BenoƮt Schwarz

Benoît Schwarz is a Swiss curler. He throws fourth stones for the Peter de Cruz rink, he won gold medal with the Swiss team at the 2013 European Curling Championships in Stavanger and a bronze medal at the 2014 World Men's Curling Championship in Beijing. He competed at the 2012 and 2013 World Curling Championships, at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi as an alternate. In 2017, he earned a bronze medal at the 2017 World Men's Curling Championship in Canada, he was the team member of Swiss Curling team in 2018 Winter Olympics. As of 2020, Schwarz was a business administration student. Benoît Schwarz on the World Curling Tour database Benoît Schwarz on the CurlingZone database Benoît Schwarz on the World Curling Federation database

Will Dockery Carpenter

Will Dockery Carpenter is an American scientist and philanthropist, who after earning a Ph. D. in plant physiology at Purdue University in 1958, began a 34-year professional career at Monsanto Company, during which time he headed the teams that tested and brought to market Lasso and Roundup. Because of his extensive knowledge and his notable participation in the Chemical Manufacturer’s Association, Carpenter became involved in the efforts to obtain a worldwide chemical weapons treaty from 1978 through 2003, he was the primary representative for the American Chemical Manufacturers Association during those successful negotiations that led to the signing and ratification of the Chemical Weapons Convention. Testifying numerous times before Congress and working with chemical companies worldwide to help bring them on board with the terms of the treaty. Out of that convention, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons was formed, an organization that won the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. After the formation of the OPCW, Carpenter was named as the U.

S. representative to the Scientific Advisory Board. He was awarded The AAAS Hilliard Roderick Prize for Excellence in Science, Arms Control, International Security. In 1992 for his participation on the Chemical Weapons Convention. Will Carpenter Adaptive Biotechnology Seminar Series. Will D. Carpenter Endowed Scholarship in the College of Ag and Life Sciences. Will D. Carpenter Endowed Scholarship in the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Plant Pathology. Thomas Lawrence Promise Endowed Scholarship. Will D. Carpenter Distinguished Field Scientist Graduate Assistantship; the Hellen and Will Carpenter Series on contemporary Issues in American Society