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Jerzy Ossoliński

Prince Jerzy Ossoliński h. Topór was a Polish nobleman, Crown Court Treasurer from 1632, governor of Sandomierz from 1636, Reichsfürst since 1634, Crown Deputy Chancellor from 1639, Great Crown Chancellor from 1643, sheriff of Bydgoszcz, Lubomel and Bolim, magnate and diplomat. Famous for being extensively educated, he was a persuasive public speaker, he was sent with diplomatic missions to the Pope in Rome in 1633. He negotiated with Brandenburgians of Duchy of Prussia in 1635 and led another diplomatic mission to Emperor Ferdinand II and his parliament in Regensburg in 1636; as a leader of the pro-Habsburg faction at the royal court, he found an ally in the first wife of Władysław IV Waza, Cecilia Renata of Austria, daughter of Ferdinand II. In 1639 and 1641 he once again negotiated with envoys from the Duchy of Prussia. A Catholic, he advocated limiting their rights and privileges. In his pro-Habsburg and anti-Protestant stance he was allied with Chancellor Albrycht Stanisław Radziwiłł and Queen Cecilia Renata.

In 1643 he was appointed Chancellor of the Crown. A close royal adviser, he supported king Władysław IV Waza from the House of Vasa, arguing for increasing monarch power, although he was known for limiting and withdrawing his support if he knew it was impossible to win. Nonetheless he was among the few who supported Władysław's plans in the late 1640s to wage an offensive war on the Ottoman Empire, he had few friends among the lesser szlachta, whom he disliked and treated the Sejm and regional sejmiks as a'necessary evil', although he broke any laws. From 1644 he switched his alignment from pro-Habsburg to pro-French and supported the second marriage of King Władysław with Ludwika Maria Gonzaga. During his life he became the enemy of Adam Kazanowski and Jeremi Wiśniowiecki, whose power diminished with the marriage between Władysław and Cecylia in 1637. Rival of bishop and chancellor Piotr Gembicki, whom he forced to retire from politics in 1642, receiving his position of Great Crown Chancellor.

He was not the wealthiest of magnates, his possessions were small compared to those of Radziwiłłs or Wiśniowieckis, but none of them were mortgaged or loaned. In 1635 he funded the expansion of his family castle in Ossolin. Between 1639–1642 he funded the palace in the capital city of Warsaw. After the death of Władysław IV in 1648 he supported the election of his half brother John Casimir and was instrumental in his election. Ossoliński was in favour of treaties with the Cossacks, he took part in the negotiations and was an important contributor to the Treaty of Zborów in 1649, he was a well regarded orator. He was an author of: Orationess... Mercurius Sarmatiae Pamiętnik 1595–1621 He wrote the diaries of the embassy to Germany and to Rome. Brother of Krzysztof Ossoliński, voivode of Sandomierz, Maksymilian Ossoliński, chorąży sandomierski, Deputy Court Treasurer. Jerzy married Izabella Daniłłowicz h. Sas in 1620 in Lwów and had four children: Prince Franciszek Ossoliński, married to Katarzyna Działyńska h.

Ogończyk Princess Urszula Brygida Ossolińska, married to Samuel Kalinowski h. Kalinowa, son of Hetman Marcin Kalinowski Princess Helena Tekla Ossolińska, married to Prince Aleksander Michał Lubomirski Princess Anna Teresa Ossolińska, married to Zygmunt Doenhoff, son of Kasper Doenhoff Błażejewski Stanisław, Kutta Janusz, Romaniuk Marek: Bydgoski Słownik Biograficzny. Tom III. Bydgoszcz 1996. ISBN 83-85327-32-0, str. 107-109 Bohomolec Franciszek, Życie Jerzego Ossolińskiego, kanclerza wielkiego koronnego, lubomskiego, bogusławskiego, ryckiego, adzielskiego, stanisławowskiego i bydgoskiego starosty T. 1 i 2 Kraków 1860 Ludwik Kubala, Szkice historyczne seria 1, wyd.3 Kraków 1896. Polski Słownik Biograficzny t. 24 s. 403 A True Copy of the Latine Oration of the Excellent George Ossolinski, Count Palatine of Tenizyn, Sendomyria, Chamberlain to the Kings Maiestie of Poland, Suethland, Embassadour to the Kings most Excellent Maiesty. As it was pronounced to his Maiestie at White-Hall by the said Embassadour, on Sunday the 11. of March, 1620.

