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John Charles Daly

John Charles Patrick Croghan Daly known as John Charles Daly or John Daly, was a South African-born American radio and television personality, CBS News broadcast journalist, ABC News executive and TV anchor and a game show host, best known as the host and moderator of the CBS television panel show What's My Line? In World War II, he was the first national correspondent to report the attack on Pearl Harbor, the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, as well as covering much of the front-line news from Europe and North Africa; the second of two brothers, Daly was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, where his American father worked as a geologist. While in Johannesburg, Daly attended Marist Brothers College. After his father died of a tropical fever, Daly's mother moved the family to Massachusetts, he attended the Tilton School and served on its board of directors for many years and contributed to the construction or restoration of many buildings on campus. He did his post-secondary education at a junior college and finished his studies graduating from Boston College.

Daly worked for a time in a wool factory and for a transit company in Washington before becoming a reporter for NBC Radio and CBS. Daly began his broadcasting career as a reporter for NBC Radio, for WJSV, the local CBS Radio Network affiliate in Washington, D. C. serving as CBS' White House correspondent. He appears on the famous "One Day in Radio" tapes of September 21, 1939, in which WJSV preserved its entire broadcast day for posterity. Through covering the Roosevelt White House, Daly became known to the national CBS audience as the network announcer for many of the President's speeches. In late 1941, Daly transferred to New York City. During World War II, he covered the news from London as well as the North African and Italian fronts. Daly was a war correspondent in 1943 in Italy during Gen. George S. Patton's infamous "slapping incidents". After the war, he was a lead reporter on CBS Radio's news/entertainment program CBS Is There, which recreated the great events of history as if CBS correspondents were on the scene.

As a reporter for the CBS radio network, Daly was the voice of two historic announcements. He was the first national correspondent to deliver the news of the attack on Pearl Harbor on Sunday, December 7, 1941, he was the first to relay the wire service report of the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt on April 12, 1945, interrupting the program Wilderness Road to deliver the news. Recreations of those bulletins have been preserved on historical record album retrospectives and radio and television documentaries. Among the first were the Columbia Records spoken word album I Can Hear It Now. In July, 1959, along with the Associated Press writer John Scali, he reported from Moscow on the famous Kitchen Debate between USSR General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev and U. S. Vice President Richard M. Nixon in 1959. Daly's first foray into television was; this led to a job in 1950 as the host and moderator on a new panel show produced by Goodson–Todman, What's My Line? The show lasted 17 years with Daly hosting all but four episodes of the weekly series.

In 1954–55, in addition to his duties with What's My Line?, Daly hosted the final year of the NBC Television game show Who Said That?, in which celebrities tried to determine the speaker of quotations taken from recent news reports. On What's My Line?, each panelist introduced the next in line at the start of the show. Upon Fred Allen's death in 1956, Random House book publisher co-founder and humorist Bennett Cerf became the anchor panelist who would but not always, introduce Daly. Cerf prefaced his introduction with a pun or joke that over time became a pun or joke at Daly's expense. Daly would often fire back his own retort. Cerf and Daly enjoyed a friendly feud from across the stage for the remainder of the history of the program; the mystery guest on the final CBS program was Daly himself. Daly had received many letters over the years asking him to fill that role. According to producer Gil Fates, Daly was resistant to changes that would have appealed to a younger audience but might have diminished the show's dignity.

For example, Daly referred to the panelists formally, e.g. as "Mr. Cerf." The producers, Fates said, were unable to challenge Daly for fear of losing him as the show's moderator. The series spawned a brief radio version in 1952, hosted by Daly; the series inspired a multitude of concurrent international versions and a syndicated U. S. revival in 1968 in which Daly did not participate. He was a vice president at ABC during the 1950s, he did hosting duties on Who Said That?, It's News to Me, We Take Your Word, Open Hearing and was a narrator on The Voice of Firestone starting in 1958. He had several television and movie guest appearances from the late 1940s to the mid-1960s, including an uncredited role in Bye Bye Birdie and as the narrator, in a mock documentary style, on the premiere episode of the rural comedy series Green Acres. In 1949 he starred in the short-lived CBS Television newspaper drama The Front Page, where it was thought that his presence and journalistic experience would give the series more authenticity.

During the 1950s, Daly became the vice president in charge of news, special events, public affairs, religious programs and sports for ABC and won three Peabody Awards. From 1953 to

Sydney University Evangelical Union

The Sydney University Evangelical Union is a student-led Christian group that has operated at the University of Sydney since 1930. It is affiliated with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students and the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students; the EU has throughout its history maintained a relationship with St Barnabas Anglican Church in Broadway and the Sydney Anglican culture in general whilst retaining a non-denominational base. The EU is quite unique amongst its contemporary AFES affiliates in having a student-staff partnership, in contrast to other groups which has maintained a staff-run model. In 2002, the publication by the Union of a statement during their on-campus mission, "absoluteGod", encouraging students to investigate Christianity, was signed by 22 senior academics at the university and worried many for damaging the religious and racial tolerance at the university; the Sydney University Evangelical Union is a registered student society of the University of Sydney, comprising an estimated 600 Christian students, making it one of the largest registered clubs and societies of the Sydney University Union.

