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Kathleen O'Malley
Born Mary Kathleen O'Malley
(1924-03-31) March 31, 1924 (age 94)
Worcester, Massachusetts, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 1926–1998
Parent(s) Patrick H. O'Malley Jr.

Mary Kathleen O'Malley (born March 31, 1924) is a retired American actress whose career began as a child. Her father was actor Pat O'Malley. Her screen debut came in 1926 in one of his movies, My Old Dutch.[1]

O'Malley went on to appear in several films and television shows, including Cover Girl, Lady on a Train, Two Tickets to Broadway, Maverick, Rawhide and General Hospital.[2] Her last acting credit came in 1998 when she appeared in the short-lived American crime drama Buddy Faro.

Personal life[edit]

O'Malley was born in Worcester, Massachusetts to actor Pat O'Malley.[3] She made her screen debut at age 13 months in the film My Old Dutch, starring her father and including her older sister Sheila. It was released the following year in 1926.[4]

All three sisters (Eileen, Sheila & Kathleen) worked in show business as children.[5] Kathleen was married to Jim Maloney who was also her agent.[6]



In 1943, she played the part of a college girl in the Vincent Sherman directed film Old Acquaintance which starred Bette Davis, Miriam Hopkins and Gig Young.[7] The following year she was in the Charles Vidor directed Cover Girl, a film about a night club owner who was in love with a dancing girl who has other ambitions. In it she played the cigarette girl. The main stars of the film were Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly.[8] In November 1944, she appeared in the November 23 issue of the Sarasota Herald Tribune, pictured with a small caption "The Most Delightful Target for Our Bomb Sights." She was chosen by bombardiers of the US Army Air Forces.[9] In 1947 she played the part of Dolly in the Alexander Hall-directed musical fantasy Down to Earth, which starred Rita Hayworth and Roland Culver.[10] In 1949 she played the part of Nita in Ladies of the Chorus which starred Marilyn Monroe, Adele Jergens and Rand Brooks.[11]


She had a fairly prominent role in John Ford's 1950 film, Wagon Master. She played the part of pretty Mormon girl Prudence Perkins.[12][13] Her character Prudence creates an issue due to marrying young Mormon man Sandy instead of Jackson.[14][15] Prudence is also the cause of a fight between two men who are both perusing her.[16] In 1952, she appeared as Mrs. Norton, a pilot's wife in the Tay Garnett Korean war film One Minute to Zero which starred Robert Mitchum and Ann Blyth.[17]

Selected filmography[edit]

Early years[edit]

Year Title Role Notes #
1926 My Old Dutch Herbert Brown, infant
1943 Old Acquaintance College girl [18]
1944 Cover Girl Cigarette Girl [19]
1945 Salome Where She Danced Salome girl
1945 Sudan Handmaiden / Girl
1945 Lady on a Train Photographer
1945 This Love of Ours Chorus Girl
1946 Gallant Journey Mary
1946 Devotion Girl
1946 Night in Paradise Arthur Lubin


Year Title Role Notes #
1971 Minnie and Moskowitz
1971 Dirty Harry Lady in Jaffe's cafe
1973 Charley Varrick Jessie
1976 Amelia Earhart Mrs Gallagher 2 part television series
1976 The Shootist School Teacher [20]
1977 Telefon Mrs. Maloney [21]
1977 The Hunted Lady
1978 The Toolbox Murders Screamer Woman
1979 Marciano Supervisor
1981 Isabel's Choice Housekeeper
1996 Black Sheep Mrs Oneacre [22]

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