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Kensico Cemetery

Kensico Cemetery, located in Valhalla, Westchester County, New York was founded in 1889, when many New York City cemeteries were becoming full, rural cemeteries were being created near the railroads that served the city. 250 acres, it was expanded to 600 acres in 1905, but reduced to 461 acres in 1912, when a portion was sold to the neighboring Gate of Heaven Cemetery. Several baseball players are buried in this cemetery. Many entertainment figures of the early twentieth century, including the Russian-born Sergei Rachmaninoff, were buried here; the cemetery has a special section for members of the Actors' Fund of America and the National Vaudeville Association, some of whom died in abject poverty. Sharon Gardens is a 76-acre section of Kensico Cemetery, created in 1953 for Jewish burials. Paddy Chayefsky, winner of three Academy Awards Fred Friendly, broadcaster Philip Gips, film poster artist Robert Merrill, Metropolitan opera star Beverly Sills, operatic soprano Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor Murray Saltzman, civil rights leader Kensico Cemetery homepage Kensico Cemetery at Find a Grave

Isaac Bronson

Dr. Isaac Bronson was a surgeon during the American Revolutionary War, he was a successful banker and land speculator and is credited with co-founding the New York Life Insurance and Trust Company and Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company. Bronson was a member of the Society of the Cincinnati. Bronson was born on March 1760, in Middlebury, Connecticut, he was the son of Captain Isaac Bronson and Mary Bronson, the older brother of Ethel Bronson, who married Hepzibah Hopkins Bronson and Silas Bronson. His father was a farmer, a member of the Connecticut General Assembly, his paternal grandparents were Eunice Bronson. Bronson studied medicine with Dr. Lemuel Hopkins in Litchfield. On November 14, 1779, he received a warrant to become a junior surgeon at the age of 19. During the American Revolutionary War, he served in the 2nd Regiment of Light Dragoons under George Washington becoming senior surgeon until the War ended in 1783. Bronson made a personal appeal to George Washington to have his mates treated and awarded pensions like the other officers.

Three decades the omission was addressed and surgeons were granted full pay for life. After the War, Isaac Bronson became interested in foreign commerce and traveled as far as China, returning with valuable cargo which he sold at a profit. Bronson pursued a career in purchasing and selling government obligations, he invested in the new American government's debt, assisted by many friends from former officers, including Alexander Hamilton, who had become the first Secretary of the Treasury in Washington's first cabinet. In some cases purchasing it for ten cents on the dollar; when the debt recovered to its face value, he had made a fortune. Bronson invested in the Bank of the United States. In 1807, he founded the Bridgeport Bank in Connecticut, for which he was the largest shareholder, a director and president from 1807 to 1832. In 1830, he co-founded the New York Life Insurance and Trust Company and Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company. By 1828, he was one of the wealthiest men in New York City, with assets of more than $250,000.

Bronson owned and invested in considerable real estate holdings throughout New York. None did more than banker Isaac Bronson to make an exact science of the business. Going beyond mere speculation, Bronson employed local businessmen and politicians to steer him toward the best land, he resold it to farmers, granting five-year mortgages at 6 percent to those whose financial standing his agents and scrutinized and certified. By the early 1820s Bronson owned or held mortgages on property in over half the counties of the state, his enterprise was so solid that conservative bankers like Prime, Ward & King invested substantial sums with him. In 1833, along with his sons Arthur and Charles Butler, the brother of Benjamin Franklin Butler the U. S. Attorney General, used his vast wealth to make one of the largest land purchases of his day. Utilizing capital from the New York Life Insurance and Trust Company, among other banks, they purchased nearly one-third of a million acres of land across eight states, including North Carolina, Indiana and other parts of Illinois, the Michigan Territory Bronson was competing against John Jacob Astor, who acquired a vast real estate portfolio.

On August 30, 1789, three months after his last trip to China, he married Anna Olcott, the daughter of Thomas Olcott. They moved to Hartford Philadelphia, in New York City. Together, they had ten children, their children included: Oliver Bronson, who died in infancy Maria Bronson, who died in infancy Maria Bronson, who married Col. James Boyles Murray, the son of wealthy English born merchant John Murray and grandson of Sir James Murray, Lord Philiphaugh. Harriet Bronson Caroline Bronson, who married Dr. Marinus Willett, son of Marinus Willett Oliver Bronson a doctor who married Joanna Donaldson in 1833. Arthur Bronson, who married Ann Eliza Bailey, a daughter of Theodorus Bailey, a United States Senator from New York. Frederic Bronson Sr. who married Charlotte Brinckerhoff, a granddaughter and heir of Robert Troup, in 1838. Mary Bronson Ann Bronson Bronson died on May 1838, at Greenfield Hill. In 1796, Bronson purchased the home of Timothy Dwight, called "Verna" in Greenfield Hill, their country home became Fairfield Country Day School.

