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KalPa logo.svg
Founded1929 (1929)
Home arenaData Group Areena
ColoursBlack, gold
Owner(s)KalPa Hockey Oy
Sami Kapanen
Kimmo Timonen
Scott Hartnell
General managerKimmo Kapanen
Head coachSami Kapanen
CaptainTommi Jokinen

The Kalevan Pallo (KalPa) is a professional ice hockey team which competes in the Finnish Liiga. They play in Kuopio, Finland at the Data Group Areena.

Team history[edit]

Established in 1929 as Sortavalan Palloseura in Sortavala, the club relocated to Kuopio in 1945 after its original hometown had been annexed by the Soviet Union. During its Sortavala years, the club was not active in ice hockey, but competed in association football, bandy, and pesäpallo instead. Ice hockey was introduced in 1947, and in 1956 KalPa officially replaced the more traditional Kuopio club KuPS in that sport thus specializing in hockey – minor league football was still continued until 1974 as a farm team of sorts for KuPS.

The full name of the company that runs the representative team today is KalPa Hockey Oy; the majority of the company is owned by former NHL players Sami Kapanen and Kimmo Timonen. Kapanen is the majority owner, controlling 50.5% of the franchise. Timonen owns 8%, while Timonen's former teammate Scott Hartnell owns 5%. Hartnell purchased a minority share of the team after getting financial advice from Kimmo Timonen during a road trip to Boston.

During the 2004–05 NHL lockout, Timonen, Kapanen, and fellow NHL player Adam Hall were playing for KalPa. After winning the Mestis championship, KalPa returned to SM-liiga for the 2005–06 season, after being relegated six years earlier in 1999.

KalPa has won three medals: silvers in the 1990–91 and 2016–17 seasons and a bronze in the 2008–09 season.




Finnish Liiga A-juniors (U20)[edit]

  • 1st, gold medalist(s) Finnish Liiga A-juniors (U20): 2007–08, 2017–18

Spengler Cup[edit]


Current roster[edit]

Updated February 12, 2019.[1][2]

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
30 Slovakia Denis Godla G L 24 2016 Kezmarok, Slovakia
22 United States Cade Fairchild D L 30 2018 Duluth, Minnesota, USA
25 Finland Otto Leskinen D R 22 2015 Pieksämäki, Finland
6 Finland Joona Riekkinen D L 20 2017 Kuopio, Finland
5 Finland Mikael Seppälä D L 25 2013 Ylivieska, Finland
7 Finland Saku Vesterinen D R 20 2018 Siilinjärvi, Finland
51 Canada Ryan Wilson D L 32 2017 Windsor, Ontario, Canada
91 Finland Leevi Aaltonen LW L 18 2018 Mikkeli, Finland
10 Finland Frank Gymer C L 23 2017 Helsinki, Finland
15 Finland Toni Hyvärinen RW R 31 2018 Kuopio, Finland
61 Finland Joni Ikonen C L 22 2014 Siilinjärvi, Finland
42 Finland Tommi Jokinen (C) C R 30 2016 Siilinjärvi, Finland
84 Finland Jyri Junnila RW L 34 2018 Raahe, Finland
28 Finland Mikko Juusola C L 21 2017 Kuusamo, Finland
81 Finland Kai Kantola (A) C/RW R 31 2017 North York, Ontario, Canada
8 Finland Aleksi Klemetti LW L 20 2017 Kuhmo, Finland
29 Finland Henri Knuutinen LW L 22 2016 Kiuruvesi, Finland
41 Finland Jusso Könönen LW L 21 2017 Kuopio, Finland
46 Finland Jussi Timonen (A) D L 36 2008 Kuopio, Finland
40 Finland Mikko Nuutinen (A) RW R 28 2015 Kuopio, Finland
12 Finland Topi Piipponen LW L 22 2015 Siilinjärvi, Finland
82 Finland Alexander Ruuttu R 26 2016 Chicago, Illinois, USA
14 Hungary Balázs Sebők C/RW L 24 2016 Budapest, Hungary
11 Finland Ville-Vesa Vainiola C L 34 2016 Rauma, Finland

Honored members[edit]

NHL alumni[edit]


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