD2 - "F. H. H." from Deadringer Copywrite - "Nobody" and "Theme Music" from The High Exhaulted Vakill - "Forbidden Scriptures" from The Darkest Cloud Greenhouse Effect - "You Must Learn" from Columbus or Bust Killah Priest - "Fire Reign" from The 3 Day Theory Copywrite - "Swaggot Killaz" from God Save the King Casual x J. Rawls - "Hier-O-Dot" from Respect Game or Expect Flames Lunny, Hugo. "MVRemix Interviews: Jakki The Motamouth". MVRemix. Retrieved March 28, 2016. Jakki Da Motamouth discography at Discogs is a Polish language web site covering financial and business news. It has a readership of 500.000 unique visitors per month and has 3 million page views per month. has been ranked among the 10 most influential business news media outlets in Poland by the Institute of Media Monitoring, both in 2011 and 2012. It was voted one of the most important investment news sources by members of the Polish Association of Individual Investors in 2012. Articles published by were quoted by various newspapers and media outlets, including The Economist's blog'Eastern Approaches', Spiegel Online, Bloomberg, ITAR-TASS, Gazeta Wyborcza and the Polish edition of Forbes magazine. is a part of INFOR Biznes sp. Z o.o. The web site cooperates with business news & legal weekday newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, one of INFOR Biznes's proprietaries. INFOR Biznes is owned in 51% by the Polish publishing company INFOR PL and in 49% by Ringier Axel Springer Media AG, a joint venture between the Swiss publishing company Ringier and the German publishing company Axel Springer.

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