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Boulder Dam Hotel

The Boulder Dam Hotel known as the Boulder City Inn, is a hotel located in Boulder City, Nevada, listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places. It was designed in the Colonial Revival style by architect Henry Smith; the hotel was built to accommodate official visitors and tourists during the building of Boulder Dam, now Hoover Dam. The restored hotel is still operating with 22 rooms available; the Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum is located in the hotel. Operated by the Boulder City Museum and Historical Association, the museum features exhibits about the Boulder Canyon Project, the building of Boulder Dam, the history of culture of Boulder City; the hotel was built for W. F. Grey, who saw the opportunity for a hotel in the "government town" of Boulder City; the hotel was completed in 1933. P. S. Webb purchased it from Grey in 1935 as part of his tourist agency. Webb advertised turning the hotel into a destination resort. Webb sold the property during World War II. Built in a U-shaped configuration, wings were added in 1935 to make it H-shaped.

The two-story building is built of concrete block. The north elevation, the entry, is fronted by a two-story porch with square columns; the hotel has seen a number of celebrity visitors, including Boris Karloff, Shirley Temple and then-Crown Prince Olav and Princess Martha of Norway. The hotel was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on July 13, 1982; the Boulder Dam Hotel Association purchased the hotel in 1993 and spent over $2 million to restore it. During the restoration, the number of rooms was reduced from 83 to allow for more public spaces. Major renovations were completed in the early 2000s allowing the hotel to reopen. Boulder Dam Hotel Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum SAH Archipedia Building Entry

2014 Cup of China

The 2014 Cup of China was the third event of six in the 2014–15 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating, a senior-level international invitational competition series. It was held at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai on November 7–9. Medals were awarded in the disciplines of men's singles, ladies' singles, pair skating, ice dancing. Skaters earned points toward qualifying for the 2014–15 Grand Prix Final. On September 2, Zhao Yue / Zheng Xun were announced as host picks. On September 2, Peter Liebers was removed from the roster due to an injury. On September 9, Alexei Bychenko was added as his replacement. On September 2, Zhao Yue / Zheng Xun were added as a host pick. On September 9, Kim Hae-jin was added in place of a host pick. On September 29, Julia Antipova / Nodari Maisuradze were removed from the roster, due to Antipova being hospitalized due to Anorexia. On October 9, Jessica Calalang / Zack Sidhu were announced as their replacements. On September 22, it was reported that Tatiana Volosozhar / Maxim Trankov were going to be withdrawing due to an injury to Trankov.

On October 1, they were removed from the roster. On October 13, their replacements were announced as Arina Cherniavskaia / Antonio Souza-Kordeyru. On October 16, Zhan Bush and was removed from the roster due to health problems. On October 21, Kim Jin-seo was announced as his replacement. On October 17, Tarah Kayne / Daniel O'Shea was removed from the roster due to lack of training time. On October 22, Natasha Purich / Andrew Wolfe were announced as their replacements. On October 24, Joshua Farris was removed from the roster due to his high ankle sprain not yet being recovered, he was not replaced. On October 30, Song Nan was removed from the roster. No reason has been given, he was replaced by Guan Yuhang. On November 3, Zhang Kexin was removed from the roster. No reason has been given, she was not replaced. Prior to the free skating, Yan Han and Yuzuru Hanyu collided on the ice during warm-up. Both were bleeding, yet still chose to compete. Hanyu received stitches for his injuries, he skipped the medal ceremony afterwards.

2014 Cup of China at the International Skating Union Starting orders and result details

Ljuban Crepulja

Ljuban Crepulja is a Croatian association football midfielder who plays for Romanian Liga I side Astra Giurgiu. Crepulja, though born in Čapljina and Herzegovina, hails from Sisak, where he went through the ranks of HNK Segesta, debuting as a 16-year-old in the Druga HNL, he was picked up by GNK Dinamo Zagreb's feeder team NK Lokomotiva the following season for their U19 team, progressing to Dinamo U19 team itself for the 2011–12 season. Not given a professional contract by Dinamo, he moved to Druga HNL again, this time to NK Hrvatski Dragovoljac, where he established himself as a first-team regular and made his first youth international caps, playing for the Croatia U20 team in December 2012. Dragovoljac was promoted at the end of the season. Though his start at the club was marred by a drunk-driving incident, he remained a first team regular at the club. On 19 January 2016, it was reported. Crepulja signed for Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina club FK Sarajevo on 6 February 2018, he left Sarajevo after half a year on 17 June 2019.

