Jane Greer

Jane Greer was an American film and television actress, best known for her role as femme fatale Kathie Moffat in the 1947 film noir Out of the Past. Greer was born in Washington, DC, the daughter of Charles Durell McClellan Greer, Jr. and his wife, Bettie. In 1940, at age 15, Greer suffered from a facial palsy, she recovered, but the condition may have contributed to her "patented look" and "a calm, quizzical gaze and an enigmatic expression that would lead RKO to promote her as'The Woman with the Mona Lisa smile'." She claimed that the facial exercises used to overcome the paralysis taught her the importance of facial expression in conveying human emotion. On December 4, 1945, Greer had her name changed to Jane Greer by a court in Los Angeles, she said of her previous name: "Mine is a sissy name. It's too bo-peepish, for the type of role I've been playing. It's like Mary Lou or Mary Ann." A beauty-contest winner and professional model from her teens, Greer began her show-business career as a big-band singer.

She sang in DC, with the orchestra of Enric Madriguera. She "sang phonetically in Spanish" with the group. Howard Hughes spotted Greer modeling in the June 8, 1942, issue of Life, sent her to Hollywood to become an actress. Hughes lent her to RKO to star in many films including Dick Tracy, Build My Gallows High, They Won't Believe Me, the comedy/suspense film The Big Steal, with Out of the Past co-star Robert Mitchum. Hughes refused to let her work for a time. In 1984, she was cast in Against All Odds, a remake of Out of the Past, as the mother of the character she had played in 1947. In 1952, Greer obtained a release from her contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, she said, "When there is a good role at MGM, the producers want Ava. There is no chance for another actress to develop into important stardom at the studio". Greer's noteworthy roles in television included guest appearances on episodes of numerous shows over the decades, such as Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Quincy, M. E. Murder, She Wrote, a 1975 gig with Peter Falk and Robert Vaughn in an episode of Columbo titled Troubled Waters.

She got to make fun of Out of the Past in a parody with Robert Mitchum on TV's Saturday Night Live in 1987. Greer joined the casts of Falcon Crest in 1984 and Twin Peaks in 1990 in recurring roles until her retirement in 1996. Greer was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1634 Vine Street for her contributions to the motion picture industry; the star was dedicated on February 8, 1960. Jane Greer married Rudy Vallee on December 2, 1943, in Hollywood, but they separated after three months and divorced on July 27, 1944. On August 20, 1947, Greer married Edward Lasker, a Los Angeles lawyer and businessman, with whom she had three sons, Alex and Lawrence, a movie producer. Greer and Lasker divorced in 1967. Frank London was Greer's domestic partner from 1965 until his death in 2001, six months before Greer died. Greer supported Adlai Stevenson during the 1952 presidential election. Greer was Catholic. Greer died of cancer on August 24, 2001, in Bel Air, Los Angeles, her body was interred at Los Angeles' Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery.

The Ford Television Theatre - "Look for Tomorrow", "One Man Missing", "Moment of Decision" Celebrity Playhouse - "Diamonds in the Sky" as Nina Zane Grey Theater - "A Gun for My Bride", "The Vaunted", "Stagecoach to Yuma" Playhouse 90 - "No Time at All" as Karen Alfred Hitchcock Presents - "A True Account" as Mrs. Cannon-Hughes Bonanza - "The Julia Bulette Story" as Julia Bulette Stagecoach West - "High Lonesome" as Kathleen Kane Thriller - "Portrait Without a Face" as Ann Moffat Burke's Law - "Who Killed My Girl?" as Lonnie Smith Columbo - "Troubled Waters" as Sylvia Danziger Quincy, M. E. - "The Depth of Beauty"]] as Dorrie Larkin Falcon Crest as Charlotte Pershing The Law & Harry McGraw - "Murder by Landslide" as Augusta Stillman Saturday Night Live - "Robert Mitchum/Simply Red" as Kathy Murder, She Wrote - "The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel" as Bonnie Phelps Twin Peaks as Vivian Smythe Niles Jane Greer on IMDb Jane Greer at aenigma Jane Greer at Find a Grave

