Nasuhzade Ali Pasha

Nasuhzade Ali Pasha known as Kara-Ali Pasha, was an Ottoman admiral during the early stages of the Greek War of Independence. In 1821, as second-in-command of the Ottoman navy, he succeeded in resupplying the isolated Ottoman fortresses in the Peloponnese, while his subordinate Ismael Gibraltar destroyed Galaxeidi. Promoted to Kapudan Pasha, led the suppression of the revolt in Chios and the ensuing Chios massacre in April 1822, he was killed when a fireship captained by Constantine Kanaris blew up his flagship in Chios harbour on the night of 18/19 June 1822. He hailed from Scodra, was much esteemed for his ability; as the Kapitan Bey, the Ottoman fleet's second-in-command, in August 1821 he led a sortie from the Dardanelles, commanding a squadron of three ships of the line, five frigates, twenty smaller vessels, joined by squadrons from Egypt and Algeria. The fleets of the Greek islanders that had risen in revolt had disbanded and returned home at the time, so the Ottomans were able to sail unopposed.

The fleet ferried supplies and ammunition to the fortresses of Methoni and Koroni, thus preventing their surrender to the Greeks who were besieging them. From there the fleet moved to Patras, where it arrived on 18 September and disembarked reinforcements that allowed the local Ottoman commander, Yusuf Pasha, to break the Greek blockade of the city. On 1 October, the Egyptian squadron under Ismael Gibraltar destroyed the coastal town of Galaxeidi and burned or captured its fleet, the largest in western Greece. With the sailing season now advanced, Ali decided to return to Constantinople. At Zakynthos, under British control, he learned that the Greek fleet under Andreas Miaoulis, 35 vessels strong, had gathered to confront him on his return; the two fleets engages in indecisive fighting off the western coast of the Peloponnese, but Ali, determined to avoid direct confrontation and thus risk the ships he had captured at Galaxeidi, was pushed back to Zakynthos. Only when a favourable wind blew again did he depart, returned safely to the Ottoman capital, with 35 captured vessels in tow.

As a result of this success, Sultan Mahmud II promoted Ali to Kapudan Pasha, commander-in-chief of the entire Ottoman navy. On 22 March 1822, the revolutionary leader of Samos Island, Lykourgos Logothetis, landed at Chios, a wealthy island whose production of mastic gave it a privileged place as the supplier of the Ottoman court; the Greek expeditionary force on the island was not well organized, nor did it enjoy significant naval support. As a result, the Sultan mobilized his forces against the island, with Ali leading the naval arm of the operation; the Ottoman fleet of 46 ships arrived at the island on 11 April, on the next day landed 7,000 men on the island. After a brief resistance and his Samiots embarked on their ships and fled, leaving the Chiots behind to suffer the consequences: although the populace was unarmed and had been reluctant to join the Samiots, they were treated as rebels, with many thousands executed and most of the rest carted off to slave markets. Ali tried to intervene and spare the rural population from destruction, the valuable mastic villages, as their survival was the foundation of the island's continued prosperity.

On 17 April, he called on the foreign consuls to announce an amnesty to the inhabitants of the island, on 22 April the elders of the mastic villages appeared before him in submission, accompanied by the French and Austrian consuls. The mastic villages were thus spared destruction. At long last, Ali's protestations, along with those of the European consuls and the Sultan's sister Esma Sultan, led to the dismissal and banishment of Vehid. Vehid Pasha, the commander of the Chios garrison suggested to Ali to use the opportunity to attack the Greek strongholds at Samos and the nearby island of Psara, but Ali refused, saying that these were well fortified, that once the weather improved he had orders to sail for the Peloponnese; the two commanders became hostile with one another, as Vehid put his support behind continued reprisals and massacres on the island, while Ali was eager to see order restored. While the Greek fleet under Miaoulis belatedly set sail for Chios, the Ottoman fleet under Ali remained at the island to spend Ramadan.