On 28 June 2019, Crepulja signed a two-years contract with Romanian club Astra Giurgiu. Sarajevo Bosnian Premier League: 2018–19 Bosnian Cup: 2018–19 Ljuban Crepulja at the Croatian Football Federation Ljuban Crepulja at Ljuban Crepulja at Soccerway

Project 2012 (Hersheypark)

Project 2012 is a viral marketing campaign surrounding the launch of an attraction at Hersheypark, Pennsylvania, called Skyrush. It began in October 2010 and has continued through the announcement of Skyrush in August 2011; the campaign incorporated use of a variety of websites under false names, including the Ride Institute of Technology, LaMarcus Brothers Mid-Air Excavation, O'Connell Plumbing & Drain. Much of the discussion surrounding the campaign has taken place on Twitter; the campaign began in October 2010 during the shoulder season for Hersheypark called Hersheypark in the Dark. Several people from the website Keystone Thrills organized a park meetup; when that occurred, several people claiming to be “scientists” working for a company called the “Ride Institute of Technology” showed up and gave the group an envelope filled with puzzle pieces before walking away. Once assembled, the puzzle spelled out See u in the spring…game on; the letterhead displayed a logo from RIT, along with the group's website.

A mysterious letter posted on the website offered a number of clues about the group's founders, but nothing specific. The letter referenced Comet Halley and announced a new project to begin in the spring of 2011. In February 2011, the group received a letter from the Ride Institute of Technology written in Dutch. Upon translation, the letter revealed the official ride announcement would come early August and was interviewed for a news segment regarding the proposed attraction on WGAL 8 out of Lancaster, PA. On April 18, the RIT released a second generation of its website, with a history of the group, services offered, a section where the group's scientists would release forthcoming “studies.” The first study was released on Monday, April 25 with a subsequent study coming out each Monday for the following three weeks. At the same time, the Hersheypark Facebook page posted a link to a mysterious new Facebook group called Project 2012; the first study—and all subsequent studies—contained technical jargon along with clues embedded into the documents.

The group's final study was chopped into 12 puzzle pieces which were sent out to different coaster enthusiasts. Coinciding with the RIT releases, a person by the name of Jan Van Der Velde from a research group called “AFW” emerged. A competitive report from Van Der Velde was released, he appeared in a video where he questioned Dr. Michael Coupone, the chief accountant for RIT. Van Der Velde objected both to the secrecy with which RIT conducts its scientific research, to the group's “lack of transparency” regarding financial reporting; as the final pieces of the fourth study was put together, a company called LaMarcus Brothers Mid-Air Excavation was revealed. The company offered services including wind paving, aboveground foundation design, atmospheric excavation. LaMarcus Brothers mentioned previous work with Hersheypark, though the exact nature of this relationship has not been confirmed. On Saturday, May 28, a representative from LaMarcus Bros. was in Hersheypark wearing a bright yellow company T-shirt and handing out business cards with a code of "goldenRod85" written on the back.

The LaMarcus Bros. website mentions a "Kangaroo Bridge" project, which could be connected to both the Attraction 2012 project or future projects at Hersheypark. The "goldenRod85" note on the back of the business cards turned out to be a password that led to a locked section of the website which revealed a new company - O'Connell Plumbing and Drain. A third company, O'Connell Pluming and Drain brought the elements that something would soon be removed to make space in the park for the new attraction- it too, led to more elements, including a voicemail from OCPD. During this time, stickers began to pop up on water fountains at the restroom and changing room facilities throughout the park with different phrases featured on them such as "You must understand design, the nature of design, the idea of design" and "The Guggawatercloset will never be equaled," all with the phrase "Uncover the Truth" and the web address to Hersheypark's Facebook page featured; this lead to a link on the O'Connell site that featured a group of flashing pictures that featuring the area underneath sooperdooperLooper's brake run with the first turnaround of Comet in the background, part of a barcode, another picture with part of a barcode and a black & white image with objects on it, as well as a restroom sign with a red line through it, a picture of one of the benches in front of the Tilt-A-Whirl ride with an arrow pointing to behind the bench, another picture of the same bench with the date of July 18, 2011 on it.

