The joule is a derived unit of energy in the International System of Units. It is equal to the energy transferred to an object when a force of one newton acts on that object in the direction of the force's motion through a distance of one metre, it is the energy dissipated as heat when an electric current of one ampere passes through a resistance of one ohm for one second. It is named after the English physicist James Prescott Joule. In terms firstly of base SI units and in terms of other SI units, a joule is defined below: J = kg ⋅ m 2 s 2 = N ⋅ m = Pa ⋅ m 3 = W ⋅ s = C ⋅ V, One joule can be defined as the following: The work required to move an electric charge of one coulomb through an electrical potential difference of one volt, or one coulomb-volt; this relationship can be used to define the volt. The work required to produce one watt of power for one second, or one watt-second; this relationship can be used to define the watt. The joule is named after James Prescott Joule; as with every SI unit named for a person, its symbol starts with an upper case letter, but when written in full it follows the rules for capitalisation of a common noun.

The cgs system had been declared official at the first International Electrical Congress. The erg was adopted as its unit of energy in 1882. Wilhelm Siemens, in his inauguration speech as chairman of the British Association for the Advancement of Science first proposed the Joule as unit of heat, to be derived from the electromagnetic units Ampere and Ohm, in cgs units equivalent to 107 erg; the naming of the unit in honour of James Prescott Joule, at the time retired but still living, is due to Siemens: "Such a heat unit, if found acceptable, might with great propriety, I think, be called the Joule, after the man who has done so much to develop the dynamical theory of heat."At the second International Electrical Congress, on 31 August 1889, the joule was adopted alongside the watt and the quadrant. Joule died in the same year, on 11 October 1889. At the fourth congress, the "international Ampere" and "international Ohm" were defined, with slight changes in the specifications for their measurement, with the "international Joule" being the unit derived from them.

In 1935, the International Electrotechnical Commission adopted the "Giorgi system", which by virtue of assuming a defined value for the magnetic constant implied a redefinition of the Joule. The Giorgi system was approved by the International Committee for Weights and Measures in 1946; the joule was now no longer defined based on electromagnetic unit, but instead as the unit of work performed by one unit of force over the distance of 1 metre. The joule was explicitly intended as the unit of energy to be used in both electromagnetic and mechanical contexts; the ratification of the definition at the ninth General Conference on Weights and Measures, in 1948, added the specification that the joule was to be preferred as the unit of heat in the context of calorimetry, thereby deprecating the use of the calorie. This definition was the direct precursor of the joule as adopted in the modern International System of Units in 1960; the definition of the joule as J=kg⋅m2⋅s-2 has remained unchanged since 1946, but the joule as a derived unit has inherited changes in the definitions of the second, the metre and the kilogram.

One joule represents approximately: The energy required to lift a medium-sized tomato up 1 metre. The energy required to accelerate a 1 kg mass at 1 m⋅s−2 through a distance of 1 m; the heat required to raise the temperature of 1 g of water by 0.24 °C. The typical energy released as heat by a person at rest every 1/60 s; the kinetic energy of a 50 kg human moving slowly. The kinetic energy of a 56 g tennis ball moving at 6 m/s; the kinetic energy of an object with mass 2 kg moving at 1 m/s. The amount of electricity required to light a 1 W LED for 1 s. A kilowatthour is 3.6 megajoules. For additional examples, see: Orders of magnitude Yoctojoule The yoctojoule is equal to of one joule. Zeptojoule The zeptojoule is equal to one sextillionth of one joule. 160 zeptojoules is about one electronvolt. The minimal energy needed to change a bit at around room temperature – 2.75 zJ – is given by the Landauer limit. Attojoule The attojoule is equal to of one joule. Femtojoule The femtojoule is equal to of one joule.

Picojoule The picojoule is equal to one trillionth of one joule. Nanojoule The nanojoule is equal to one billionth of one joule. 160 nanojoules is about the kinetic energy of a flying mosquito. Microjoule The microjoule is equal to one millionth of one joule. The

2010–11 Aris Thessaloniki F.C. season

Aris Thessaloniki F. C. competes in the Greek topflight. They will start their European campaign in the UEFA Europa League Third qualifying round after finishing fourth in last season's playoffs. 7 June: Midfielder Deividas Cesnauskis agrees to join Aris from Ergotelis 11 June: Defender Nikolaos Lazaridis agrees to join Aris from Asteras Tripoli 14 June: Forward Stavros Labriakos retires 15 June: Defender Carlos Arano was released 15 June: Midfielder Konstantinos Mendrinos agrees to join Aris from PAS Giannina 15 June: Goalkeeper Markos Vellidis agrees to join Aris from Diagoras 19 June: Spanish central defender Oriol agrees to join Aris from Racing de Santander 24 June: Brazilian left defender Michel Garbini Pereira agrees to join Aris 24 June: Croatian Forward Danijel Cesarec agrees to join Aris 6 July: Bolivian Midfielder Ronald García agrees to join Anorthosis Famagusta for one-year loan 10 July: Spanish goalkeeper Juanma agrees to join Aris from Alcorcon 10 July: Greek midfielder Konstantinos Kasnaferis agrees to join Aris from PAS Giannina F.