An indecisive combat between the two fleets ensued on 12 May, 19 May, the night of 31 May. The Greeks unsuccessfully attempted to use fireships against the Ottoman ships of the line, while the latter, despite being much heavier and powerful than the Greek vessels, avoided combat. On 18 June, Ali held a great feast on his 80-gun flagship to celebrate Eid al-Fitr and the end of Ramadan; the entire fleet was illuminated in celebration, allowing two Greek vessels to approach them under cover of night. One of them, commanded by Constantine Kanaris, made for the flagship, while the other, under Andreas Pipinos, headed for the ship of the second-in-command. Unlike his colleague, Kanaris managed to wedge his fireship on the Ottoman vessel, engulfed by flame. Chaos broke out on its deck. According to con

Santo DiMera

Santo DiMera is a fictional character on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. He was portrayed by James Scott from July 9, 2007 to September 28, 2007. Scott reprised the role on August 2008 as a figment of John's imagination, he established the wealth and power of the DiMera family. Santo is the father of crime lord Stefano DiMera. Victor Kiriakis described Santo as "brilliant, wealthy and utterly crooked" with "operations all over the world". While doing business in Galway, Ireland, he becomes involved with Colleen Brady. Though he was married and had a son at the time of their first meeting, he is drawn to Colleen and chose to pursue her. Santo and Colleen share letters and begin a relationship after Santo's wife died, their relationship is the reason. According to Stefano, Colleen dies horribly by leaping to her death from a cliff overlooking the ocean and Santo blames the Bradys, but it is a simple truth that drove Colleen to her death. Santo's wife never died and Colleen, intimate with Santo, was about to marry him when she learns the truth through her younger brother Shawn Brady, inadvertently tipped off by a young Stefano while they were playing together.

Santo vows revenge against the Bradys for losing whom he now considers the love of his life, a vendetta begins. Though occurring through occasional commentary from other Brady family members, viewers learn that the feud is painful and vicious, violent. In years Shawn goes to great lengths—including having his step-son Bo roughed up and held captive in Ireland—to keep the feud's origins a secret. Years in a letter written to Stefano in Rome from his deathbed in New Orleans, Santo tells him the Bradys are living in the American city of Salem and orders his son to come to America and continue the family vendetta, a move that proves beneficial to DiMera Enterprises; the governor of the unnamed state in which Salem is located, who happened to be the father of Stefano's ex-daughter-in-law Liz Chandler, had been bragging that at the time, Salem had been free of the scourge of organized crime, which gave the DiMeras a "clean slate" from which to operate. Stefano dutifully picks up Santo's mantle, uses it to his own advantage, carrying out the vendetta and amassing great wealth in the process.

Various letters among various DiMera family members reveal that the key to ending the vendetta is contained in a portfolio, left in Colleen's church in Galway, St. Malachy's; the sole condition to the vendetta's end is that his grandson EJ DiMera and Sami Brady must be married because EJ and Sami are identical lookalikes to Colleen and Santo, therefore acceptable proxies to whom Santo considers soulmates. In February 2008, Colleen is found alive and it is revealed she left Santo, faked her death, went into hiding in a convent in South America where she had his son, Ryan Brady – believed to be John Black – and gave him up for adoption. In August 2008, Santo appears as a vision to John, telling him not to let what Stefano did to him alienate him from the people he loves. In the summer of 2012, the DiMera family begins to fall apart as Stefano's wife Kate Roberts has an affair with Ian McAllister, Stefano reveals that he isn't EJ's real father, disinherits him and Lexie Carver dies from a brain tumor, an after effect of André DiMera holding her captive in a tunnel years prior.

In June 2012, Stefano appears to have been murdered and EJ is arrested for the crime. After he is released, EJ is kidnapped by Ian who reveals that Stefano is alive, the man who died was a lookalike. Ian's mother, Yvette was an lover of Santo's. Santo was a father figure to Ian. According to Ian, Santo intends for Yvette to inherit half of his fortune and Ian has comes to collect. Ian reveals that he wanted to take everything away from Stefano and reveals that he forged the letter from Alice Horton to Stefano saying that EJ isn't Stefano's son, when he was. EJ calls the police who haul Ian off to a mental institution. It's revealed that John isn't Ryan Brady. John was a baby at the orphanage. Ryan died sometime shortly after birth, the caretakers at the orphanage didn't have the heart to tell an already-heartbroken Colleen that hers and Santo's "love child" had passed, so they switched him with John. Colleen raised John as her own until she was no longer able to, he was adopted by Leopold and Philomena Alamain.

Philomena was the sister of Daphne DiMera, Stefano's future common-law wife and biological mother of Leopold and Philomena's other son, Lawrence Alamain. John's parents were revealed to be Maude and Tim Robicheaux. "Days of our Lives: House of DiMera: Santo and Colleen's Love Letters". Days of Our Lives. NBC. Archived from the original on October 14, 2008. "Santo DiMera, The Charismatic Romeo". Days of Our Lives. NBC. Archived from the original on October 14, 2008. "Who's Who in Salem: Santo DiMera". Soap Central