Raoul Ubac

Raoul Ubac was a French painter, sculptor and engraver. He had various and irregular artistic training and travelled in Europe between 1928 and 1934, he worked on photography between 1934 and 1942, embraced Surrealism in Paris and took photos for the magazine Minotaure. In 1937, he made Tete du Mannequin, a photograph taken of a mannequin consisting of everyday objects. Another of his works include the photograph'La Conciliabule', he created a color lithograph Three Seated Nudes, signed lower right margin. Ubac's mother's family ran his father was a magistrate. In his early years he traveled through some parts of Europe on foot, he first came to Paris in 1928. He was enrolled at the Sorbonne for a degree in literary studies when he decided to switch to the Art Academy of Montparnasse, it was there that he moved in the company of the Surrealists

Gelson Domingos da Silva

Gelson Domingos da Silva, a Brazilian camera operator for the Rede Bandeirantes TV network, died while covering a drug bust in Rio de Janeiro as the government of Brazil prepared for its hosting of Olympics. Domingos was the first Brazilian journalist to die in this type of crime setting in Brazil. Domingos was 46 years old at the time of his death, he was married to Fabiana Domingo, the couple had three children and 2 grandchildren at the time of his death. He was buried at the Memorial. Domingos was a TV camera operator for the radio and TV group Rede Bandeirantes, referred to as TV Band for short, he was considered by the press freedom organizations to be a veteran and had worked at the Brazilian Television System, or Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão, the Record. Domingos was shot in the chest by a high caliber bullet and killed while covering a drug raid at the Antares favela. on the west side of Rio de Janeiro. What began that morning as a raid turned into a fierce shootout between the 80 military-trained soldiers who conducted the operation and the drug traffickers.

Although Domingos was protected by a bullet proof vest during the operation, it was not of the strong quality, used by the authorities. It is against Brazilian law for media personnel or others to wear the high-tech protection vests that the police and military wear. Police arrested 9 suspects, which included a minor, believed that one of them was the gunman who killed Domingos, but four other suspects were killed, it may have been one of them who killed Domingos. Police will be reviewing the video taken by Domingos to determine the killer. Afterwards police seized marijuana, communications equipment and a weapons cache from the site; the operation began at 6:30 a.m. and Domingos was dead on arrival at the hospital at 7:40 a.m. Ernani Alves was the reporter, working with Domingos for a TV Band report; the Brazilian authorities have been conducting more of these crime sweep operations around the sports facilities, because Brazil is preparing for the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the World Olympics that will be held 2 years afterwards.

The military expressed its regret. Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism said the authorities should be responsible for protecting journalists who cover their operations; the union of journalists, blamed TV Band: "Bullet-proof vests are not safe against the weapons used by the drug traffickers and police," said the union's leader. Reporters Without Borders said, "Security policy feeds on media coverage and this dependence is fraught with risks for journalists working in the favelas, where some of them live; the security of all concerned – journalists and residents – takes priority over a results-based culture or a drive for image." 2009 Vladimir Herzog Award for a TV Documentary about murders in northern Brazil. Memorial website