Black women in comedy

Black American women have been trying to make a voice for themselves in comedy for years. Many Black women in comedy have broken barriers. 1930s One of the first known black woman to do stand up comedy was Moms Mabley. She was the first woman comedian to perform stand up at the Apollo Theatre. 1962 “Moms” Mabley performed at Carnegie Hall for the first time. This performance gained her a white audience and allowed her the chance to appear on television.1985 In 1979, the first black woman to host SNL was Cicely Tyson. In 1978–1979 Yvonne Hudson was a recurring cast member on the show It was not until 1985 that Danitra Vanice became first black woman to be a full cast member on the show.2001 Showtime premiered The Queens of Comedy Miss Laura Hayes, Adele Givens, Sommore and Mo'Nique. 2003 Wanda Sykes first black woman to get her own show 2014 Amber Ruffin becomes the first Black woman to write for late night.2016 After years of writing and acting in her own content Issa Rae makes the transition from web-series Awkward Black Girl to her grammy nominated HBO show entitled Insecure.

Michaela Coel writer and creator of the show Chewing Gum received a British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards for Best Female Comedy Performance.2017 Tracee Ellis Ross receives the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV comedy. Franchesca Ramsey the first Black Woman to host a Comedy Central show. Whoopi Goldberg one the few black women able to expand her artistic abilities and received an Emmy, Grammy and Tony. Cree Summer is a voice actress Stefani Robinson writer for the FX series Atlanta and Man Seeking Woman Robin Thede, head writer for The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. Worked on Real Husbands of Hollywood and for The Queen Latifah Show

Aeropolis 2001

The Aeropolis 2001 was a proposed 500-story high-rise building over Tokyo Bay in Japan, envisioned by Obayashi Corporation. With a height of 2,001 metres, the mammoth structure would have been five times as tall as the former World Trade Center in New York City; the Aeropolis 2001 was proposed in 1989, amid a spate of similar projects for large buildings. All were proposed during the Japanese asset price bubble. According to a 1995 article, the corporation still had plans for the structure, gave a proposed height of 2,079 metres. At the time it proposed Aeropolis 2001, Obayashi Corp. proposed building a city on the moon by 2050. Newspapers have reported little on either proposal since 1995. Newspapers reported that plans called for the building to have 500 floors accommodating over 300,000 working inhabitants and 140,000 live-in residents; the structure was expected to be mixed-use, including restaurants, apartments, schools and post offices. It would have offered eleven square kilometers of floor space.

A shuttle lift, with 300 seats, would have gone from the ground floor to the top floor in 15 minutes, stopped at every 40th floor. The proposal called for the tower to be sustainable and air conditioned. Arcology Bionic Tower Bionic architecture Sky City 1000 X-Seed 4000 Aeropolis 2001 at Emporis Buildings Soars, John & Liz. "Unit 9". Headway pre-intermediate, pp. 65