John Burgee

John Burgee is an American architect noted for his contributions to Postmodern architecture. He was a partner of Philip Johnson from 1967 to 1991, creating together the partnership firm Johnson/Burgee Architects, their landmark collaborations included Pennzoil Place in Houston and the AT&T World Headquarters in New York. Burgee eased Johnson out of the firm in 1991, when it subsequently went bankrupt, Burgee's design career was over. Burgee is retired, resides in California. Burgee graduated from the School of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame in 1956, served on the university's Board of Trustees from 1988 until 2006, when he was named trustee emeritus, on the School of Architecture's Advisory Council from 1982, he served on the boards of the Architectural League of New York, Lenox Hill Hospital, Columbia University's Master of Sciences Program in Real Estate Development, the Parsons School of Design, the Friends of the Upper East Side Historic District, was the co-chairman of the Architectural Committee of the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Centennial Commission.

For the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, Burgee was chairman. John Burgee and Philip Johnson established Johnson/Burgee in Manhattan in 1968, with Burgee as the firm's CEO, they collaborated on many designs. In 1984, Raj Ahuja, an associate with the firm for 15 years, was made a full partner. Two years they moved into the Lipstick Building at 885 Third Avenue, between 53rd and 54th Streets, which the firm had designed; that same year, Burgee negotiated a lesser role in the partnership for Johnson, as a design consultant, in 1988 he asked Ahuja to leave. Completing the transformation of the firm, in 1991 Johnson left altogether, at Burgee's behest. Shortly thereafter, the firm went into bankruptcy because of an arbitration connected to Ahuja's leaving, Burgee's career was dealt a serious blow, their collaborations include: 1969 – Master plan for Roosevelt Island in the East River, New York City 1973 – Niagara Falls Convention Center, Niagara Falls, New York 1973 – 49th Street BMT Subway Station, New York City 1974 – Morningside House, The Bronx, New York City 1974 – Fort Worth Water Gardens, Fort Worth, Texas 1974 – Neuberger Museum of Art, SUNY Purchase, New York 1974 – Air India Building, India 1975 – Pennzoil Place, Texas 1976 – Reconstruction of the interior of Avery Fisher Hall, New York City 1977 – Century Center, South Bend, Indiana 1980 – 1001 Fifth Avenue, New York City 1981 – Bank of America Center, Block 84, Texas 1983 – Williams Tower, Texas 1984 – PPG Place, Pittsburgh 1984 – Sony Building, New York City 1982 – 33 Maiden Lane, New York City 1983 – "Lipstick Building", 885 Third Avenue, New York City 1986 – The Crescent, Texas 1986 – Tycon Center, Fairfax County, Virginia 1987 – 190 South LaSalle Street, Ill..

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Kyaukpyu Township

Kyaukpyu Township is a township of Kyaukpyu District in the Rakhine State of Myanmar. The principal town is Kyaukpyu. At Ma Day Island of Kyaukpyu Township, a deep sea port was being built by Aisa World Company by investment of China National Petroleum Corporation; the Kyaukpyu SEZ plan is included an industrial zone, residential housing estates and a deep-water port and to cover about 11 miles near Sit Taw and Si Maw Village. 1200 kilometers roadway and railway will linked between Yunnan Province of China. But it will be relocated near to Kani Village because of finding an active mud volcano in planned area. Nippon Koei, China’s CITIC group and Burma's Htoo Trading are expected to investment this project. CPG Consultancy Ltd. a Singaporean company, is appointed as adviser in selection of investment proposals. It is one of the Burma's largest natural gas projects. A USD 3 billion gas pipeline and onshore tanker terminal project was built by Daewoo, China National Petroleum Corporation and Burma's state-owned Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise.