It is led by an elected student executive consisting of a president and female vice-presidents, a secretary and treasurer. They are elected annually at the September AGM; the EU is governed by the General Council, which consists of representatives from the executive, faculty leadership and wider EU membership. Activities include sermons in Public Meetings, faculty based small group bible studies, prayer meetings, several conferences including Annual Conference and Leadership Summit, along with mission trips; these activities are organized by specialist teams consisting of students and staff, led by a student appointed by the General Council. The EU runs events designed to present students with the Christian Gospel, per the objectives of the EU, to attract new members, it is written by Meredith Lake, EU Vice-President 2002-03. A further history is available on the EU website. Lake, Proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord; the EU: Sydney. ISBN 0-646-45278-9 Prince and Moyra, Out of the Tower. ANZEA: Sydney.

ISBN 0-85892-309-2 EU website Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students


Lochcarron is a village and civil parish in the Wester Ross area of Highland, Scotland. It has a population of 923; the name Lochcarron is applied to the collection of small settlements strung out along Loch Carron, a sea loch on the west coast of Ross and Cromarty. The village stretches for 2 miles, meandering along the shore of the loch, it means "Loch of rough water". In the 19th Century the village was named Janetown Jeantown; the local newspaper, An Carrannach, is published on a monthly basis. Lochcarron is a central location for hillwalking and touring the West Coast Highlands, including the Torridon and Skye regions. Close to the village lies the Bealach na Bà road, which links the town of Applecross to the rest of the mainland, it is a road popular with tourists and motorcyclists alike for its scenery and hairpin bends. Lochcarron contains a variety of local services; these include two petrol stations, a Spar shop, a Highland Council service point, a nursing home, medical centre and tartan weaving factory.

There are two hotels, a restaurant and two cafés. The community hall hosts a number of public events including sales. There are a number of self catering and bed and breakfast establishments, many of which are members of the local business association; the local primary school stands with 43 pupils. The primary school offers both Gaelic Medium education. Plockton High School is the nearest secondary school to Lochcarron; the area's biggest employment sectors include tourism and fish farming. Other employers include transportation via sea and road, quarry work. Service industries include motor garages, health services and education; the Howard Doris Centre employs people in the care sector. Sailing is a popular activity amongst the local and visiting population, as such, a local RYA accredited, Volvo Championship Club hosts free sailing sessions every Wednesday evening, racing sessions every Sunday afternoon, it enlists over 100 members. Lochcarron is home to the local shinty team Lochcarron Camanachd.

The team play their home games at Battery Park in the west end of the village. The playing field is used during the week for training, knockabout sessions. There is a 9-hole course in the area, over 150 years old; the golf club's clubhouse offers catering facilities and golf clubs available to hire. The nearby Attadale hosts an annual Highland Games every third Saturday of July

Mujahideen Victory Day

Mujahideen Victory Day is a political holiday observed in all parts of Afghanistan, falling on the 28 April each year. It commemorates the day when Mujahideen rebel forces overthrew the Communist regime in 1992, it is celebrated by former Mujahideen in Afghanistan. Some Afghans are against celebrating the day. 2012: Cancelled due to security reason, threats by Taliban insurgents. 2007: Afghan President Hamid Karzai awarded medals to Mujahideen veterans in commemoration of the holiday. 2006: Karzai gave a public speech at Kabul's Chaman-e-Hozori parkAlso on Victory Day 2006, Afghan parliament member and activist Malalai Joya stood to denounce alleged mujahideen atrocities, was threatened with death by other parliament deputies. Reporters without Borders journalist Omid Yakmanish was beaten by two parliamentarians while attempting to film the debate. After the monarchy in Afghanistan the Marxist People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan was born took power making Afghanistan a communist country; this did not fair well with the people though.

The Afghans in the rural areas, viewed the new government as un-islamic. At this point the Cold War was going on and due to the USSR being right on the border of a communist Afghanistan they supported them. Meanwhile the US was supporting the Mujahideen Resistance causing a civil war between the government and the resistance; this civil war gave birth to Al-Qaeda. In total one million casualties occurred due to the war and the holiday marks the end of one of the countries worst conflicts. Afghan Independence Day Durrani Empire Hotaki dynasty

