Jean-Antoine Marbot

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Jean-Antoine Marbot (1754-1800), French general and politician

General Jean-Antoine Marbot (7 December 1754 – 19 April 1800) was a French general and politician.

Marbot was a member of the Garde du Corps but resigned upon the outbreak of the French Revolution; in 1791 he was elected a deputy to the Legislative Assembly. He took part in the French Revolutionary Wars in the Cerdagne against Spain. By 1795 he had been promoted to general de division; in 1795 he was elected to the Council of Ancients and twice served as its president. In 1799 he succeeded Joubert as head of the Paris military district; in 1800 Marbot died in the siege of Genoa under André Masséna.

He was the father of Antoine Adolphe Marcelin Marbot and Jean Baptiste Antoine Marcellin de Marbot.

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