He is credited with planting the first dogwood trees along Bronson Road where today there is a yearly Dogwood Festival. Through his daughter Caroline, he was the grandfather of Harriet Bronson Willett, who married Charles Burrall Hoffman, the son of Ogden Hoffman and brother of Ogden Hoffman, Jr. in 1860. Their daughter, Emily Burrall Hoffman, married Maj. Gen. Villiers Hatton, CB, the Commander of British Troops in South China, in 1897. Through his son Frederic, he was the grandfather of Frederic Bronson, she was the daughter of Archibald Gracie King and Elizabeth Denning King, the granddaughter of U. S. Representative James Gore King and William Alexander Duer, she was the sister of May Denning King, who married John King Van Rensselaer, son of Henry Bell Van Rensselaer and

Broken (2012 film)

Broken is a 2012 British coming-of-age, drama film directed by Rufus Norris starring Eloise Laurence and Tim Roth. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2012, it is based on the 2008 novel of the same name written by Daniel Clay, inspired by To Kill a Mockingbird. Eleven-year-old diabetic Emily'Skunk' Cunningham lives with her solicitor father Archie, her elder brother Jed, au pair Kasia on a cul-de-sac in a typical British suburb. One of her few friends is Rick, a simple young man living with his parents in a neighbouring house. Skunk is shocked when Rick gets beaten up by Mr. Oswald, another neighbour: one of single-father Oswald's three daughters has falsely accused Rick of rape. Rick is released when the girl is proven a liar. From that time onwards Skunk's life goes downhill. Kasia splits up with her boyfriend Mike, Skunk's favourite teacher. Rick is put into a mental ward as he isolates himself more. Archie and Kasia are beginning a relationship, which proves a shock to both Skunk.

Oswald's daughters start bullying Skunk. Skunk's first boyfriend has to move away, does not tell her until the day before he leaves. One of Oswald's daughters gets pregnant by one of her many sexual partners and falsely accuses Mike. Oswald beats Mike. While Oswald is in jail, Archie provides legal services to Mike, the three daughters throw a drunken party; the pregnant daughter miscarries dies, leading to Oswald's release. Skunk secretly visits Rick; when she enters the house, she finds that Rick has accidentally pushed his mother down the stairs, breaking her neck panicked and knocked out his father. Rick does not let Skunk leave and does not realise when Skunk's diabetes takes her into a hypoglycemic coma. Oswald finds Skunk, a dead Rick, gets her to hospital. In a dream sequence, Skunk bids farewell to people from her childhood, including the dead sees her grown self, holding her baby, she wakes up with her father at her bedside. Tim Roth as Archie Cillian Murphy as Mike Kiernan Rory Kinnear as Bob Oswald Robert Emms as Rick Zana Marjanović as Kasia Clare Burt as Mrs. Buckley Bill Milner as Jed Denis Lawson as Mr. Buckley Eloise Laurence as SkunkIn addition, Oswald's three daughters, whose chavish behaviour precipitates many of the negative outcomes, are played by Martha Bryant, Faye Daveney and Rosalie Kosky-Hensman.

Broken premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2012. It won Grand Prix of Odessa International Film Festival in 2012; the film received the Golden Eye Award for best international film on the Zurich Film Festival. It won The British Independent Film Awards 2012 for Best British Independent Film; the film received mixed to positive reviews by critics. It holds a 62% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 50 reviews and reports a rating average of 6.0 out of 10. List of films featuring diabetes Broken on IMDb Wild Bunch International Sales

Outline of information science

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to information science: Information science – interdisciplinary field concerned with the analysis, classification, storage and dissemination of information. Practitioners within the field study the application and usage of knowledge in organizations, along with the interaction between people and any existing information systems, with the aim of creating, improving or understanding information systems. Information science can be described as all of the following: An academic discipline – A branch of science – An applied science – Information technology Informatics Classification Bibliometrics Preservation Cultural studies Categorization Data modeling Memory Computer storage Intellectual property Intellectual freedom Privacy Censorship As an interdisciplinary field, information science draws upon and incorporates concepts and methodologies from: Archival science Cognitive science Commerce Communications Computer science Law Library science Museology Management Mathematics Philosophy Public policy Social sciences History of information science Documentation science – predecessor of information science.

