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Kyle Miller
BornAugust 21, 1984
HometownReston, Virginia
LeagueCyberathlete Professional League
Championship Gaming Series
GamesCounter-Strike 1.6
Counter-Strike Source
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Professional career
2002–2006Team 3D/NY.3D

Kyle "ksharp" Miller (born August 21, 1984) is a retired esports player who played Counter-Strike 1.6 and moved to Counter-Strike Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. At the peak of Ksharp's career he played for Team 3D.


Ksharp's mom drove him to his first off-line tournament from their home in Memphis, Tennessee to Dallas, Texas. Miller entered the American Counter-Strike (CS) players scene with the teams "CK3" and "NHG", but he made a name for himself with the team "X3". While Miller prefers using the automatic rifles the M4 and AK-47 in CS, he is best known for his sniping skills with the AWM (referred to as the AWP by most Counter-Strike players).

He won two Cyberathlete Professional League tournaments with X3.[citation needed] In 2002 Miller, along with teammates Ronald "Rambo" Kim and Sean "Bullseye" Morgan, left X3 and were required by Craig Levine to form Team 3D.[1] 3D won CPL World 2002. It would later be renamed 3D.NY after the team was drafted into the Championship Gaming Series. He also has several CAL-Invite championships under his belt, as well as two World Cyber Games championships.

Near the end of March 2006, Miller became an inactive member of Team 3D but remained a part of the team.[2] Miller continued working with ESEA of the ESEA League and Team 3D, and, in January 2007 he returned to Team 3D.[3] Team 3D then moved to Counter-Strike Source (CSS) to compete in DirecTV's Championship Gaming Series (CGS), with a roster of Kyle 'Ksharp' Miller, Jon "Juan" Mumm and Nick "nicKn0iT" Nowakowski (both from Team Pandemic), Mikey 'method' So, Sal 'Volcano' Garozzo, manager and coach Dave 'Moto' Geffon.[4] With the folding of the CGS, it threw all the players into limbo, as the future of the competitive CSS scene seemed uncertain. On December 26, 2008 Jax Money Crew announced the signing of longtime 3D.NY Garozzo and So.[5] Later Ksharp became a member of compLexity Gaming.[6]

In 2014 Ksharp returned to the Counter-Strike scene when he began playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on ESEA Premium servers.[7]

Personal life[edit]

Miller was born on August 21, 1984.[8] Ksharp lived in Reston, Virginia prior to becoming a professional. After high school he decided to attend Northern Virginia Community College instead of the University of Tennessee so he could stay home and play Counter-Strike professionally,[1] he eventually dropped out of college because his classes conflicted with his tournament schedule.[9] His success allowed him to defer attending college while earning a living as a gamer.[citation needed] He currently works at ESEA.

Tournament placements[edit]

  • 1st - Speakeasy CPL (x3)
  • 1st - 4 year CPL (x3)
  • 1st - CPL invite (x3)
  • 2nd - CPL winter2k1 (x3)
  • 1st - MML (3D)
  • 1st - WCG usa quali (3D)
  • 7th - WCG 2002 Grand final (3D)
  • 1st - CPL winter2k2 (3D)
  • 3rd - CPL summer2k3 (3D)
  • 1st - WCG quali2k3 (3D)
  • 1st - CXG quali (3D)
  • 2nd - WCG 2003 grand final (3D)
  • 1st - WCG usa quali 2004 (3D)
  • 1st - WCG 2004 grand final (3D)
  • 2nd - Acon5 quali (3D)
  • 1st - WCG2005 usa quali (3D)
  • 1st - Digital life quali (3D)
  • 1st - GGL finals (3D)
  • 1st - Digital life (3D)
  • 1st - WCG 2005 grand final (3D)
  • 1st - MWL (Ksharp, sapphiRe, dave-o, nuggets, da_bears)
  • Domain of Games Season 1 - 1st (CK3)
  • Domain of Games Season 2 - 1st (X3)
  • Caleague Season 1 - 1st (X3)
  • Caleague Season 2 - 1st (X3)
  • Caleague Season 3 - 2nd (X3)
  • Caleague Season 5 - 1st (3D)
  • Caleague Season 6 - 3rd (3D)
  • Caleague Season 7 - 1st (3D)
  • Caleague Season 8 - 2nd (3D)

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