C. 12 July: Guatemalan striker Carlos Ruiz agrees to join Aris from Puebla 15 July: Greek defender Grigoris Papazaharias agrees to join Aris from Iraklis F. C. 17 July: Colombian midfielder Juan Carlos Toja agrees to join Aris from FC Steaua Bucureşti 27 August: French midfielder Ricardo Faty agrees to join Aris from Roma 6 September: Spanish midfielder Alvaro Portilla agrees to join Aris from Atlético Madrid B 21 December: Brazilian forward Lima released 25 December: Spanish midfielder Toni Calvo agrees to join Parma on loan 5 January: Spanish midfielder Cristian Portilla agrees to join Aris from Sporting de Gijón 10 January: Spanish midfielder Álvaro Portilla released 18 January: Manager Héctor Cúper resigns 19 January: Mexican midfielder Nery Castillo agrees to join Aris from Shakhtar Donetsk on loan 19 January: Japanese midfielder Daisuke Sakata agrees to join Aris 19 January: Portuguese midfielder Danilo Pereira agrees to join Aris on loan from Parma 13 March: Manager Michalitsos sacked, Sakis Tsiolis agrees to sign for one and half years as head coach.

Up to five non-EU nationals can be registered and given a squad number for the first team in the Greek Super league. Non-EU nationals with European ancestry can claim citizenship from the nation their ancestors came from. If a player does not have European ancestry he can claim Greek citizenship after playing in Greece for 5 years. In: Total spending: €0 Out: Total income: €0 Last updated: 2010-06-24 Players in italics have left during the season. Last updated on 25 DecemberLast updated: 31 AugustSource: Competitive matchesOnly competitive matches = Number of bookings. Sergio Koke Michalis Sifakis Efthimios KoulouherisSource: Source: Only competitive matches are counted. Wins and draws are results at the final whistle; as of February 24, 2011. UEFA country ranking As of 24 February 2011. Time at EET Round of 32 Aris Thessaloniki F. C. official website Aris Thessaloniki FC on

Highland High School (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Highland High School is a public high school located in southeast Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States. It is part of the Albuquerque Public Schools District; the school's mascot is Herbie the Hornet, named after the aircraft carrier USS Hornet. This led to the school colors of navy gold; the United States Navy conducts a Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps as an elective in the curriculum. BSU Chess Club Concert Band DECA Empower Enlace FCCLA French Honor Society Gamers' Club Outdoor Adventure Club The Highlight Jazz Band LULAC Marching Band MECHA MESA Model UN National Honors Society NJROTC GSA Spanish Honor Society Speech and Debate Student Senate Yearbook The Highland High NewsHighland's We The People team has won the state championship since 2000; the team is coached by Bob Coffey. On December 9, 2004, the team claimed its fifth state championship; when they went on to Nationals, they came in 4th place in the nation in 2005. In April, 2007 the We The People team received the Mountain Plains Regional Championship in the National Finals.

In December 2007, the team clinched yet another state championship, went on to compete in Washington D. C. where their Unit 2 was awarded a unit award. In April 2014 the team placed 10th in the nation in Washington DC. Highland High school has a diverse population, with students from many cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. Many foreign exchange students attend the school each year; the school has a strong International Students Club that produces an annual Multicultural Assembly that showcases performance arts from the various cultures represented at Highland and is performed by both students and staff members. Football was ranked #2 in the 2006 state tournament. Highland football earned an additional bid in the 2008 state playoffs; the boys' soccer team was ranked second and the girls' soccer team finished third in the 2007 5A State Tournament. The #3-ranked boys' basketball team finished as runner-up in the 2009 state championship. In 2009, boys' basketball set a school record with a 26-win season.

Highland Track held the state title in 2005. The cross-country team was ranked #2 in the state in 2005 and 2006; the boys' track-and-field team won the 2009 5A state championship. The girls' track-and-field team won the 2010 5A state championship; the Hornets have a total of 22 boys' track-and-field state championships. HHS competes in the New Mexico Activities Association as a class 4A school in District 6. In 2018 NMAA realigned the state's schools into five classifications and adjusted district boundaries. A number of scenes in movies and TV shows have been filmed at Highland, including Spy School, the 2009 movie Carriers, ‘’ The Space Between Us’’ the pilot episode for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Highland is popular among producers due to the architecture of its main building, due to the tax credits that the state of New Mexico has begun offering to movie producers. For Season 3 of the AMC series Breaking Bad, a scene was filmed inside the Highland gymnasium. A scene in the 2017 film Logan was filmed there.

A Netflix original series named “Daybreak” was filmed through the school year 2018-2019 Lorenzo AntonioLatin pop singer Jarrod Baxter – football player for the Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals Cathy Carr – Olympic champion and former world record-holder in two events, including the long-course 100-meter breaststroke Diane Dimond – television journalist and reporter Tito Landrum – baseball player who played in MLB as an outfielder from 1980 to 1988 Gavin Maloof – businessman, owner of the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Phil Maloof – businessman, owner of the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Marc Maron – stand-up comedian, actor Tommy McDonald – high school All-American, played football at Oklahoma University, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, National Football League Hall of Fame Inductee Bobby Newcombe – football player played for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, NFL's Arizona Cardinals and CFL's Montreal Alouettes Rod Nichols – baseball player who played in MLB with the Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves Maggie Toulouse OliverSecretary of State of New Mexico Nick Wechsler – actor Highland High School webpage Highland We the People APS website Class of 1957 Class of 1958 Class of 1959 Class of 1960 Class of 1961 Class of 1964