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Johann Friedrich Wender (baptized 6 December 1655 – 13 June 1729) was a German organ builder who had his workshop in Mühlhausen.

Born in Dörna, Thuringia, Wender collaborated with Johann Sebastian Bach, who obtained his first position as an organist in Arnstadt from 1703, after he had inspected and demonstrated a new organ which Wender had built there. In 1707 Bach moved to Mühlhausen, where Wender worked. Wender died in Dörna.

Notable students of Wender include his son Christian Friedrich Wender, his son-in-law Johann Nikolaus Becker, Johann Christian Dauphin (de) and Johann Jacob John (de).

Selected works[edit]

Year Location Building Image Manuals Stops Notes
1689–1691 Mühlhausen Divi Blasii II/P 29 expanding, partly new
1695 Seligenstadt Abtei II/P 31
1699–1703 Arnstadt New Church Arnstadt Bachkirche Wender-Orgel.jpg II/P 29 new organ for the new church (today: Bach Church) which replaced the burned St. Bonifatius
1700 Weimar Stadtkirche restoration
1708 Mühlhausen Divi Blasii III/P 38 Rebuilding following Bach's suggestions. The survival of Bach's specifications has allowed the reconstruction of this lost organ.
1714 Erfurt St. Severi (de) Erfurt St. Severi 01.jpg II/P 24 Case extant
1714–1717 Merseburg Dom- und Schlosskirche IV/P 66 repair and completion of the instrument begun in 1695 by Zacharias Theißner
1716–1722 Merseburg St. Maximi new organ, inspected on 11/12 May 1722 by Thomaskantor Johann Kuhnau and Georg Friedrich Kauffmann


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