Said Naum

Sa'id bin Salim Na'um Basalamah or better known as Said Naum was the first Kapitan Arab in Batavia and a Muslim philanthropist in Dutch East Indies in the 19th century. He is known for his charities and endowment of large lands to be used as school and cemetery located in Tanah Abang. Said Na'um was a Hadhrami and lived in Palembang for sometime before moved to Pekojan in Batavia. Said was a wealthy merchant who owned many trade ships and as a landlord in Batavia with extensive and large areas of lands, he was a pious man, has a clean heart, loved people of piety, respect for the poor and needy and known for his generous Waqf al-Turbah, where he endowed hectares of his lands to be used for schools and mosques. He married a girl named Zainah bint Ubayd, who gave him one only son named Muhammad who died, several daughters; the oldest was Syekhah, married to a righteous man, Sheikh Salim bin Umar Bahfen. His other daughter was Ruqayyah, married to Sheikh Abdullah bin Said Basalamah, the last one was Nur, who married to Sheikh Said bin Ahmad Jawwas.

All of them had children. After moving to Batavia, he married another woman named Nur binti Muhammad Audhah, who gave him a daughter named Muznah who married to Ali bin Abubakar bin Umar Shahab, a Wulayti Hadhrami from Dammun near Tarim. From Muznah's marriage with Ali, Said had some grandchildren, namely Abubakar and sidah, his grandson Abubakar became the first principal of Jamiat Kheir school. In Batavia, Said bought. On the land he built a mosque called Masjid Tanah Tinggi in November 1833 CE. Due to his popularity among Arab Indonesians, the Government of Dutch East Indies appointed him as the first Kapitan Arab in Batavia from 1844 to 1864. In his life when his physical condition and business declined, his business was handed to his son-in-law Abdullah bin Said Basalamah. In 1844, he donated 22,240 square metres land as cemetery in Batavia. Naum was buried in his endowed cemetery near the grave of Sheikh Salim bin Abdullah bin Sumair who died in 1855 CE. In the 1970s, the government of Jakarta created a controversy by relocating the cemetery to Karet.

They dug the remains of hundreds of corpses were moved to the new location. Some part of the land he endowed is now used as K-12 school named after his name. Jamiat Kheir ابوبكر إبن علي شهاب. رحلة الأصفر

Adnan Kovačević

Adnan Kovačević is a Bosnian professional footballer who plays as a centre back for Ekstraklasa club Korona Kielce and the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team. Kovačević started his professional career at Travnik, before joining Sarajevo in 2013. Four years he moved to Korona Kielce. A former youth international for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kovačević made his senior international debut in 2019. Kovačević came through Travnik's youth academy, he made his professional debut against Borac Banja Luka on 19 May 2011 at the age of 17. On 28 May, he scored his first professional goal against Olimpic. In July 2013, Kovačević signed a two-year deal with Sarajevo. On 13 July 2016, he suffered a severe knee injury, which turned out to be anterior cruciate ligament tear and was sidelined for seven months. On 12 July 2017, Kovačević moved to Polish side Korona Kielce on a three-year contract. Five days he made his competitive debut for the club against Zagłębie Lubin. On 8 December 2018, he scored his first goal for Korona Kielce against Wisła Płock.

In July 2019, Kovačević was made team captain. Kovačević was a member of Bosnia and Herzegovina under-21 team under coach Vlado Jagodić. In August 2019, he received his first senior call-up, for UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers against Liechtenstein and Armenia, but had to wait until 12 October to make his debut against Finland; as of match played 9 March 2020 As of match played 15 November 2019 Sarajevo Bosnian Premier League: 2014–15 Bosnian Cup: 2013–14 Adnan Kovačević at Adnan Kovačević – UEFA competition record