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Karl von Piloty

Karl Theodor von Piloty was a German painter, noted for his historical subjects, recognised as the foremost representative of the realistic school in Germany. Von Piloty was born in Munich, his father, Ferdinand Piloty, enjoyed a great reputation as a lithographer. In 1840, Karl was admitted as a student of the Munich Academy, under the artists Karl Schorn and Julius Schnorr von Karolsfeld. A year the acclaimed history paintings, i.e. the Compromise of the nobles and The Abdication of Charles V by the two Belgian artists Edouard de Bièfve and Louis Gallait, were shown in Munich and their realistic depiction of a historic subject matter made a lasting impression on him. After a journey to Belgium and England, he commenced work as a painter of genre pictures, in 1853 produced a work, Die Amme, which, on account of its originality of style, caused a considerable sensation in Germany at the time, but he soon forsook this branch of painting in favour of historical subjects, produced in 1854 for King Maximilian II The Accession of Maximilian I to the Catholic League in 1609.

It was succeeded by Seni at the Dead Body of Wallenstein, which gained for the young painter the membership of the Munich Academy, where he succeeded Schorn as professor in 1856. Among other well-known works by Piloty are the Battle of the White Mountain near Prague, Nero Dancing upon the Ruins of Rome, Godfrey of Bouillon on a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Galileo in Prison and The Death of Alexander the Great, his last great work, he executed a number of mural paintings for the royal palace in Munich. For Baron von Schach, he painted the famous Discovery of America. In 1874, he was appointed keeper of the Munich Academy, being afterwards ennobled by the king of Bavaria. Piloty was the foremost representative of the realistic school in Germany, he was a successful teacher, among his more famous pupils were Hans Makart, Franz von Lenbach, Franz Defregger, Gabriel von Max, Georgios Jakobides, Eduard von Grützner. This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Chisholm, Hugh, ed..

"Piloty, Karl von". Encyclopædia Britannica. 21. Cambridge University Press. Media related to Karl von Piloty at Wikimedia Commons

Joseph Childs

Major Joseph Childs was a British Royal Marines officer and penal administrator. He was commissioned in the Plymouth Division of the Royal Marines on 21 April 1809 and served in the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812. During this latter conflict, he served with the 1st Battalion, Royal Marines commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Richard Williams, he served in Syria in 1840. He was reputed to be a strict disciplinarian, in 1844 arrived as commandant of Norfolk Island to replace Alexander Maconochie whose progressive views on penal administration were thought to be unsuitable for this establishment. However, Childs proved to be no match for the convict'old hands'. His'strict discipline' may have worked on the disciplined men of the Royal Marines, but he had no experience of life in a penal settlement. General discipline was poor and left to subordinate guards and overseers who had little control over the prison, ruled by the'Ring' of hardened convicts. A visiting magistrate reported that while Childs was "a most amiable benevolent gentleman and honorable officer" what was needed to avoid anarchy and insubordination was "an officer of experience in, or capacity for, judgement, energy and firmness".

Childs was recalled but, before he left, a group of convicts revolted in July 1846, murdering four officials. Thirteen convicts were convicted of murder and hanged by Childs' successor, John Price, who considered Childs responsible for the state of affairs that led to the revolt. A newspaper report at the time blamed the situation on Childs' "utter imbecility". Childs continued to serve in the Royal Marines, he retired in 1857 and died in Cornwall on 2 January 1870. Citations BibliographyAustralian Dictionary of Biography, Vol. 1. Hazzard, Punishment Short of Death: a history of the penal settlement at Norfolk Island, Hyland, 1984. Hughes, The Fatal Shore, Pan, 1988. Paul Harris Nicolas, Historical Record of the Royal Marine Forces, Volume 2, 1805–1842. London, Boone, 1845 - via Google Books The Navy List corrected to the end of Dec 1814, Great Britain, Admiralty - via Google Books