Fathers of information science Paul Otlet Henri La Fontaine Information history International Federation for Information and Documentation History of information representation and retrieval Has undergone four phases of developmentIncreased Demand Rapid Growth Demystification Phase The Networked Era Archival research – facts or factual evidences from a variety of records are compiled. Computational complexity and structure – algorithmic and graphic methods are used to explore the complexity of information systems and storage. Content analysis – studies how people communicate by analyzing the contents of books and mass media as well as the messages people talk or write about. Case study – specific set of circumstances or a group is analyzed according to a specific goal of study. Case studies are used to characterize a trend or development. Discourse analysis – analyzing written and sign language use Historical method – involves a continuous and systematic search for the information and knowledge about past events related to the life of a person, a group, society, or the world.

Interviews – researchers obtain data by interviewing people. If the interview is non-structured, the researcher leaves it to the interviewee to guide the conversation. Life history – study of the personal life of a person. Through a series of interviews, the researcher can probe into the decisive moments in their life or the various influences on their life. Longitudinal study – extensive examination of a specific group over a long period of time. Observation – using data from the senses, one records information about a social phenomenon or behavior. Qualitative research relies on observation, although it is in a disciplined form. Participant observation – involves researchers going into the field, living with the people for some time, participating in their activities in order to know and feel their culture. Academic publishing Bibliometrics Data modeling Document management and Document Engineering Groupware Human-computer interaction Information access Information architecture Information ethics Information literacy Information management Information retrieval Information seeking Information seeking behavior Browsing Information society Information systems Intellectual property Knowledge engineering Knowledge management Knowledge transfer Knowledge organization Memory institutions Ontology Personal information management Philosophy of information Scholarly communication Scientific communication Science and technology studies Semantic Web Steganography Usability engineering Human factors User-centered design Design philosophy There are many fields which claim to be "sciences" or "disciplines" which are difficult to distinguish from each other and from information science.

Some of them are: Archival science Communication studies Computer science Documentation science Informatics Information management Information systems research Information literacy Informing science Internet studies Knowledge management Library science Media studies Records management Scientometrics American Society for Information Science and Technology Association of Information Technology Professionals Society of Information Technology Management, related group based in the UK National Commission on Libraries and Information Science Institute of Museum and Library Services Information school List of Information Schools Claude E. Shannon Award IEEE Reynold B. Johnson Information Storage Systems Award IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal J. W. Graham Medal O'Moore Medal African Journal of Library and Information Science Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science Information Research Information Sciences Information, Communication & Society International Journal of Geographical Information Science Journal of Information Science Journal of Librarianship and Information Science Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology TripleC Tim Berners-Lee John Shaw Billings George Boole Suzanne Briet Michael Buckland Vannevar Bush Melville Dewey Luciano Floridi Henri La Fontaine Eugene Garfield Frederick Kilgour Frederick Wilfrid Lancaster Gottfried Leibniz Alexander Ivanovich

I Miss You, I Miss You!

I Miss You, I Miss You! is a novel by Swedish author Peter Pohl and Kinna Gieth. Cilla and Tina are identical twin sisters; as they hurry to catch the bus to school one day, Cilla is killed. Left behind is Tina; the book follows the sisters during the months leading up to Cilla's death, Tina's first year without her. Kinna Gieth and her twin sister Jenny read Peter Pohl's novel Alltid den där Annette, in which Annette loses her twin. While reading it, Kinna and Jenny talked about how neither one of them would be able to go on living if the other died. Just weeks Jenny died, Kinna contacted Pohl and asked him to help her write their story. Pohl used Kinna's letters, poems written by the twins and their diaries, conversations with Kinna to form the basis of the book; the novel was made a movie by Swedish director Anders Grönros in 2010. The film will premiere in August 19, 2011

Rynn Lim

Rynn Lim is a Chinese singer from Malaysia. He acted various roles in dramas from Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, he once in a first collaboration drama of Malaysia Media Prima Berhad and Singapore MediaCorp Studios Pte Ltd. 2005 – 个人首张专辑 Ge Ren Shou Zhang Zhuan Ji 2007 – 淋雨中 Lin Yu Zhong 2008 – 干物世界 Gan Wu Shi Jie 2009 – All About Rynn 新歌 + 自选集 2010 – 新娘 Xin Niang 2014 – 捨得 She De 2006 – Best Newcomer at the 17th Golden Melody Awards 2006 – Most Popular New Artiste in the 6th Global Chinese Song Festival Awards 2006 – Most Popular K-song Award for 《靠岸》 in the Malaysia 2006 Entertainment Awards 2006 – Top 10 International Original Composition for 《靠岸》 in the Malaysia 2006 Entertainment Awards 2006 – Top 10 Local Original Composition for 《失恋学》 in the Malaysia 2006 Entertainment Awards 2006 – Golden Award for Best New Artiste in the Malaysia 2006 Entertainment Awards RYNN LIM FORUM Rynn Lim Sina Weibo 微博 Rynn Lim Official Facebook page Official Ocean Butterflies site Rynn Lim Album Lyrics All about Rynn Lim 林宇中家族