Edinburg Roadrunners

The Edinburg Roadrunners were a professional baseball team based in Edinburg, Texas, in the United States. The Roadrunners were a member of the United League Baseball, an independent professional league, not affiliated with Major League Baseball or Minor League Baseball, they played in United League Baseball from 2006 to 2010 and the North American League from 2011 to 2012. They played their home games at Edinburg Stadium; the city refused to extend a lease with nowhere to play the team shut down. Named the Edinburg Coyotes, this franchise of United League Baseball replaced the Central Baseball League's Edinburg Roadrunners as the area's professional baseball club; the Coyotes began their existence by winning a historic 17 games without a loss, a minor league record, completing over 5 series before losing to the San Angelo Colts. The Coyotes went on to win the inaugural United League regular season title before losing to the Alexandria Aces in the league championship. After spending its first three seasons as the Coyotes, United League Baseball at a press conference on April 30, 2009 announced the franchise would become the Edinburg Roadrunners, named after the prior popular ball club, including its team logo and mascot.

Seasons as Edinburg Roadrunners shown in red Seasons as Edinburg Coyotes shown in tan 2006 Evan Cherry, OF Robinson Cancel, C Neomar Flores, RHP Eric Montoya, RHP Jose Olmeda, 1B Edwar Ramírez, RHP Larry Martin Jr. LHP Julio Ruiz, RHP2007 Julio Castro, RHP Luis Espinosa, C Eric Gonzalez, 2B Aaron Guerra, RHP Rodney Medina, OF Bric Steed, LHP Nelson Teilon, SS2008 Julio Castro, RHP Jarvis Abram, OF Edwar Ramírez, RHP – New York Yankees, Oakland Athletics Robinson Cancel, C – Milwaukee Brewers, New York Mets, Houston Astros The original Edinburg Roadrunners were a franchise of the now defunct Texas–Louisiana League the Central Baseball League, played from 2001-05. Like the current Roadrunners, the original team was an independent baseball team not affiliated with either Major League Baseball or Minor League Baseball, they played their home games at Edinburg Stadium. Chad Tredaway Vince Moore Steve Maddock 2001 Scott Fowler, RHP Sergio Guerrero, 2B Ryan Harris, RHP Chad Tredaway, Manager 2002 Pedro Cervantes, RP Scott Green, RHP Steve Shirley, 3B Chad Tredaway, Manager 2003 Ryan Harris, RHP2004 Anthony Angel, 2B Pedro Flores, LHP Ryan Harris, RHP Ryan Lehr, IF Eric Montoya, RHP Ryan Webb, OF2005 Matt Spencer, OF Steve Wilkerson, P Randy Williams – LHP with Seattle Mariners, San Diego Padres, Colorado Rockies Connections between the original and current Edinburg Roadrunners include the same name, colors, mascot Rowdy the Roadrunner, manager Vince Moore, CBL/ULB All-Star Eric Gonzalez, Pitcher Pedro Flores, playing at Edinburg Baseball Stadium.

The Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings have been a rival of both teams. Edinburg Roadrunners website Official North American League site Article about name change

Alex Smoke

Alex Smoke is a Scottish music producer and DJ, from Glasgow based in London, making techno and classical music. He has released three studio albums and Paradolia on Soma Records, "Lux" on his own label Hum+Haw, he contributed a track to Cocoon Recordings"Cocoon Compilation F' album. Incommunicado Paradolia Lux Love Over Will Random As Chica Wappa Simple Things EP Brian's Lung Don't See The Point Lost In Sounds OK Ring. Click. Tink EP Shminimal Meany Neds/Ilsa Never Want To See You Again Snider/Make My Day Hanged Man EP Prima Materia "Way Up High" by Funk D'Void "Bright Lights Fading" by Slam "Close Again" by Sid LeRock "Grotbox" by Jeremy P Caulfield "Las Bicicletas Son Para El Verano" by Alex Smoke "Microtron" by Vector Lovers "More Intensity" by Pete Tong & Chris Cox "Muscle Car" by Mylo "Sex Games" by The Backlash "Shift" by Solab "Transmission" by Radio 4 "Safari" by André Kraml "Coufault" by Novox "Halbzeit" by Arne Michel "In The Morning" by Junior Boys "Martyr" by Depeche Mode "Proverb" by Steve Reich "Body2Beat" by Phresh'N' Low "A Matter Of Time" by Osaka Ultras "Don't Start Just Finish It" by The Unknown Wanderer RBMA Radio On Demand - Melbourne Marvels - Alex Smoke