Ossolinski Gallery of Portraits

Bromley and District Football League

The Bromley and District Football League was a football competition based in England. It was had in its last season 2016/17 a total of 2 divisions with 20 teams; the league was not part of the English football league system as it was not a feeder league within the football pyramid. However, clubs could transfer from the league into the football pyramid by becoming semi-professional and applying to join the Kent County Football League. In 2017 it merged with the South London Football Alliance to form the Bromley and South London League; the league was affiliated to Kent County Football Association. The league's member clubs in its last season were as follows: Source At the end of the 2012-13 season, Division Two was scrapped. Source Main index: Affiliated Leagues in London There are a number of other leagues that are affiliated to the London Football Association. Main index: Affiliated Leagues in Kent There are a number of other leagues that are affiliated to the Kent County Football Association.

Bromley and District Football League Official Website Bromley and District Football League - Mitoo

Sirius XM Insight

SiriusXM Insight was a 24/7 Sirius XM Radio channel dedicated to public radio programming. Prior to January 2015, the station was known as "Sirius XM Public Radio", or SXMPR. Broadcasting in stereo, Sirius XM Public Radio was one of two talk channels on the Sirius XM platform which broadcasts two-channel audio—the other being Opie Radio. Programming was provided through partnerships with American Public Media, Public Radio International, Boston's WBUR, New York's WNYC, George Washington University, National Geographic, which own a chunk of time on the channel. XMPR carries The PBS NewsHour. Despite being a channel for public radio programs, the channel did not carry any programming from the nation's leading provider, National Public Radio; the NPR network has an exclusivity contract with Sirius XM Radio, airs some of their programming on Sirius Channel 122. In October 2006, Public Radio International's channel on Sirius XM Radio was dropped from the channel lineup. Shortly afterwards, SXMPR responded by adding several new PRI programs to its lineup, including The World, To the Point, To the Best of Our Knowledge, Le Show, The Changing World.

Starting in March 2007, SXMPR added several more programs from American Public Media, including popular programs A Prairie Home Companion and Marketplace, as well as The Story with Dick Gordon, Weekend America, Sound Opinions, Performance Today Weekend. Following the Sirius-XM merger, Sirius XM Public Radio was added to Sirius on September 30, 2008, as part of its "Best of XM" package and broadcasts on channel 205. XM airs the channel on 121; the name was changed from "XM Public Radio" to "Sirius XM Public Radio". On January 12, 2015, Sirius XM Public Radio changed its name and format to "SiriusXM Insight", an all-new, groundbreaking news and entertainment radio channel. While the new channel retains some of its Sirius XM Public Radio content such as Best of Car Talk and The Bob Edwards Show, the new channel format introduces new exclusive content; as of late 2019, Sirius XM Public Radio was discontinued, with its programming transferred to Sirius XM Business and Sirius XM Progress. In April 2007, XM Radio Canada dropped their carriage of SXMPR.

The only explanation given was that the channel's availability in Canada violated a licensing agreement between SXMPR and one or more of its affiliates. The contract between XMPR and the affiliate was renegotiated, Sirius XM Public Radio was returned to the XM Canada platform on August 1, 2007. SiriusXM Insight Schedule SiriusXM Insight News Release PR Newswire

