John Lee Hancock

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John Lee Hancock
Born John Lee Hancock, Jr.
(1956-12-15) December 15, 1956 (age 60)
Longview, Texas, U.S.
Occupation Screenwriter, director, producer
Years active 1987–present

John Lee Hancock, Jr. (born December 15, 1956) is an American screenwriter, film director, and producer. He is best known for directing the sports drama films The Rookie (2002) and The Blind Side (2009), and the historical drama films Saving Mr. Banks (2013) and The Founder (2016).


Hancock's debut as a screenwriter and director came in 1991 with Hard Time Romance, he worked on two more films as a screenwriter with A Perfect World and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil before making his first directing effort since 1991 in 2002 with the sports drama The Rookie, which was a success both critically and commercially. In 2004, he wrote and directed The Alamo, which was highly unsuccessful at the box office, and would become the second-highest box office bomb in movie history. Five years later, he made the Academy Award-winning The Blind Side, which was extremely successful and received an Academy Award for Best Picture nomination. He co-wrote the upcoming musical film The Goree Girls and re-teamed with Disney for Saving Mr. Banks, a film about the life of P.L. Travers and her difficult negotiations with Walt Disney over adapting her famous novel Mary Poppins into a feature film.

Hancock directed the film The Founder (2016), about the McDonald's fast food chain.[1]


Year Film Director Producer Writer
1991 Hard Time Romance Yes Yes
1993 A Perfect World Yes
1997 Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Yes
2000 My Dog Skip Yes
2002 The Rookie Yes
2004 The Alamo Yes Yes
2009 The Blind Side Yes Yes
2012 Snow White and the Huntsman Yes
2013 Saving Mr. Banks Yes
2016 The Founder Yes
TBA The Goree Girls Yes


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