It can pump about 12 billion cubic meters of gas annually to Yunnan Province of China. It is planned to pump 22 million tonnes of crude oil annually; the dual oil and gas pipelines run over 800 kilometers from Kyaukpyu to Kunming. Sino-Burma pipelines Ramree Island Business and Travel News Kyauk Phyu Special Economic Zone

First Daughter Suite

First Daughter Suite is a chamber musical with music and book by Michael John LaChiusa. A continuation of his 1993 musical First Lady Suite, First Daughter Suite is composed of four narrative segments, each centered on the mothers and daughters of political families in United States history; the figures portrayed include the Nixon, Ford and Bush families. The musical premiered Off-Broadway in 2015 at The Public Theatre. First Daughter Suite premiered Off-Broadway at The Public Theater under the direction of Kirsten Sanderson. Previews began October 6, 2015, the show opened October 21, 2015 and ran through November 22, 2015. A cast recording through Sh-K-Boom & Ghostlight Records was released in digital format on February 26, 2016, with the physical CD released for sale on April 1, 2016. Happy Pat - Setting: The White House East Sitting Room. Late afternoon, June 11, 1972. Patricia Nixon and her daughters Tricia and Julie prepare for Tricia's White House wedding under the threat of rain. Pat contends with the quarreling sisters, the hypercritical ghost of her mother-in-law Hannah Milhous Nixon, the building scandal at which her husband is the center.

Amy Carter's Fabulous Dream Adventure - Setting: The deck of the Presidential Yacht. Spring 1980. In a dream sequence from the mind of twelve-year-old Amy Carter and her mother Rosalynn are accompanied on the Presidential yacht by Betty Ford and her daughter Susan; the dream occurs in the wake of Amy's father, President Jimmy Carter, facing the Iran hostage crisis, is grounded to reality by Amy's own insecurities as a young First Daughter, her want to save her father's presidency, her fears of leaving her White House home. In the "Fabulous Dream Adventure," the group sails to Iran to free the American hostages and fend off terrorists with Amy's Barbie doll; the dream becomes chaotic as Susan kills Betty and Rosalynn threatens Amy, who fights back with her Barbie. The dream resolves with everyone well. Amy realizes her dream is too big for her to handle herself, Susan apologizes to her mother, the group decides to vacation in Puerto Rico before Amy wakes up and they must return to their normal lives.

Patti By The Pool - Setting: Betsy Bloomingdale's Holmby Hills Home, California. November 1986. Nancy Reagan and her rebellious daughter Patti Davis engage in a tense reunion at the home of socialite Betsy Bloomingdale; the scene depicts the strained relationship between mother and daughter following the release of Patti's fictionalized novel about her family. Throughout the dialogue-driven scene, the reunion is punctuated by Patti's scathing criticisms of her mother. Just as the two seem to reconcile, Patti asks about the Iran-Contra scandal. Nancy insists that he knew nothing of the situation, that this is all Patti needs to say. Nancy amends her statement by telling her daughter that it would be best for her not to talk about her father until the situation is resolved, or as Patti sees it, covered up. Patti realizes Nancy's intent behind the conversation is to ensure Patti's silence on the scandal, she lashes out at her mother once more. Nancy has her maid Anita bring Patti a drink spiked with Paraguayan nightshade, Patti falls unconscious.

In The Deep Bosom of the Ocean Buried - Setting: Walker's Point, Maine. October 11, 2003 Barbara Bush mourns the loss of her daughter Robin on the 50th anniversary of her death, laments her disappointment in her son, she is joined by the deceased Robin, appearing as an adult despite her death from leukemia at the age of three, as well as her daughter-in-law Laura Bush. Barbara must decide whether to support her son George's reelection campaign, all while remembering the child she lost years ago and learning to "Let Go." Act I "Opening" - Company "Out Go The Chairs / Happiness" - Pat and Hannah "Ruined" - Pat, Tricia and Hannah "Martha / Two Perfect Girls / Daddy's Mind" - Pat, Tricia and Hannah "Why Not? / Surrender" - Pat and Hannah "Never Surrender" - Pat, Tricia and Hannah "Mother Likes To Dance" - Betty, Susan and Rosalynn "Susan Ford" - Betty, Susan and Rosalynn "Fabulous Dream Adventure" - Betty, Susan and Rosalynn "Iran" - Betty, Susan and Rosalynn "Daughters Of" - Amy and Rosalynn "Everyone's Dead / Fabulous Dream Adventure" - Betty, Susan and RosalynnAct II "Patti By The Pool" - Patti, Anita "Anita's Song" - Anita "Robin / Come On Inside" - Barbara and Laura "Your Big Brother George" - Barbara and Laura "You, My Love" - Barbara and Laura "My Beautiful Mind" - Barbara "Underneath the Waves" - Barbara and Laura "Laura / No Tears" - Barbara and Laura "Let Go / Finale" - Company Off-Broadway Internet Database