Joe Pasternak

Joseph Herman "Joe" Pasternak was a Hungarian-born American film producer in Hollywood. Pasternak spent the Hollywood "Golden Age" of musicals at MGM Studios, producing many successful musicals with singing stars like Deanna Durbin, Kathryn Grayson and Jane Powell, as well as swimmer/bathing beauty Esther Williams' films, he produced Judy Garland's final MGM film, Summer Stock, released in 1950. Pasternak worked in the film industry for 45 years, from the silent era until shortly past the end of the classical Hollywood cinema in the early 1960s, he was born to a Jewish family in Austria-Hungary. His father was a town clerk and Pasternak was one of eleven children. In 1920, he stayed with an uncle in Philadelphia, he worked in a factory, punching holes in leather belts, did a variety of other jobs. He studied acting in New York. In 1922, Pasternak gained a job as a busboy at Paramount's Astoria studio in Queens, New York City at $8 a week, he quit in 1923 to become an assistant for director Allan Dwan and worked his way up from fourth assistant at $16 a week to first assistant at $75 a week.

He worked as an assistant director on The Phantom of the Opera and It's the Old Army Game. He tried a two-reeler with El Brendel, it was seen by Wesley Ruggles who offered him a job at Universal Studios as an assistant director at $35 a week. In 1928, Universal sent Pasternak to Europe as an associate producer to work on German-language films for the international market. Pasternak produced a series of movies directed by, starring, William Dieterle: The Brandenburg Arch in 1929 with Paul Henckels and June Marlowe. Pasternak produced three films directed by Edmund Heuberger and starring Eddie Polo: Secret Police, Witnesses Wanted, Of Life and Death. Other Pasternak films included The Daredevil Reporter, written by Billy Wilder, starring Eddie Polo and directed by Ernst Laemmle. Directed by Erich Schönfelder. Pasternak shot Secret Agent and Johnny Steals Europe both with Harry Piel A Tremendously Rich Man with director Steve Sekely, Die unsichtbare Front and Pardon, tévedtem; when Hitler came to power in Germany, Pasternak moved to Hungary.

There he did a series of films starring Franciska Gaal: Romance in Budapest with Sekely. Universal recalled Pasternak, he brought back Henry Koster with him and the two men set about making the sort of movie they had in Europe. "No one's going to get sick or die in my pictures," Pasternak said at the time. "That's no form of entertainment."After seeing her in the short Every Sunday, Pasternak cast 14-year-old Canadian singer Deanna Durbin in Three Smart Girls, directed by Koster. The film reputedly saved Universal from bankruptcy, he followed it with two more Durbin films, One Hundred Men and a Girl, directed by Koster, Mad About Music, directed by Norman Taurog. In 1938, Pasternak did a comedy, Youth Takes a Fling was back with Durbin for That Certain Age, Three Smart Girls Grow Up. In all, Pasternak made ten films with Durbin.</ref> Pasternak soon discovered another talented soprano, Gloria Jean, who began her own series in 1939, starting with The Under-Pup. He produced Durbin again in First Love.

He had a large hit with the comedy Western Destry Rides Again, starring Marlene Dietrich and James Stewart, which helped revitalise Dietrich's career. Pasternak alternated between the three female stars – with Durbin he did It's a Date, Spring Parade, Nice Girl? and It Started with Eve. With Jean he did A Little Bit of a sort of sequel to The Under-Pup. With Dietrich he did Seven Sinners and The Flame of New Orleans. In June 1941, after finishing Eve, Pasterrnak left Universal. Although he still had two years to run on his contract, he had "differences of opinion" with the studio's management, by mutual consent the parties elected to terminate the contract. In June 1941, Pasternak announced he had joined Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer as a producer for a reported $3,500 a week. Several studios had been interested in placing him under contract, but Louis B. Mayer wanted Pasternak and allowed the producer several concessions. Mayer assigned young soprano Kathryn Grayson, who had only made one film for MGM, to Pasternak's unit so tha

Renata Dancewicz

Renata Dancewicz is a Polish actress and member of the Polish Bridge Union. In 1988 she graduated from the 1st Mikołaj Kopernik High School in Lubin. In 2006 Dancewicz danced in the Taniec z Gwiazdami. She's an atheist. 1993: Do widzenia wczoraj 1993: Samowolka 1994: Oczy niebieskie 1994: Komedia małżeńska 1994-1995: Radio Romans 1995: Die Schönste Sache der Welt 1995: Ekstradycja 1995: Diabelska edukacja 1995: Deborah 1995: Pułkownik Kwiatkowski 1995: Tato 1997: Ekstradycja 2 1997: Svenska Hjältar 1998: Gniew 1999: Ekstradycja 3 1999: Siedlisko 2000: Sukces 2002: Eukaliptus 2002: E=mc² 2003: Zostać miss 2 2003-2008: Na Wspólnej 2006: Kryminalni 2008: 33 Scenes from Life Renata Dancewicz at

Gustavo Duarte

Gustavo Duarte is a Brazilian cartoonist and comics artist. His work is known for his silent comics, which rely on the characters' body language. In 1999, Duarte graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from Unesp in Bauru. During his studies, Duarte began working as an illustrator for the newspaper Diário de Bauru between 1997-1999; when he moved back to São Paulo in 2000, he worked as designer and illustrator for Editora Abril, while some of his work was featured at Folha de S. Paulo and Lance! newspapers. His first comic book, Có!, an independent publication, was awarded the Troféu HQ Mix of Best Independent Comic in 2010. Duarte received a prize for Best Artist-New Talent. After Có, Duarte has published other comics, like Taxi and Monstros, his first work for a publishing house. In 2014, Duarte's work debuted in the United States:Monstros, Có and Birds were published by Dark Horse Comics as the single-volume Monsters and Other Stories. In the same year, Duarte drew Marvel 100th Anniversary: Guardians of the Galaxy #1 and in 2015 he worked on DC Comics' Bizarro miniseries.

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