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Susanne Clausen

Susanne Clausen is a German artist and Professor of Fine Art at the University of Reading. She works in collaboration with Pavlo Kerestey under the name Szuper Gallery, under which she publishes most of her works. For the University of Reading, as well as being a professor, she holds the title of Director and Founder of Reading International serving as the head of the Art between 2011-2017, she has lived and worked in Munich Germany and Reading England, having exhibited across the world in galleries and art spaces spanning from the Institute of Contemporary Arts London, to the Western Front Arts Centre Vancouver and the Perm Museum of Contemporary Art Russia. Susanne Clausen first studied Fine Art at the Academy of Fine Art Munich, Germany, or Akademie der Bildenden Künste München between 1988-1994, she studied at the Slade School of Fine Art, London England between 1997-1999. Here, she received an MA in Fine Art Media. Together with artist Pavlo Kerestey, Susanne Clausen has worked under the name Szuper Gallery.

What originated as an actual gallery based in Munich Germany, now serves as a name for a variety of pieces with well known projects such as Liftarchiv, or Luquid Trust. Szuper Gallery specialises in multimedia installations, but has worked in a large range of mediums. Between 2011-2017, Susanne Clausen served as the head of the Reading School of Art, or Department of Art. In 2016, she founded the arts festival'Reading International', as part of the UoR and the Reading Year of Culture; this project brings together artists and performers from across the world to show in the town of Reading, is self described as "Led by artists from the Reading School of Art at the University of Reading and hosted by a rich mixture of partners within the town, Reading International produces several major projects each year, in which artists and curators are given a platform to make new work in response to the unique social and historical context of Reading and wider Berkshire"

Baptized in Blood

Baptized in Blood were a 5-piece London, Ontario based heavy metal band. They were managed by Mark Adelman and Dave Mustaine, the frontman of American thrash metal band, Megadeth, they were signed to Roadrunner Records from December 2009-2012. The band's lead guitarist, Josh Torrance, has appeared as a co-host on "The Meltdown", a one-hour radio show that airs online and on 4 FM radio stations in Alberta; the band made an appearance in the UK at the 2011 Download Festival. The group has released three albums to date: The band is writing music for their third studio album with no set date for the release. Official website Baptized in Blood on Facebook


Golbaengi-muchim or moon snail salad is a type of muchim made by mixing moon snails with vegetables. In South Korea, it is an anju made with red, spicy sauce and served with boiled somyeon. Like other anju, it is sold in pojangmacha. In North Korea, golbaengi-muchim is a non-spicy dish eaten as banchan. Moon snails are washed and shelled. Bigger ones are halved, the snail meat is mixed with vegetables and shredded hwangtae-po, seasonings, it is served. Boiled somyeon to be mixed with the spicy salad is served together. Washed cucumbers and washed and shelled moon snails are sliced into bite size pieces; this is mixed with minced scallions, minced garlic, sesame oil, sugar, chili threads, toasted sesame seeds. Bún ốc Escargot List of salads Luósīfěn

Beware, My Lovely

Beware, My Lovely is a 1952 film noir crime film directed by Harry Horner starring Ida Lupino, Robert Ryan and Taylor Holmes. The film is based on the 1950 play The Man by Mel Dinelli who wrote the screenplay; the film is set in 1918 in an unnamed small town. A widow impulsively hires handyman to look after her house, she soon learns Ryan is a dangerous schizophrenic, but by the time she comes to this realization she is unable to leave her house and escape from him. The cast includes the following: The play on which the film is based, The Man, was a short story by Mel Dinelli. Dinelli adapted the story for the stage, it debuted on Broadway in January 1950 starring Dorothy Gish. The story was featured on the CBS radio show Suspense as "To Find Help" on January 18, 1945 with Frank Sinatra as Howard and Agnes Moorehead as Mrs. Gillis, it was dramatized again on Suspense in 1949 with Gene Kelly and Ethel Barrymore on January 6, 1949. The movie was shot over an 18-day period in 1951 for Collier Young and Ida Lupino's production company, The Filmakers.

Howard Hughes the head of RKO Pictures, withheld the film from release for a year. Co-star Robert Ryan said that he felt Hughes tried to "bury" the film because Ryan was active in left-wing politics and spoke publicly about his involvement. According to Bosley Crowther, the film is a "straight tour-de-force situation contrived and designed for no other positive purpose than to send shivers chasing up and down the spine, and in that respectable endeavor, its success will depend upon how susceptible you are to illogic and little tricks of looming shadows and clutching hands." Earlier that year and Ryan co-starred in On Dangerous Ground, a film noir directed by Nicholas Ray and produced by John Houseman. The story was the basis for a 1960 episode of the TV anthology Startime, with Audie Murphy and Thelma Ritter. Beware, My Lovely at the American Film Institute Catalog Beware, My Lovely on IMDb Beware, My Lovely at the TCM Movie Database Beware, My Lovely at Rotten Tomatoes

Mohabbat Na Kariyo

Mohabbat Na Kariyo earlier titled Makafaat is a 2019 Pakistani romantic drama television series produced by master mind productions. It features Hira Mani, Zarnish Khan and Junaid Khan in their third on-screen appearance after Sun Yaara, it has Atiqa Odho, Ali Ansari and Mariyam Nafees in supporting roles. It was first aired on 11 October 2019 on Geo Entertainment. Junaid Khan as Asad Hira Mani as Zara Zarnish Khan as Rabia Atiqa Odho as Tasneem, Asad's mother Ali Ansari as Asad's cousin Mariyam Nafees as Nida, Asad's sister Arsalan Faisal as Nida's husband Farah Nadir as Nida's mother-in-law Mehmood Akhtar as Zara's father Shaheen Khan as Zara's mother The series was earlier titled Makafaat but makers changed it to Mohabbat Na Kariyo to avoid any confusion with the series Makafaat