Dura Automotive Systems

Dura Automotive Systems is an independent designer and manufacturer of automotive components, including control systems, exterior systems and lightweight structural systems. Dura markets its automotive products to every North American and European Original Equipment Manufacturer and many leading Tier 1 automotive suppliers. Dura is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA with more than 21,000 employees at 41 sites in 15 countries. Dura was ranked in the 2006 Fortune 1000; that year, on October 30, 2006, Dura filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Final determination to delist Dura's common stock and convertible trust preferred securities from NASDAQ was made November 13, 2006. In December 2009, Dura Automotive Systems was acquired by Lynn Tilton through her New York-based private equity firm Patriarch Partners. In the deal, Dura absorbed Global Automotive Systems of suburban Detroit owned by Patriarch Partners, to form a parts supplier with global "sales of $1.6 billion and 10,800 employees in 39 manufacturing operations in 16 countries."In October 2019, Dura Automotive Systems again filed for bankruptcy.

The case is filed in Tennessee's middle district as case number: 19-06741. Six affiliate companies filed bankruptcy. Dura corporate website Patriarch Partners website Global Automotive Systems customer website

The Axeman Cometh (American Horror Story)

"The Axeman Cometh" is the sixth episode of the third season of the anthology television series American Horror Story, which premiered on November 13, 2013, on the cable network FX. This episode is rated TV-MA; this episode focuses on the girls awakening the spirit of The Axeman. Danny Huston guest stars as the Axeman. Angela Bassett and Gabourey Sidibe guest star as Marie Queenie, respectively; the Axeman of New Orleans writes out a letter. The witches of Miss Robichaux's Academy debate whether to play jazz music, which the manifesto claims will spare them from murder. Bold witch Millie leads the Axeman to the Coven, where he proceeds to kill her but she uses teleportation and stabs him; the other witches stab him to death. Zoe rummages through Madison's items, a bottle rolls to a hidden compartment in the closet. Inside Zoe finds a ouija board, her and Nan use it to contact Madison. Instead, they contact the Axeman. Queenie stops the planchette afterwards. Zoe wants to revive his contact to get answers on Madison.

Zoe continues alone, the Axeman directs her to the attic. She finds Madison. Zoe is discovered by Spalding; the girls torture Spalding about Madison's murder. He challenges them to expose the Coven. Queenie uses her voodoo powers on Spalding and he falls unconscious again. Zoe does not believe Spalding killed Madison. Fiona prepares Cordelia's room. Cordelia brushes against Hank and it leads to another vision of Hank's infidelity, she threatens he will be held accountable for his betrayals and furiously throws him out of the house. A touch from Fiona shows a vision of Myrtle's execution. Cordelia refuses to believe Myrtle blinded her. Misty waters her garden in the swamp, including Myrtle's body. Kyle arrives, she bathes him. Reliving his mother's abuse, he thrashes around. Zoe says she is taking them both out of there. In Cordelia's greenhouse, Misty agrees to bring Madison back to life. Hank shows up at Marie's salon and it is revealed that Hank is a witch hunter, it is revealed that Marie hired Hank 6 years before, to kill every Salem Descendent.

Furious, Marie demands Hank to bring her the heads of all the witches and to burn the school down, or she will kill him. Misty detects bad vibes and leaves the Academy, while Madison recovers from her death; the Axeman's spirit attacks Cordelia, Zoe uses her power of Divination. This walk out of the Academy, he offers to buy her a drink. Rotten Tomatoes reports an 87% approval rating, based on 15 reviews; the critical consensus reads, ""The Axeman Cometh" drops the exciting new Axeman character and his interesting mythology into the mix, taking the focus away from the main storyline with insanely fun results." Emily VanDerWerff of The A. V. Club gave the episode a C rating, wrote, "I realized that I don't give a good goddamn about anything that happens to anybody this season." Matt Fowler of IGN wrote, ", much like the first half of the Halloween two-parter, was incomplete. Hank's been ordered by Laveau to kill everyone at Robichaux's, Spalding's been caught red-handed as a necropheliac, the Axeman has his sights set on Fiona.