Leyla Chihuán

Leyla Felícita Chihuán Ramos is a retired female volleyball player from Peru, of Quechua and Afro-Peruvian descent, who twice represented her native country at the Summer Olympics. In 2011, she entered politics. Chihuán played the 2000 Olympic Games ranking in both in 11th place, she fifth in the 2009 Pan-American Cup. She was the captain of the Peruvian volleyball national team from 2005 to 2010. Playing in Chiapas, Mexico with her National Senior Team, she won the Best Blocker award and the silver medal at the 2010 Final Four Cup. Chihuán ranked in 15th place in the 2010 World Championship, stated it would be her last tournament with her team and that she would step down as player and captain. After Peru's final match against China she told reporters in interviews that she did not leave because of some physical or age related issue but due to circumstances that she could not control, she has played in several teams in Italy. Winiary Kalisz Rio Marsì Palermo Mirabilandia Teodora Ravenna CV Benidorm Gran Canaria Hotel Cantur Universidad de Burgos CV Miranda Regatas Lima Universidad César Vallejo 2009 South American Championship "Best Scorer" 2009 South American Championship "Best Spiker" 2010 Final Four Cup "Best Blocker" 2005 Bolivarian Games, Gold Medal 2007 South American Championship, Silver Medal 2009 South American Championship, Bronze Medal 2010 Women's Pan-American Volleyball Cup, Silver Medal 2010 Final Four Women's Volleyball Cup, Silver Medal In 2011, Leyla Chihuán was elected to the Congress of Peru on the list of the fujimorist Fuerza 2011 party, representing the city of Lima.

She was one of four female ex-volleyball players serving in Congress for the 2011-2016 term. Chihuán was re-elected in the 2016 general election, her current term expires in 2021. In Congress, Leyla Chihuán has served on numerous committees, including the Health and Population Committee, the Education and Sports Committee, the Foreign Relations Committee, the Justice and Human Rights Committee. Chihuán is the vicepresident of the Congressional Leadership Board, the Leadership Council, the Spokespersons' Board, the Permanent Committee for the current parliamentary session, she has been the author or co-author of over 100 pieces of legislation or parliamentary resolutions on subjects ranging from health and sports and industry, Congressional ethics, the protection of women and minors. In 2018, Leyla Chihuán was associated with a political scandal referred to as "Chats La Botica". "La Botica" was the title of a cell phone chat group among congressmen from her political party, Fuerza Popular, the contents of which were leaked to Peruvian authorities.

The leaked messages included chats, in which Chihuán took part, which featured discussion of shielding judge César Hinostroza Pariachi, facing charges for corruption. Nowadays in Peru when people wants to refer that they do not have money they say: "Estoy Bien Chihuan" the expression has become viral since her infamous comments when she said that the money earned working at the Congress was insufficient for her high living standard. Leyla Chihuan at FIVB Leyla Chihuán at Olympics at Leyla Felicita Chihuan at the International Olympic Committee Resume on the National Electoral Panel site at the Wayback Machine Leyla Felicita Chihuan Ramos at

Cansu Özbay

Cansu Özbay is a Turkish women's volleyball player. She is 1.82 m tall at 75 kg, plays in the setter position. She plays for Vakıfbank Istanbul, she is a member of the Turkey women's national volleyball team. Cansu Özbay started her volleyball career in the youth development team of Arkas Spor at her hometown in Izmir, she transferred to the Istanbul-based club Beşiktaş. K. In January 2015, Özbay was loaned out from her club Beşiktaş JK to Nilüfer Belediyespor in Bursa, where she played the second half of the 2014–15 Turkish Women's Volleyball League season. At the end of the season, she returned to her relegated club to play in the 2015–16 Second League season, her team finished the season as champion, was promoted to the First League. For the 2016–17 League season, she was transferred by Vakıfbank Istanbul, she succeeded Naz Aydemir Akyol as setter in the team. She enjoyed her team's league champion title in the 2016 -- 2017 -- 18 League seasons, she was awarded the title of "Best Setter" of the 2017–18 season's final series.Özbay participated at the 2016 FIVB Volleyball Women's Club World Championship held in Metro Manila, where her team Vakıfbank Istanbul placed third.

The next year, her team became champion of the 2017 FIVB Volleyball Women's Club World Championship in Kobe, Japan. Özbay was part of the Turkey girls' U18 team at the 2013 CEV Youth Volleyball European Championship – Girls held in Serbia and at the 2013 FIVB Girls' U18 World Championship held in Thailand. She was a member of the Turkey women's U20 team, played at the 2015 FIVB Volleyball Women's U20 World Championship held in Puerto Rico, she competed at the 2017 Women's European Volleyball Championship held in Azerbaijan and Georgia, where the Turkey women's team ranked third. She was part of the national team at the 2018 FIVB Volleyball Women's Nations League, which became silver medalist after losing to the United States in the final. Champions 2015–16 Turkish Women's Second Volleyball League, 2016–17 Turkish Women's Volleyball League, 2017 FIVB Volleyball Women's Club World Championship, 2017–18 Turkish Women's Volleyball League Third places 2016 FIVB Volleyball Women's Club World Championship 2017 European Championship - Bronze Medal 2018 Nations League - Silver Medal 2019 European Championship - Silver Medal Best Setter 2017–18 Turkish Women's Volleyball League Final series 2018 FIVB Nations League