Angel In-the-Making

Angel In-the-Making is a 2015 Hong Kong medical television drama created and produced by TVB, starring Tony Hung, Eliza Sam, Pal Sinn, Alice Chan, Elaine Yiu, Moon Lau and Jinny Ng as the main cast. The drama was broadcast on Hong Kong's Jade and HD Jade channels from November 30 till December 27, 2015 every Monday through Sunday during its 9:30-10:30 pm timeslot with a total of 25 episodes. Intern nurses must endure the difficult task they are faced with when they are under the supervision of the male nurse from hell, it has always caring Halley Kei's dream to become a nurse. Since she was young, she has played pretend nurse and caring sick patients. However, her first day as an intern nurse goes wrong in every possible way. First she is late and she is put in charge of an unruly patient, a small-time triad boss, her patient becomes paranoid that someone is trying to kill him, gets high on cocaine in the hospital bathroom, tries to escape from the hospital while dying all in one day. Luckily, her patient is saved by the new nurse mentor Ray Yeung.

Ray Yeung lives a strange isolated life. Still traumatized by the death of his parents and older brother in front of him when he was young, he doesn't like to socialize with people and is nicknamed "Death Ray" by all his colleagues because he is hated by his co-workers and of his stern blunt personality. With his unlikable personality, he is still respected by the hospital's chief of staff because of his excellent work ethics and is invited to work at the hospital as the new intern nurses mentor. Ray singles out Halley on their first day because of the way she handled her patient and tells her she will fail her internship. Feeling they did no wrong and not taking Ray's criticism kindly, all the new intern nurses band together to have Ray remove as their mentor since they feel Ray is setting them up to fail; the Chief of staff, sides with Ray and tell the intern nurses that Ray is just pushing them to their full potential. What the intern nurses don't know is Ray is a dedicated nurse who want the new intern nurses to take their training and defends them when the doctors tries to blame them for mistakes.

When Ray helps Halley with a patient, having marital issues, she starts to see the good in him. As Halley discovers Ray's good side, others still think he has evil intent senior doctor Kennedy Tong who suspects Ray killed his younger half-brother to steal his fortune. With the help of colleague Defea Cha and Arthur's ex-girlfriend Sylvia To, Kennedy fights Ray in court to have the will which his brother left everything to Ray voided. However, Ray decide to play mind games with Kennedy. During the day of the court hearing, it is revealed that Kennedy's half-brother had a secret life style and everything Ray had done was planned by Kennedy's half-brother to get Kennedy to put his pride aside and desire to fight for his fortune since Kennedy held a grudge against their late father for leaving his mother. Halley's good feelings for Ray continues to grow when he saves her life from one of her father's obsessively deranged student, in love with her father and thinks Halley is the reason that her father is rejecting her advances.

She tries to kill Halley, but accidentally stabs Ray, trying to restrain her. Ray dies from his injuries but thinking back to the car accident that took his family brings him back to life. Feeling responsible, Halley helps him recover. During this time, Ray gives Halley the ultimate test by having her nurse the mother who abandoned her, her mother not only needs her care but her kidney. The relationship between mother and daughter is tense as Halley finds out why her mother was never and does not want to be a part of her life. With Ray's urging of Halley to see her mother, she finds out the reason why her mother must have her kidney and agrees to donate one to her. After the ordeal, Halley gets what she always wished for, a relationship with and knowing her mother. Just as everything is looking up for Halley, Ray finds himself in a dark place when he finds the culprit behind the cause of his family's death, Dr. Lung, a respected senior doctor that heads the Accident and emergency unit at the same hospital Ray works at.

Mad with revenge on his mind, he starts to hallucinate his deceased family talking to him and find ways to bring Dr. Lung to justice. After gaining evidence, he has Kennedy keep it safe for him when he is being pursued by Dr. Lung's henchmen but soon finds out Kennedy is not to be trusted. In order to gain in his career, Kennedy betrays Ray by sabotaging all evidence against Dr. Lung. Not knowing whom to trust anymore, Ray spirals further into paranoia; however Halley knowing the pain Ray is going through consoles him and keeps him company, but since he doesn't trust her either he uses her friends to blackmail her into helping him kidnap Dr. Lung's grandson. Ray wakes up in the hospital realizing all that happened during his revenge scheme was just part of his delusion. Admitting how severe his illness is he agrees to seek treatment abroad and Dr. Lung racked with guilt decides to turn himself in. Halley is happy to be a full-fledged nurse; however she is a bit sad. With Ray gone abroad for over a year to treat his illness Halley realizes she not only misses him but had fallen in love with him.

