Kiasma is a contemporary art museum located on Mannerheimintie in Helsinki, Finland. Its name kiasma, Finnish for chiasma, alludes to the basic conceptual idea of its architect, Steven Holl. Kiasma is part of the Finnish National Gallery, it is responsible for the gallery's contemporary art collection, its central goal is to strengthen its status. The contemporary art collection began as the Museum of Contemporary Art in 1990. In its earliest stages, the collection was housed in Ateneum. An architectural design competition to design a building for the contemporary arts museum was held in 1992; the competition was open to architects from the Nordic and Baltic countries, in addition to which four architects or studios from elsewhere were invited to participate, though they were obliged to submit their proposals anonymously: Steven Holl from the USA, Alvaro Siza from Portugal, Coop Himmelblau from Austria, Kazuo Shinohara from Japan. The competition results were announced in 1993, the winning proposal, titled Chiasma by Steven Holl, was selected from the 516 submitted entries.

The design of the building, Finnishized as "Kiasma", underwent slight modification during the design process, but was regarded as controversial. Construction work began in 1996, the museum opened in May 1998; the museum attracted 160,000–180,000 visitors per year in 2011–2013. Kiasma was closed for repairs in September 2014 and reopened in March 2015. In 2016, Kiasma attracted over 310,000 visitors; the collections include works by around 8,000 artists, including Ahonen, Aiha, Aken, Jan van Andersson, Anders Gustaf, Antonio Rotta, Bernard, Stig, Cornelis Bega, Nicolas Berchem, Honoré Daumier, Karel Dujardin, Nunzio Gulino, Torger Enckell, Aarne Jämsä, Ismo Kajander, Raimo Kanerva, Risto Laakkonen. Finnish National Gallery Ateneum Sinebrychoff Art Museum EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art Nancy Marmer, "Holl's Kiasma Debuts in Helsinki," Art in America, October 1998, p. 35. Official website

Menan Buttes

The North and South Menan Buttes in southeastern Idaho are two of the world's largest volcanic tuff cones. The two cones, with four smaller associated cones, align along a north-northwest line and comprise the Menan Complex; the buttes rise about 800 feet above the surrounding Snake River plain and are late Pleistocene in age, dating to 10,000 YBP. The South Menan Butte is in private hands, however North Menan Butte is publicly owned and has been designated as a National Natural Landmark and a Research Natural Area by the United States Congress; the US Bureau of Land Management designated the North Butte as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern. The volcanoes forming the two major Menan Buttes were created when basaltic magma came into contact with a shallow aquifer or with the precursor of the modern Snake River. Particles of volcanic glass called tachylite were created as the water turned to steam and explosively fragmented the hot magma; the cone shaped deposits are uniform and consist of tuff in lapilli-size particles.

Some deposit layers preserve indentations, designated as "bomb sags", made as larger pyroclastic particles landed on soft layers of tuff. The Menan Buttes stand at an elevation of 5,619 feet and are similar in size and shape. North Menan Butte is larger and elliptical, with axes 3.5 and 2.5 km in length. South Menan Butte measures 3 km x 2 km; the crater of the North Menan Butte is about 3,000 feet in diameter and the cone is about 6,000 feet in diameter. The North Butte's volume is the South Butte measures at 0.07 cubic miles. In comparison, the better known tuff cone Diamond Head on Oahu has a volume of 0.15 cubic miles. The larger buttes in the Menan Complex are asymmetrical; each has a greater accumulation of material on the northeast due to strong southwest winds during the initial eruption. The Menan Buttes are located in Madison County, with lower slopes extending westward into Jefferson County. Nearby communities include Menan, Rigby and Idaho Falls, Idaho. Island Park Caldera Phreatomagmatic eruption Yellowstone hotspot Creighton, D.

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I Still See You (film)

I Still See You is a 2018 American supernatural mystery thriller film, directed by Scott Speer, from a screenplay by Jason Fuchs. It is based by Daniel Waters, it stars Dermot Mulroney and Richard Harmon. The film was released on October 2018, by Lionsgate. An explosion at Dr. Martin Steiner's Ashburn Laboratories in Chicago kills countless people with a catastrophic shockwave. Indistinguishable from humans, ghostly specters of the event's victims begin haunting the world as non-sentient "remnants" that repeat certain actions at daily intervals. Ten years high school student Veronica'Ronnie' Calder confronts her mother Anna about how they don't acknowledge her dead father Robert's daily presence at their breakfast table. At school, Ronnie takes an interest in new classmate Kirk Lane while attending a class on remnants taught by August Bittner. After showering at home, she becomes frightened by a remnant of a young man whose name she intuitively knows is Brian. Brian writes the word "run" on a steamed mirror before vanishing.

