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Studio album by Anna Vissi
Released November 23, 2000
Genre Pop, electronica, modern Laika
Length 1:50:25
Label Sony Music Greece, Columbia
Producer Nikos Karvelas
Anna Vissi chronology
Everything I Am
(2000)Everything I Am2000
Singles from Kravgi
  1. "Agapi Ipervoliki"
  2. "Den Me Agapas"
  3. "Kaka Paidia"
  4. "Ola Ta Lefta"
  5. "Kravgi"
  6. "Kalitera I Dio Mas"
  7. "Horis To Moro Mou"
  8. "Atmosfera Ilektrismeni"
  9. "Schizofrenia"
  10. "(AAA) AAA (Ke Horisame)"
  11. "Moni Mou"

Kravgi (Greek: Κραυγή; English: Scream) is a studio album released by singer Anna Vissi in November 2000 in Greece and Cyprus by Sony Music Greece. The double-album was certified 7× Platinum in Greece and Cyprus, while it was also the best-selling album of the year 2000 in Greece, the album was also later released by Sony Music in Turkey in 2001 where it was certified Gold as well as in Australia and New Zealand in 2002. Today the album stands as one of the most successful albums of all time in Greece with sales of over 175,000 copies (350,000 discs), this album, along with English-language album Everything I Am released the same year, showcased a significant change over Vissi's stylistic and musical selections, expanding her image as a pop icon and contemporary artist as promoted in the mid-1990s and onwards.[1][2][3]


Music and lyrics are by Nikos Karvelas except on the following tracks:

  • Music on track 5, CD 1 and track 7 CD 2: Nikos Terzis
  • Music on track 7, CD 1: Vasilis Kelaides
  • Lyrics on track 4, CD 1: Natalia Germanou & Nikos Karvelas
  • Lyrics on track 5, CD 1: Antonis Pappas
  • Lyrics on track 6, CD 1: Dimitris Patsios
  • Lyrics on track 7, CD 1: Nikos Vaksevanellis
  • Lyrics on track 5, CD 2: Natalia Germanou
  • Lyrics on track 7, CD 2: Tasos Vougiatzis

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Kravgi" (Κραυγή; Scream) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas 4:48
2. "Sadismos" (Σαδισμός; Sadism) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas 4:48
3. "Horis To Moro Mou" (Χωρίς το μωρό μου; Without my baby) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas 3:55
4. "Kalitera I Dio Mas" (Duet with Katy Garbi)" (Καλύτερα οι δυο μας; Better the two of us) Nikos Karvelas, Natalia Germanou Nikos Karvelas 4:14
5. "Shizofrenia" (Σχιζοφρένεια; Schizophrenia) Antonis Pappas Nikos Terzis 4:04
6. "Apopse Lipis Apo'do" (Απόψε λείπεις απο ΄δω; Tonight you are missing from here) Dimitris Patsios Vasilis Kelaides 4:24
7. "Moni Mou" (Μόνη μου; Myself) Nikos Vaksevanellis Vasilis Kelaides 3:54
8. "Agapoula Mou" (Αγαπούλα μου; My sweetheart) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas 3:28
9. "Kardia Apo Petra" (Καρδιά από πέτρα; Heart of stone) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas 4:14
10. "Thivet" (Θιβέτ; Tibet) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas 5:56
11. "De me agapas" (Δε με αγαπάς; You don't love me) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas 4:56
12. "Ola Ta Lefta" ('Ολα τα λεφτά; All the money) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas 3:47
Disc 2
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Atmosfera Ilektrismeni" (Ατμόσφαιρα ηλεκτρισμένη; Electrified atmosphere) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas 5:14
2. "To Poli Poli" (Το πολύ πολύ; At most) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas 4:25
3. "(AAA) AAA (Kai Horisame)" ((ΑΑΑ) ΑΑΑ (και χωρίσαμε); (AAA) AAA (And we separated)) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas 3:00
4. "To Telefteo Tsigaro" (Το τελευταίο Τσιγάρο; The last cigarette) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas 4:53
5. "Kopike I Grami" (Κόπηκε η γραμμή; The line was cut) Natalia Germanou Nikos Karvelas 4:01
6. "Nostalgia" (Νοσταλγία; Nostalgia) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas 5:19
7. "Mi Mou Les" (Μη μου λες; Don't tell me) Tasos Vougiatzis Nikos Terzis 4:01
8. "Kapnizo (Remix)" (Καπνίζω; I Smoke) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas 5:23
9. "Kaka Paidia" (Κακά παιδία; Bad guys) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas 5:11
10. "Epilogi Mou" (Επιλογή μου; My choice) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas 4:07
11. "Afti Ti Fora" (Αυτή τη φορά; This time) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas 6:15
12. "Agapi Ipervoliki" (Αγάπη υπερβολική; Excessive love) Nikos Karvelas Nikos Karvelas 4:49

International editions[edit]

The album was also released in Turkey (as a follow up to the album Re!) and in Australia and New Zealand. In Australia and New Zealand the album kept its original track listing; in Turkey it was released as a 17-track album. It achieved Gold status.

Turkish track listing:

  1. "Kravgi"
  2. "Kalitera I Dio Mas" (Duet with Katy Garbi)
  3. "Horis To Moro Mou"
  4. "Sadismos"
  5. "Kardia Apo Petra"
  6. "Shizofrenia"
  7. "Apopse Leipeis Apo'do"
  8. "Agapoula Mou"
  9. "De Me Agapas"
  10. "Atmosfera Ilektrismeni"
  11. "To Poli Poli"
  12. "(AAA) AAA (Ke Horisame)"
  13. "To Telefteo Tsigaro"
  14. "Kopike I Grammi"
  15. "Nostalgia"
  16. "Kaka Pedia"
  17. "Agapi Ipervoliki"

Video Clips[edit]

"Agapi Ipervoliki"

"Agapi Ipervoliki" was released as an EP with five more songs, reaching 4× Platinum in Greece and Cyprus. The title song became the album's first video.


Just before the release of the complete album, the title song was released as a radio single with an accompanying video.

"Kalitera I Dio Mas" (Duet with Katy Garbi)

The next single following the album's release, accompanied by two versions of the video clip, part A and part B.

"Horis To Moro Mou"

The fourth video clip off the album, released in Spring.

"Kravgi Hit Mix"

After the huge success of the album, with many radio singles peaking at the top 20 of the airplay charts, a Hit Mix video was released featuring most of the singles.


The album was a huge success on the airplay in both Greece and Cyprus. Many songs managed to reach top position on the official airplay charts:

  1. Agapi Ipervoliki
  2. Den Me Agapas
  3. Kaka Paidia
  4. Ola Ta Lefta
  5. Kravgi
  6. Kalitera I Dio Mas
  7. Horis To Moro Mou
  8. Atmosfera Ilektrismeni
  9. Schizofrenia
  10. (AAA) AAA (Ke Horisame)
  11. Moni Mou


Kravgi was released in Greece and Cyprus in November 2000. In Greece released on the same day with Notis Sfakianakis's follow-up successful live album.

Chart Providers Peak
Greek Albums Chart IFPI 1 7× Platinum
Cypriot Albums Chart All Records Top 20 1 7× Platinum
Turkish Album Chart Turkey Charts 1 Gold
Official Australian Album Charts ARIA Album Charts 66 -


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