Philip Sheedy Affair

The Philip Sheedy affair was an Irish political and judicial controversy which resulted in the resignation of both a Supreme Court and High Court judge. Philip Sheedy, an architect, was involved in a road traffic accident in March 1996 at the Glenview Roundabout, Tallaght Bypass, County Dublin which resulted in the death of Anne Ryan, it transpired that Sheedy, driving a high performance sports car that he had purchased the previous day, was intoxicated. Sheedy plead guilty to causing death by dangerous driving before Judge Cyril Kelly in Dublin Circuit Criminal Court in October 1997 and admitted to driving with excess alcohol. On the day of sentencing Judge Joseph Mathews was asked by Judge Kelly to step-in and sentence Sheedy. Judge Matthews imposed a four-year sentence on Sheedy with leave to apply for a review of the sentence after two years, as well as banning him from driving for twelve years. On 6 November 1997 Judge Mathews granted an application on Sheedy's behalf to vacate the order which set 20 October 1999 as the review date of Sheedy's sentence.

Sheedy, after being incarcerated in Mountjoy Prison, was moved to Shelton Abbey, an open prison, after six months' imprisonment. There he was visited by his friend Joe Burke, a former Fianna Fáil councillor and a member of the so-called "Drumcondra Mafia", who had loaned the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern 3,500 Irish pounds as part of the "dig outs" Ahern received around the time of his marriage break-up. Burke, who worked as a building contractor, had employed Sheedy as an architectural advisor to his company J&H Burke and Son. In July 1998 the Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern contacted minister for justice John O'Donoghue to ask him whether it would be possible for Philip Sheedy to get day release. Ahern had vehemently denied that he concealed his representations to the Department of Justice on behalf of Philip Sheedy. Supreme Court judge Hugh O'Flaherty intervened on Sheedy's behalf after an "entirely by chance" encounter between the judge, walking his dog, the son of a neighbour Ken Anderson and Anderson's girlfriend, Philip Sheedy's sister, in October 1998.

After the encounter, Dublin County Registrar Michael Quinlan was called to Mr. Justice O'Flaherty's chambers to have Sheedy's case re-listed. On 12 November 1998, after O'Flaherty's intervention, Sheedy's sentence was reviewed before Mr. Justice Cyril Kelly, not Judge Matthews, as would be the correct procedure. After the brief hearing Mr. Justice Kelly remitted. Neither the gardaí nor the Director of Public Prosecutions were told of the review or the fact that Sheedy was released; the only representation by the state was the appearance of a clerk in the Chief State Solicitor's office who saw a listing for the matter and brought the file to court but did not know for what purpose. The DPP brought a High Court challenge to Mr. Justice Kelly's decision to release Sheedy in February 1999. Prior to the case being heard Sheedy had voluntarily returned to prison. On the basis of the DPP's High Court challenge John O'Donoghue Minister for Justice asked Chief Justice Liam Hamilton to investigate the affair.

The Chief Justice's report was published 16 April 1999. In it, Chief Justice Hamilton stated that Mr. Justice Kelly's handling of the matter and Mr. Justice O'Flaherty's intervention compromised the administration of justice; the first person to resign was Mr. Justice Hugh O'Flaherty. In his report, Chief Justice Hamilton was critical of O'Flaherty whose actions he deemed to be "open to misinterpretation." O'Flaherty refused to resign, instead wrote to the Chairman of the Oireachtas's Justice and Women's Affairs Committee asking to make a statement to the committee as soon as possible, the next day he resigned from the Supreme Court. On 20 April, Mr. Justice Cyril Kelly and Michael Quinlan, the Dublin County Registrar, resigned their positions. After his resignation Hugh O'Flaherty was nominated by Charlie McCreevy Minister for Finance, to be Ireland's representative to the European Investment Bank, taking the position of vice-president; this appointment resulted in a massive public outcry. The appointment was withdrawn by the government.

