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Koeniginstr. 27 Muenchen-7.jpg
Königinstraße 27
Königinstraße is located in Germany
Königinstraße in München, Germany
Length1,450 m (4,760 ft)
Postal code80539,
Nearest metro stationKöniginstraße (Bus 100)
Coordinates48°09′01″N 11°35′05″E / 48.15035°N 11.58463°E / 48.15035; 11.58463Coordinates: 48°09′01″N 11°35′05″E / 48.15035°N 11.58463°E / 48.15035; 11.58463
Schönfeldstraße, Veterinärstraße, Schackstraße, Ohmstraße, Giselastraße, Gedonstraße, Thiemestraße

The Königinstraße is a street in Munich. It runs west of the Englischer Garten from the Von-der-Tann-Straße in the district of Maxvorstadt, to the north and to the Maria-Josepha-Straße and Mandlstraße in the Ensemble Alt-Schwabing.


At Königinstraße 5, is the American Consulate General. Due to the security precautions, entry into the Königinstraße from the Von-der-Tann-Straße is no longer possible for vehicles.

On the estate of today's house number 28, was the Zoologischer Garten Benedikt (private zoological garden) from 1862, then still known as Wiesenstraße. In the former Wiesenstraße 6 (now also Königinstraße) was the homeopathic hospital of Joseph Buchner, homeopathic family doctor at the court of King Maximilian II of Bavaria and honorary professor at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, for the purpose of "free treatment of poor servants, family members and workers".[1]

Further north, is the ancestral site of the veterinary faculty (still listed with the address Veterinärstraße 13). Already in Schwabing, with the house number 34, lies the Universitäts Reitschule München (university riding school Munich).[2] The headquarters of BayBG Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft is located in Königinstraße 23 in a richly structured historically listed Neo-Baroque building.[3]

With the historically listed main building containing the Schmuckhof of the Munich Re on Königinstraße 107 and the, also historically listed, headquarters of Allianz SE at number 28, Königinstraße is the only German street in which two DAX companies have their headquarters. Other renowned financial service providers in the street are the LfA Förderbank Bayern and the Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft (BayBG)

The Nanosystems Initiative Munich is also located in the Königinstraße, the building emerged from an implementation competition with an urban planning and landscape planning component;[4] the new building was controversial, since the around 1900 Veterinary Clinic of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, including a 1902 -built Art Nouveau building with Jurassic marble staircases with wrought iron Art Nouveau railings, had to be demolished. The building was classified as "worthy of a memorial" in the assessment of the state building authority of Munich but was not set by the Bavarian State Office for Monument Protection on the list of buildings worth protecting.[5]

Altogether, 21 buildings are listed on the list of historical monuments in Maxvorstadt and Schwabing on the 1.45 km long road. At the corner of Königinstraße - Mary Josepha Straße – Mandlstraße, begins the protected building ensemble Altschwabing.[6] At Königinstraße 85, is an Art Nouveau building built in 1906 by Martin Dülfer, which is protected together with the buildings at Ohmstraße 13, 15 and 17 as "Ensemble Ohmstraße".[7][8]

In 2016, the Königinstraße became a Pilot experiment for a new joint project between BMW and the city of Munich, where street lamps were used as charging stations for electric cars.[9]


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