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Actor José Dumont.

José Dumont (born 1 July 1950 in Belém, Pará) is a Brazilian TV and movie actor, best known for his role as the family father in Behind the Sun (Abril Despedaçado), an award-winning film of director Walter Salles. More recently, he has been lionised for his role as the slick artist agent-entrepreneur in the movie 2 Filhos de Francisco.

Born in the state of Paraíba, in Brazilian Northeast, Dumont has the typical physique du rôle of its inhabitants, and because of this is often chosen for interpreting them, he began his award-studded acting career in the theater and cinema, in 1975. He became better known throughout the country by his noted participation in the films Lúcio Flávio – Passageiro da Agonia, directed by Hector Babenco in 1977, and Gaijin, directed by Tizuka Yamasaki, in 1980, his first awards came in 1979, as the best actor in the film festivals of Gramado and Brasília, in O Homem que Virou Suco, directed by João Batista de Andrade, and in the film festival of Cuba. In 2004 he was again awarded as best actor in Narradores de Javé.

Dumont is also very much sought after as an actor in TV series and soap operas, he is in the permanent cast of Rede Globo. His most noted appearances were in América (2005), Terra Nostra (1999), Tocaia Grande (1995), Guerra Sem Fim (1993), Amazônia (1991), A História de Ana Raio e Zé Trovão (1990), Pantanal (1990), Grande Sertão: Veredas (1985), Corpo a Corpo (1984), Padre Cícero (1984), Fernando da Gata (1983), Bandidos da Falange (1983) and Lampião e Maria Bonita (1982), this last being his first TV appearance, with a role as lieutenant Zé Rufino in the story about the bandit (cangaceiro) Lampião.

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Candango Trophy, from Brasilia Festival
1998: 'Best Actor' ', for' 'Kenoma' '
1985: 'Best Actor' ', for' 'Starring Hour' '
1980: 'Best Actor' ', for' 'The Man Who Turned Juice' '
Kikito de Ouro, of the Gramado Festival
1984: 'Best Actor' ', for' 'The Ghostly Bahian' '
1981: 'Best Actor' ', for' 'The Man Who Turned Juice' '
1980: 'Best actor' ', for' 'Gaijin – the paths of freedom' '
Havana Festival
1980: 'Best Actor' ', for' 'The Phantom Bahian' '
Brazilian Film Festival of Miami
1999: 'Best Actor' ', for' 'Kenoma' '
APCA Trophy
1999: 'Best Actor' ', for' 'Kenoma' '


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