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Judith G. Garber

Judith Gail "Judy" Garber is an American diplomat and the current Ambassador of the United States of America to Cyprus. She served as the U. S. Ambassador to Latvia and as the acting Assistant Secretary for Oceans and Science at the Department of State. Garber has been a career Foreign Service Officer since 1984, she was the Ambassador to Latvia from 2009 to 2012, prior to that served in a variety of foreign and domestic posts, including Economic Counselor in Madrid and Director of North Central Europe in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs. In August 2018, Garber was nominated by President Donald Trump to be the next United States Ambassador to Cyprus. Prior to becoming Ambassador to Cyprus, she served as acting Assistant Secretary for Oceans and Science at the Department of State. Garber obtained her bachelor's degree in International Economics from the Georgetown University Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, she is married with two children. Judith Gail Garber, Office of the Historian, U.

S. Department of State

Towne Centre at Laurel

Towne Centre at Laurel is a shopping center in Laurel, Maryland. It was built on the former site of Laurel Mall. On August 14, 2012, the city of Laurel hosted a groundbreaking ceremony to begin destruction of the former Laurel Mall; as of October 12, 2012, all of the parking garage on the U. S. Route 1 side of the mall had been demolished, interior demolition of the mall had begun. A Burlington Coat Factory building was demolished in July 2013. Burlington Coat Factory was the first store to open in the new facility, in April 2014; the center's Harris Teeter was the first store of its chain to open in Prince George's County. A "grand opening" was held in November 2014. Town Center at Laurel is anchored by Burlington Coat Factory, Harris Teeter, Old Navy, Party City, Regal Cinemas; the shopping center has many specialty shops and restaurants, as of May 2015 was soon to include a U. S. Post Office; the parking deck behind Burlington Coat Factory has a capacity of 612 cars


Muweilah is an archaeological site in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, in the suburb of Al Jurainah near Sharjah University City. A large, fortified settlement thought to have been occupied during the Iron Age II period, the site has been explored by archaeologists since an Australian expedition started work there in 1994 after the discovery of pottery shards by a local resident, it has yielded the oldest known example of writing found to date in the UAE, a pottery shard with an inscription, thought to be Sabean, with the letters'bml'. It is considered one of the significant Iron Age sites in the UAE. Excavations have shown; the first evidence of writing in the UAE was found in this site, on a piece pottery with the three letters of the South Arabic. Muweilah is one of the sites on the UAE's preliminary list to be nominated in the future to the World Heritage List. Carbon dating artefacts found at Muweilah puts the settlement's original date of establishment at between 850 and 800 BC and it enjoyed a brief heyday before being destroyed in a fire around 600BC.

Constructed in the main from interlocked mud bricks and mud/stone brick walls, the walled settlement itself surrounds a large walled enclosure with seven buildings, thought to have provided living quarters as well as an administrative centre. This central building contained at least twenty columns and has been a rich trove for archaeologists, with extensive finds of painted and spouted vessels, iron weapons and hundreds of bronze pieces. Enabled by the domestication of the camel in the region, thought to have taken place around 1,000 BC, Muweilah's trade included the manufacture of copper goods, with "extensive casting spillage from the manufacture of copper items found throughout the site". A terracotta camel found during early digs stands as the most complete find of its kind and facsimiles of the piece decorate the gateway to the Sharjah Archaeological Museum. Other finds from the site include items imported from Iran and Yemen and indicate extensive trading links. Muweilah is unique in its early and extensive adoption of iron goods, thought to have been imported from Iran.

Hundreds of grinding stones indicate the consumption of both wheat. Although now some 15 km inland today, it is thought that in its heyday, Muweilah would have been located on a khor or creek. List of Ancient Settlements in the UAE

18th Golden Raspberry Awards

The 18th Golden Raspberry Awards were held on March 22, 1998, at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to recognize the worst the movie industry had to offer in 1997. This year, the film with the most nominations was Batman & Robin with 11, followed by Speed 2: Cruise Control with eight nominations, Anaconda with six nominations, The Postman with five nominations, Fire Down Below with four nominations; the film that won the most awards was The Postman, winning in all five categories for which the movie was nominated. Brian Helgeland, co-screenwriter of the Razxie-winning The Postman received the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for L. A. Confidential in 1998. Helgeland became the second person, after composer Alan Menken in 1993, to receive a Razzie and Oscar in the same year, a feat not repeated until actress Sandra Bullock in 2010. 1997 in film 70th Academy Awards 55th Golden Globe Awards 4th Screen Actors Guild Awards 51st British Academy Film Awards "Razzie Awards". IMDb

Korea Maritime and Ocean University

Korea Maritime & Ocean University is South Korea's most prestigious national university for maritime study, transportation science and engineering. It is located in Yeongdo-gu in Busan; the university is known for having its whole campus located inside an island. The university was established in November 1945 after Korea had been liberated from Japanese occupation. Chinhae High Seamans School, a maritime institution with a majority of Korean students until the liberation of Korea, was re-established with Korean faculty and students under the leadership of Lee Si-hyung; the school became a national university after its foundation, was renamed Chinhae High Merchant Seamans School. After the Korean War it was moved to Busan; the name was changed to the National Maritime College in 1956. In 1992, the college became a university with a graduate school, was given its current name; the university is one of the earliest and prestigious national post-secondary educational institutions in South Korea, the only post-secondary institution that specializes in maritime sciences and engineering.

The university name was changed from "Korea Maritime University" to "Korea Maritime and Ocean University" on September 1, 2013. The university name was changed from "Korea Maritime and Ocean University" to "Korea Maritime & Ocean University" on February 1, 2019. Maritime Sciences- Maritime Transportation Science - Marine System Engineering - Navigation Science - Marine Engineering - Coast Guard Studies - Offshore Plant Management - Marine Information Technology - Global Maritime Studies Ocean Science and Technology- Naval Architecture and Ocean Systems Engineering - Ocean Engineering - Energy Resources Engineering - Architecture Ocean Space - Ocean Science - Marine Bio-science - Ocean Physical Education Engineering- Mechanical Engineering Logistics - Electrical and Electronics Engineering - Information Technology - Control and Automation Engineering - Radio Communication Engineering - Data Information - Environmental engineering - Civil Engineering International Studies- Shipping Management - Maritime Law - International Trade and Economics - International Commerce - Maritime Administration - English Language and Literature - East Asian Studies - European Studies - 10 Weeks Course, 4 Semester a Year - Korean Vocabulary and Grammar, Speaking, Writing.

Engineering Natural Science Humanities and Social Studies Graduate School of Maritime Industry Studies Ocean Science and Technology School Graduate School of Education Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman List of national universities in South Korea List of universities and colleges in South Korea Education in Korea Korea Maritime and Ocean University Korea Maritime and Ocean University