Angelo Solimena

Angelo Solimena was an Italian painter, father of the better known Francesco Solimena. Solimena was a pupil of Francesco Guarino. One of his earliest paintings is the Pentecost, dated 1654, in San Michele in Solofra, the town in which Guarnino worked. Solimena worked in Nocera Inferiore, where he painted a Deposition in the church of San Matteo in 1664, Gravina, where he painted the Madonna and Saints in the church of the Purgatorio. In 1674-5 he painted a series of frescoes in the church of San Giorgio in Salerno, visited Naples at around the same time, he worked in collaboration with his son, Francesco, on the Vision of St Cyril of Alexandria at the church of San Domenico in Solofra. He worked at Sarno, where he painted the vaults and other pictures at the cathedral

Northport Public School

Northport Public School is a K-12 public school in Northport, located at 104 Wing Street. It is one of seven high schools in Leelanau County; the K-12 enrollment is 150 students. Northport is located in the Northport Public Schools school district. Northport offers classes for students in grades kindergarten–12. Additionally, students are given the option to dual enroll and attend classes at Northwestern Michigan College or the Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District. In addition to the dual enrollment program, AP Biology and English classes are offered. Youth Advisory Council is a student group organized under the Leelanau Township Community Foundation. Through a matching grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, YAC was created to offer young students the opportunity to volunteer and learn about philanthropy; the Youth Advisory Council recommends grants to the Leelanau Township Community Foundation, where the grant is either approved or denied by the board. Art Attack is new to Northport as of 2011.

It is the after school Art Club where the students spend time fundraising to go on trips to New York, Grand Rapids, San Francisco. Its fundraisers are all art-related. Northport has middle school drama program that each put on two shows a year; the performances are free to the public and are held in the school's auditorium, which seats close to 400 people. There is a spring production; the high school, under the direction of teacher Donna Wilson, produced "The Magician's Nephew", "Bye Bye Birdie", "1984" and "Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily". The middle has been a part of theater, putting on shows such as "Anne Frank and Me" in 2010. Northport has an art program for K-12 students; the teacher, Jenny Evans, offers high school art, community art, photography as well as teaching art fundamentals to kindergarten through eighth grade. The art room has a printing press and a screen printing studio which includes a dark room and spray out booth. Northport student art is a part of the local annual journal, Exposures.

Northport competes in basketball and volleyball. There is a middle school girls basketball team, as well as an elementary girls team. JV and varsity basketball are offered for both boys and girls. Boys varsity soccer serves as the homecoming game. There is JV and varsity volleyball team as well. Northport Public School Website