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Pulse (confectionery)

Pulse known as Pass Pass Pulse, is a hard candy manufactured by Noida-based DS Group and marketed under its umbrella brand'Pass Pass'. Launched in a'Kachcha Aam' flavour, the hard-boiled candy is filled with tangy salt and spices in its central core. Pulse is available in Kachcha Aam, Orange and Litchi flavours. In India, Pulse is sold for ₹1 per 4g candy. Pulse was conceptualised in 2013, an internal team dedicated to product development worked for two years on it; the product was launched in mid-2015 in Kachcha Aam flavour. In December 2016, Pulse was launched in Orange flavour all across India. Pulse's formulation is being patented by its manufacturer. In 8 months of its launch, Pulse's total sales accounted for ₹100 crore, equivalent to Coca-Cola Zero's sales. In 2016, DS Group was producing 300-400 tonnes of Pulse each month. In March 2017, Pulse's overall sales accounted for ₹300 crore, beating the sales of Oreo and Mars Bars; the manufacturer DS Group is setting up stores in US, UK and Singapore

Lucia St. Clair Robson

Lucia St. Clair Robson is an American historical novelist, she was married to science fiction novelist Brian Daley. Last Train from Cuernavaca - inspired by two different women, one Zapotec and one English, who participated in the Mexican Revolution. Shadow Patriots - The story of a group that spied for George Washington, including a woman known only as "355" Ghost Warrior - The story of the Apaches and Lozen, revered warrior and shaman. Ride the Wind - Cynthia Ann Parker's life with the Comanches; the Tokaido Road - A chase up the fabled Tokaido Road, set against the backdrop of feudal Japan's most famous event, the revenge of the forty-seven ronin. Mary's Land - A novel of the rowdy Maryland frontier of 1638. Fearless, A Novel of Sarah Bowman - Six-foot-tall laundress, Sarah Bowman, makes a name for herself in the Mexican War. Walk in My Soul - A fictional account of young Sam Houston's life with the Cherokee Indians and with their Beloved Woman, Tiana Rogers. Light a Distant Fire - Osceola and his beleaguered people fight the U.

S. Army to a standstill in the swamps of Florida in 1840. "A Chance of a Ghost" short story in Twilight Zone: 19 Original Stories on the 50th Anniversary Official website Talking with... Lucia St. Clair Robson, by John Coyne, Peace Corps Writers. Novelist Taps History for Story Set in 17th Century Maryland by L. Peat O'Neil, Washington Post, September 14, 1995

Open Window

Open Window is an album by the American ambient musician Robert Rich. This is an album of improvised piano solos. Rich’s piano solos have been a part of his live concerts for over 20 years but this is the first time that a recording has been released in a recorded form; the material on this album was performed on a 1925 vintage A. B. Chase baby grand piano. During the two months in which this album was recorded, microphones were set up permanently around the piano waiting for moments of spontaneous creativity. All of the recordings on this album were made during these moments; the pace of this album is dynamic. ”Parting Clouds” – 5:10 ”Corners” – 4:16 ”Insular” – 10:13 ”Past Glances” – 9:26 ”Open Window” – 8:00 ”Parallel Horizons” – 10:50 ”Points Between” – 14:29 ”Punctuation” – 1:54 Album feature from Robert Rich’s official web site

Marvin Monterrosa

Marvin Wilfredo Monterrosa Delzas, is a Salvadoran professional footballer, who plays as a midfielder. Monterrosa was part of the Isidro Metapán squad since the Clausura 2011 tournament. With the team of Santa Ana Monterrosa won many national league titles: Clausura 2012, Apertura 2013, Clausura 2014, Apertura 2014, but he reaped a bitter defeat in the final of the Clausura 2015 losing that match against Santa Tecla. Subsequently, Monterrosa signed with Alianza at the Apertura 2017 tournament. With the team of San Salvador he won two national league titles: Apertura 2017 and Clausura 2018. Monterrosa was decisive for having scored in the finals of both tournaments he was chosen as the best player of the Clausura 2018 final on penalties. Monterrosa made his debut for El Salvador national team in 2014. Monterrosa was called by coach Albert Roca to the team that competed in the Copa Centroamericana of the same year; the Salvadoran team achieved a fourth place in the tournament. Primera División: Apertura 2012, Apertura 2013, Apertura 2014, Clausura 2014 Primera División: Apertura 2017, Clausura 2018

Izaak Enschedé

Izaak Enschedé was the founder of the printing company Royal Joh. Enschedé in 1703, he was the son of Elisabeth Jansdochter van den Berg. On 29 October 1702 in Haarlem he married Beeltje van der Lucht, daughter of Barend Stevenzoon van der Lucht en Jozijntje Marchant; until Enschedé worked for the Opregte Haarlemsche Courant, owned by the heirs of Vincent Casteleyn. Together with his son Johannes, they bought the newspaper in 1737, the same year they were named city publisher by the council of Haarlem; the family business went well and they took over the typesetting business of the Amsterdam publisher Hendrik Floris Wetstein in 1743, which had fonts designed by the punchcutter Joan Michaël Fleischman