During Mr. Bittner's class that day, Ronnie spontaneously bleeds from her ear. Fearful that Brian wants to harm her, she visits Mr. Bittner at his home to tell him about her encounter but he dismisses Ronnie's suggestion that a remnant attempted to communicate with her. Knowing of his obsessive fascination with remnants, Ronnie confronts Kirk and, with some coaxing, convinces him to help her figure out who Brian is, she enlists Chandler Deckert, a classmate with a crush on her, to help construct a spectrographic camera so she can photograph Brian for identification. Ronnie and Kirk wait in Ronnie's bathroom for Brian to reappear; when he does, Brian morphs into a frightening form that dissipates after lunging at the two teenagers. Kirk's image research reveals that Brian was suspected of having abducted and murdered Pastor Greer's daughter Mary, they visit Pastor Greer. She tells them she doesn't know who Brian was or why he stalked Mary but she adds that Brian killed himself the day after Mary disappeared.

Ronnie additionally discovers. After receiving a phone call from Pastor Greer, school principal William Pescatelli summons Kirk to his office to ask about his investigation into Mary Greer's death. Ronnie attends a school basketball game with her best friend Janine McNulty. Visions of Brian lead Ronnie onto the court. Principal Pescatelli's body crashes through the ceiling, falling dead in the center of the auditorium floor. Kirk tells Ronnie. Ronnie confides in Kirk that she blames herself for her father's death, he tells her that he studies remnants because he wants to know why he never sees his own father's specter; that night Ronnie has a nightmare about seeing remnants. She wakes to find her mother in her room, concerned that she was repeating the words "Darkness Falls." When Robert Calder's remnant manifests at Ronnie's breakfast table, Kirk notices the newspaper he is reading is not from ten years ago when he died, but eight. From a front-page story and Ronnie connect Brian to the deaths of two more young women: Emma Shaw and Claire White.

Claire White's sister Kerry tells Kirk that Brian was her sister's boyfriend. Kerry adds that they can watch Claire's death firsthand, although they have to go to Chicago's'No-Go Zone' to do so. Ronnie and Kirk brave intense remnants and a street gang to make their way to where Claire died, which turns out to be Ashburn Laboratories in Darkness Falls. By observing her strangulation death, Ronnie realizes. Kirk sees Dr. Martin Steiner, now a disheveled man, among the spectators at Claire's death scene. Kirk and Ronnie confront the former scientist. Steiner explains that he was working on a project that would use living beings as vessels to resurrect the deceased, but the transference required both people to share a birthday. Brian was Steiner's research assistant, Steiner believed Brian was trying to bring back his victims to make amends for their murders. Kirk steals a photo of Steiner's research team. Relieved of his burden of knowledge, Steiner kills himself. School administrators take Kirk into custody after finding a gun in his locker.

Ronnie goes to Mr. Bittner for help, he believes her, he confides in Ronnie. That day, Kirk goes to Ronnie's house and tries explaining that the new gun was planted, but Ronnie doesn't believe him. Ronnie tells Mr. Bittner about her encounter with Dr. Steiner and he vows to help keep her safe for the 48 hours until her birthday, when they believe Brian will try to kill her to resurrect one of the dead women. With Ronnie's mom away for an interview, Bittner helps Ronnie fortify her house's panic room with lead lining, supposed to prevent remnants from passing through. Using the picture taken from Steiner, Kirk learns that Bittner was Dr. Steiner's research partner. Unable to call Ronnie because of Bittner's lead lining in her panic room, Kirk goes to Bittner's house. Kirk learns that Bittner has been trying to resurrect his dead daughter Eva when he discovers Eva is a remnant. Bittner buries him alive. Alone with Bittner in her panic room, a clue triggers Ronnie's sudden realization that Bittner was murdering young women who shared his daughter's birthday in hopes of finding a vessel for Eva.

Bittner made Brian and Principal Pescatelli's deaths look like suicides when they discovered the truth. A physical fight ensues and Bittner chases Ronnie outside, she runs t