Affidavits and other court documents filed in the High Court in Judicial review of proceedings in the case of the Director of Public Prosecutions, His Honour Judge Cyril Kelly and Philip Sheedy. Report of the Joint Committee on Justice and Women's Rights on matters arising from the early release from prison of Mr Philip Sheedy. Official publications. Pn.7111. 1999. Report of Department of Justice and Law Reform arising from the early release from prison of Philip Sheedy. 1999. Report on the involvement of the Chief State Solicitor's Office in relation to the case of the DPP -v - Sheedy. Official publiscations. Pn.7146. Dublin: Chief State Solicitor's Office. 23 April 1999


Kameʻeiamoku was a Hawaiian high chief and the Counselor of State to King Kamehameha I. He was called Kamehameha's uncle, but he was the cousin of Kamehameha's mother, Kekuiapoiwa II. Along with his twin brother Kamanawa, Kameʻeiamoku's father was the aliʻi Keawepoepoe, his mother was Kanoena Keawepoepoe's sister. Because their parents were siblings, Kameʻeiamoku and Kamanawa were known as nīʻaupiʻo, the offspring of a royal brother and sister, his grandmother was Princess Kalanikauleleiaiwi of Hawaiʻi, the grandmother of Keōua Nui, making the twins cousins once removed of Kamehameha. Kameʻeiamoku was among the first to support Kamehameha I in his rebellion against his cousin Kīwalaʻō; these were known as the "five Kona chiefs". Kamehameha took power in the battle of Mokuʻōhai in 1782. In 1790, the American maritime fur trader Simon Metcalfe of the ship Eleanora mistreated Kameʻeiamoku when he boarded his ship. Metcalfe fired his cannons on the villagers of Olowalu, killing about one hundred. In retaliation, Kameʻeiamoku attacked the next American ship to appear, the schooner Fair American, under the command of Thomas Humphrey Metcalfe, the son of Simon Metcalfe.

All but one of the schooner's crew was killed, including Thomas Humphrey Metcalfe. The lone survivor was Welsh sailor Isaac Davis. Another sailor from the Eleanora, Englishman John Young, was sent ashore to find out what happened, was captured. Davis and Young would both become military translators for Kamehameha. Kameʻeiamoku participated in negotiating a treaty in February 1795 with George Vancouver for British support of Kamehameha. Kameʻeiamoku had at least three sons, his first wife, Kamakaʻeheikuli, was the mother of Kepoʻokalani, the double great-grandfather of the last two monarchs of the Kingdom. His second wife Kealiʻiokahekili was the mother of Ulumāheihei Hoapili, his third wife Kahikoloa was mother of Hoʻolulu. Kameʻeiamoku's descendants succeeded him in assisting Kamehameha after his death in 1802 in Lahaina on Maui. Through his son Kepoʻokalani came the House of Kalākaua. One of his other sons Hoʻolulu would be the father of Kinoʻole o Liliha who married the notable American businessman Benjamin Pitman.

Daughter Kekikipaa would marry Kamehameha I, but marry Keawemauhili and become the mother of High Chiefess Kapiʻolani. He lives on the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Hawaii. On each side of the coat of arms was the figure of a chief in a feather cloak and a feather helmet; the one on the left, bearing a spear, was Kamanawa and the one on the right, with a Kahili, was Kameʻeiamoku. The land he was given in 1795 was used by his granddaughter Kuini Liliha, who donated it to Christian missionaries, it became Punahou School in 1841. Imaginary Portrait of Kameʻeiamoku and Kamanawa

Tibet House US

Tibet House US is a Tibetan cultural preservation and education nonprofit founded in 1987 in New York City by a group of Westerners after the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, had expressed his wish to establish a cultural institution to build awareness of Tibetan culture. Part of a worldwide network of Tibet Houses, Tibet House US focuses on the promotion and preservation of Tibetan culture through education on philosophy; these are presented to the public utilizing: Lectures and workshops on mind science and meditation classes, with teachers from many traditions including the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, psychiatrists and meditation teachers such as Mark Epstein, Joe Loizzo and Sharon Salzberg. A gallery that presents a rotating permanent collection and multiple exhibitions yearly of modern and ancient works from Buddhist cultures including Tibet, Korea and Russia. Museum exhibitions, print publications and media productions including online courses, books, a biography of the Dalai Lama in graphic novel form and a quarterly magazine.

