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King William Street is a Lower City collector road in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It starts off at the western-end at James Street North and is a one-way street (Eastbound) until Mary Street, where it becomes a two-way street that ends at Wentworth Street North. It is named after King William IV of the United Kingdom.


In 1922, CKOC radio station (1150 on the AM dial) started up. As of April 2007, it is the oldest radio station in English Canada; second oldest overall. On the air since May 1, 1922. Originally ran as Top-40 format, today it's an "Oldies" radio station. [1] In 1927, CHML, (900 on the AM dial), began operations as a response to censorship of political discussions by Hamilton's first radio station, CKOC. The original owners were Maple Leaf Radio Company, and the "HML" in the callsign stood for "Hamilton Maple Leaf". CHML's broadcast station is on Main Street West in the Lower City. [2] Originally, CKOC's broadcast from the corner of King William and John Streets and was an offshoot of the Wentworth Radio and Supply Company owned by Herb Slack. He figured he could sell more radios if he also owned a radio station and in the spring of 1922 the station became only the third radio station in all of Canada. Other broadcast locations over the years for CKOC include, the 11th floor of the Royal Connaught Hotel in the downtown core, the Lister Block building on James & King Williams Streets and a studio on Garfield Avenue near King & Sherman Avenue North. Today the radio station is based on the Mountain on Upper Wentworth Street, just North of Limeridge Mall. [3]


Hamilton Ti-Cats, street banner (2007)
Residential Apartments
Many of downtown Hamilton's night clubs are located in this neighbourhood
Many of the old buildings in this neighbourhood have recently been converted to restaurants & art galleries
King William Street, looking East
King William Street, looking West towards James Street North

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Roads that are parallel with King William Street[edit]

Lower City Roads:

Niagara Escarpment (Mountain) Roads:

Roads that cross King William Street[edit]

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