The pictures of the bench led to more clues located around the park at each of the park's roller coasters and ending up back at the "soon to be removed" restrooms in Comet Hollow. These clues led enthusiasts to the phrase "Ride the Edge", the potential catch phrase of the new attraction. Through the O'Connell website, there were clues dropped that something would be taking place on July 18 around a bench near the Tilt-a-Whirl in Comet Hollow. On that day, players that went to the Park found a QR code on the back of the bench, that when scanned, gave them "01. R" Upon further discovery, they learned that there were QR codes behind benches near each of the Park's 11 coasters; when they scanned them all and assembled all of the letters in the order in which the coasters were introduced at the Park, they got "Ride the Edge." The final QR code led to the webpage for a company named Coaster Test Pilot Solutions. The page featured a video explaining how the company uses real people to test out roller coasters in the place of sensored test dummies.

Around this time, the character of Donan Michael (from the Nantimi viral marketin

Jacques Cujas

Jacques Cujas was a French legal expert. He was prominent among the legal humanists or mos gallicus school, which sought to abandon the work of the medieval Commentators and concentrate on ascertaining the correct text and social context of the original works of Roman law, he was born at Toulouse, where surnamed Cujaus, was a fuller. Having taught himself Latin and Greek, he studied law under Arnaud du Ferrièr professor at Toulouse, gained a great reputation as a lecturer on Justinian. In 1554 he was appointed professor of law at Cahors, about a year after Michel de l'Hôpital called him to Bourges. François Douaren, who held a professorship at Bourges, stirred up the students against the new professor, Cujas was glad to accept an invitation he had received to the University of Valence. Recalled to Bourges at the death of Duaren in 1559, he remained there till 1567, when he returned to Valence. There he gained a European reputation, collected students from all parts of the continent, among whom were Joseph Scaliger and Jacques Auguste de Thou.

In 1573 King Charles IX of France appointed Cujas counsellor to the parlement of Grenoble, in the following year a pension was bestowed on him by Henry III. Margaret of Savoy persuaded him to move to Turin; the religious wars drove him out. He was called by the king to Paris, permission was granted him by the parlement to lecture on civil law in the university there. A year he took up residence at Bourges, where he remained till his death in 1590, in spite of a handsome offer made him by pope Gregory XIII in 1584 to attract him to Bologna; the life of Cujas was altogether that of a teacher. In the religious wars which filled all the thoughts of his contemporaries he refused to take any part. Nihil hoc ad edictum praetoris, "this has nothing to do with the edict of the praetor," was his usual answer to those who spoke to him on the subject, his surpassing merit as a jurisconsult consisted in the fact that he turned from the ignorant commentators on Roman law to the Roman law itself. He consulted a large number of manuscripts, of which he had collected more than 500 in his own library.

His emendations, of which a large number were published under the title of Observationes et emendationes, were not confined to lawbooks, but extended to many of the Latin and Greek classical authors. In jurisprudence his study was far from being devoted to Justinian, he composed a commentary on the Consuetudines Feudorum, on some books of the Decretals. In the Paratitla, or summaries which he made of the Digest, of the Code of Justinian, he condensed into short axioms the elementary principles of law, gave definitions remarkable for their admirable clearness and precision, his lessons, which he never dictated, were continuous discourses, for which he made no other preparation than that of profound meditation on the subjects to be discussed. He was impatient of interruptions and upon the least noise he would quit the chair and retire, he was attached to his pupils, Joseph Justus Scaliger affirms that he lost more than 4000 livres by lending money to the more needy of them. Fabrot, collected the complete works of Cujas in the edition which he published at Paris and Venice.

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