Lectures and events for the Tibetan community. A traditional Tibetan shrine room. A library of books and videos. Online digital archives. Tours to areas of Buddhist cultural influence. In 1987, Columbia University professor and THUS President Robert Thurman, the first western Buddhist monk and Chairman of the International Campaign for Tibet, Richard Gere, modern composer and THUS Vice President Philip Glass, founded the organization, located in the Flatiron district of New York City. THUS' aim is to present and preserve Tibet's intangible culture heritage when it is threatened inside and outside Tibet, give a contemporary understanding of the contributions of this minority culture, endangered by "more assimilationist policies, designed to absorb these minorities into the fold of one Chinese nation," although The Constitution of the People's Republic of China "stipulates: "All ethnic groups in the People's Republic of China are equal; the state protects the lawful rights and interests of the ethnic minorities and upholds and develops a relationship of equality and mutual assistance among all of China's ethnic groups.

Discrimination against and oppression of any ethnic group are prohibited."...and they have the freedom to preserve or change their own folkways and customs."Often working in cooperation with other educational and cultural institutions, THUS has sponsored teachings in New York by the Dalai Lama, organized a three day conference in 2011, The Newark Peace Education Summit, that explored the policies and methods used by communities to establish peace. Participants included the Dalai Lama and fellow Nobel Laureates, anti-landmine activist Jody Williams, Iranian civil rights activist Shirin Ebadi. A Shrine for Tibet: The Alice S. Kandell Collection, "a visual knockout of a book" published by THUS, was the accompanying publication for the traveling exhibition In the Realm of the Buddha at the Smithsonian. THUS serves as a meeting place for the local Tibetan and Tibetan Buddhist communities to hold programs and events; the Art of Freedom Award, honoring outstanding contributions reflecting THUS' mission, has been presented to author and human rights advocate Eliot Pattison, director Martin Scorsese, artist Roy Lichtenstein, among others.

Fundraising events include a yearly auction and dinner, a benefit concert at Carnegie Hall organized by Phillip Glass that has featured Patty Smith, David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, Iggy Pop, Björk, Debbie Harry, Gogol Bordello, FKA Twigs, many other musicians over its thirty-plus years history. THUS started the Repatriation Collection and the Old Tibet Photographic Archive in 1992. Containing over 3,000 objects and images from Tibet, these archives document the destruction of over 6000 monasteries and historic buildings and the contents that were pillaged; the Tibetan Wheel of Existence, Jacqueline Dunnington, 2000, ISBN 978-0967011530 Wisdom and Compassion: The Sacred Art of Tibet, Marylin Rhie and Robert Thurman, co-published with Harry N. Abrams Co. 1991 – 1998 in English, Spanish, Catalan and Chinese. 1991, ISBN 9780810963870 Mandala: The Architecture of Enlightenment, Denise P. Leidy, Robert Thurman. First edition published with Asia Society and Shambhala Publications, thereafter Overlook Press, 1997, ISBN 978-0500280188 A Shrine For Tibet: The Alice S. Kandell Collection, Marylin Rhie & Robert Thurman, 2010, ISBN 978-1590203101 Visions of Tibet: Outer, Secret, photographs by Brian Kistler, introduction by Robert Thurman, ed. Thomas Yarnell, Overlook Duckworth, 2005, ISBN 978-1585677412 Vanishing Tibet, Catherine Steinmann and Danny Conant, 2008, ISBN 978-1590200957 Man of Peace: The Illustrated Life Story of the Dalai Lama of Tibet, graphic novel, William Meyers, Robert Thurman, Michael G. Burbank, initiated artistically by Rabkar Wangchuk, art a team effort of five artists coordinated by Steve Buccellato and Michael Burbank, ISBN 978-1941312032 The Treasury of Buddhist Sciences, editors, Robert Thurman, Thomas Yarnall and The Treasury of Indic Sciences, editors Robert Thurman, Gary Tubb and Thomas Yarnall, copublished with the America