All threads to be picked up next week. A diversionary episode, but a fun one too.""The Axeman Cometh" received a 2.3 18–49 ratings share, up from the previous episode, was watched by 4.16 million viewers in its original American broadcast. "The Axeman Cometh" on IMDb "The Axeman Cometh" at TV

Gainan Saidkhuzhin

Gainan Rakhmatovich Saidkhuzhin was a Russian Tatar cyclist and ten-time cycling champion of the Soviet Union. He competed in the road race at the 1960 and 1964 Summer Olympics and finished in 34th and 41st places, respectively. In 1964 he finished fifth in the 100 km team time trial, he won five times in the team competition and once individually. In 1963 he finished third in the team time trial at the world championship, he won Tour of Turkey in 1969. He was born to Rakhmatulla Saidkhuzhin and Bibisafa Saidkhuzhina in a Tatar family living in Novosibirsk, he by 1957 won his first national title. The same year he became a member of the national team and soon its captain, a position he held for about 10 years. During his career he won 10 national titles, he combined sport with studies, graduating from Smolensk Institute of Physical Education in 1967 and from the economics faculty of the Moscow State University in 1973. After defending a PhD in pedagogy he worked for 15 years as the head of cycling section of the Institute of Physical Education in Moscow becoming the first professor in cycling at the Institute.

In parallel, he worked as international referee. For his achievements he was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honour and Medal "For Labour Valour". Saidkhuzhin had five elder siblings including a brother and two sisters and Sagida, he is married to Rozida. They have a daughter, a son Tagir. Saidkhuzhin died of a heart attack on 13 May 2015 at the age of 77 in Miami. Media related to Gainan Saidkhuzhin at Wikimedia Commons

2013 Sarawak FA season

The 2013 season was Sarawak FA's 1st season in the Malaysia Premier League, after relegated in 2012 Malaysia Super League. Sarawak FA was relegated by Pahang in Playoff Qualifying after the MSL reducing the teams competing in 2013 to 12 teams from 14 teams. 2013 was the best Sarawak comeback after 13 years of Sarawak Black era. For the 2013 season Sarawak was promoted to 2014 Malaysia Super League after being 1st in the league and being invincible after securing 18 wins with 4 draws and being undefeated throughout the season; this is Robert Alberts' third season in charge after taking over from Haji Mohd Zaki Sheikh Ahmad in 2011. Sarawak was successful in home soil with the records of 84% home wins throughout the 2013 season with 91% home league wins. Sarawak only lost to Kelantan in Malaysia FA Cup Quarter-Finals by 0-2. Sarawak drew with Sabah 0-0 in league games and 1-1 to Pahang in the most memorable night of Semi Finals Malaysia Cup which they lost by aggregate 4-2 that stops them to equal their record in 1999 Final Malaysia Cup.

Sarawak were unbeaten in their league games thus winning it for the first time. They were promoted to Malaysia Super League after defeated Kuala Lumpur 4-0 in Stadium Negeri. Sarawak were drawn in Group D with Malaysia Super League Champions, Singapore Lions XII, Perak FA and Malaysia Premier League team, Kedah FA whom were the first team to win Double Treble in 2006-2007 and 2007-2008. Sarawak started with a loss to Perak FA in Ipoh Stadium 2-1 after leading 1-0 in the first half. Sarawak buck up in their second match against Lions XII in Stadium Negeri 2-1. Sarawak were drawn 0-0 in Darul Aman after both Kedah and Sarawak fails to score any goals in their third group matches. Sarawak captivated to win 4-0 in Stadium Negeri defeating Kedah in their fourth matches. With a just a draw will do, Sarawak fails to secure their spot to Quarter-finals in the fifth match after lost 1-0 to the home side Lions XII. Sarawak need to win their last match in order to book their place in the Quarter-finals for the first time since 2006.

Sarawak beaten Perak 6-1 with Muamer Salibasic scores hat-trick on that night. Sarawak were group champion of group D. Sarawak reached their first Malaysia Cup semi-finals in 13 years after defeating Sime Darby 3-1 at the State Stadium in the quarter-final second leg. Sarawak advanced to the semi-finals with a 3-1 aggregate win. However, they were stop by Pahang in Semi-finals after losing 4-2 on aggregate. Include Semi FinalGroup D Knockout stage Quarter Finals First Leg Second leg Sarawak FA won 3-1 on aggregate. Semi-finals First Leg Second Leg Pahang FA won 4–2 on aggregate