When Ray returns he plays a trick on Halley by avoiding her

2015 Stock Car Brasil season

The 2015 Circuito Schin Stock Car Brasil season was the thirty-seventh season of the Stock Car Brasil. The season will end at the Interlagos in December; the 2015 Stock Car Brasil consists of four main support championships which support the championship at every round, along with several smaller championships supporting one or two events. Marcos Gomes was the champion of the season. AMG Motorsport return for the official name. Hanier Racing is now called Cavaleiro Racing with the acquisition of 100% of corporate shares by Beto Cavaleiro. Textiles Hanier left the championship. ProGP scaled back to a single car operation. RC3 Bassani returned to operating as a two-car team and the team changed name to União Química Bassani for sponsorship reasons. Popó Bueno joined Total Racing. Luciano Burti changed teams from Vogel Motorsport to RZ Motorsport. Fábio Fogaça moved to Hot Car Competições. Alceu Feldmann returned to Boettger Competições, having competed for the team from 2005 to 2009. Bia Figueiredo and Rafael Suzuki, who raced for ProGP in 2014, will join União Química Racing and RZ Motorsport respectively.

Lucas Foresti switched from RC3 Bassani to AMG Motorsport. Felipe Fraga and Marcos Gomes joined Voxx Racing, leaving Vogel Motorsport and the Schin Racing Team respectively. Sérgio Jimenez left Voxx Racing to race for the Axalta C2 Team. Felipe Lapenna and Raphael Matos left Hot Car Competições to join the Schin Racing Team. Denis Navarro and Diego Nunes joined Vogel Motorsport, leaving Voxx Racing and the Axalta C2 Team respectively. Tuka Rocha moved to União Quimica Racing. After seven seasons racing for his own team, Ricardo Zonta switched to Shell Racing. Campeonato Brasileiro de Turismo runner-up Raphael Abbate will debut in the series, with Hot Car Competições. César Ramos, who competed for Belgian Audi Club Team WRT in the Blancpain Endurance and Sprint championships in 2014, joined Total Racing in 2015. Ramos competed as a wildcard at the first round in 2014, with Ipiranga-RCM. Beto Cavaleiro will not return to the series in 2015, will focus on running the Cavaleiro Racing. Nonô Figueiredo announced his retirement from Stock Car after fifteen seasons.

Lico Kaesemodel, Felipe Tozzo, Mauri Zacarelli, Wellington Justino, Felipe Gama and Vicente Orige competed part-time in 2014 and will not return in 2015. After first round ProGP did not compete until fourth round, returning at fifth round with the rookie Gustavo Lima. Alceu Feldmann leaves Boettger Competições after first round. Boettger return to operate two cars in seventh round with Pedro Boesel and the last three rounds with Felipe Guimarães. Cacá Bueno had been suspended in court after offending the marshals on team radio after his victory in the first race at Ribeirão Preto - when he crossed the line, he kept racing in front of Marcos Gomes because the chequered flag was not waved at neither of them in the occasion by mistake. After competing in the first round as a wildcard driver, Laurens Vanthoor replaces Bueno at Red Bull Racing. Fábio Fogaça was fired on Hot Car Competições after nine round for poor results, in his place the team called the Argentine driver Mauro Giallombardo for two rounds and Fórmula Truck champion Beto Monteiro for the last round.

Constantino Júnior return for Stock Car in last round replacing your nephew Lucas Foresti in AMG Motorsport after Foresti received a 30 days preventive suspension for doping. Raphael Matos was suspended for the same reason of Foresti. In his place Schin Racing Team called Argentine driver Néstor Girolami two time Super TC 2000 champion and winner of Stock Car All Star Race at Interlagos with Ricardo Mauricio; the provisional 2015 schedule was announced on 18 November 2014. The seventh edition of the Schin Million was held on August 16 in Goiânia; the Ribeirão Preto street circuit will return to the series after one year off the schedule, will be held in April. In the season, it was announced that the race on the Salvador street circuit was to be replaced by a race at Curitiba. All races were held in Brazil. Points systemPoints were awarded for each race at an event, to the driver/s of a car that completed at least 75% of the race distance and was running at the completion of the race, up to a maximum of 48 points per event.

Dual Race: Used for the first round with Wildcard drivers. Feature races: Used for the first race of each event and the Stock Car Million race. Sprint races: Used for the second race of each event, with reversed grid. Final race: Used for the last round of the season with double points. Notes Official website