Legislative Assembly of Ontario

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario is the deliberative assembly of the Legislature of Ontario. The Assembly meets at the Ontario Legislative Building at Queen's Park in the provincial capital of Toronto. Bills passed by the assembly are given royal assent by the Queen of Canada, represented by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario; as at the federal level in Canada, Ontario uses a Westminster-style parliamentary government, in which members are elected to the Legislative Assembly through general elections, from which the Premier of Ontario and Executive Council of Ontario are appointed based on majority support. The premier is Ontario's head of government, while the Lieutenant Governor, as representative of the Queen, acts as head of state; the largest party not forming the government is known as the Official Opposition, its leader being recognized as Leader of the Opposition by the Speaker. The Ontario Legislature is sometimes referred to as the "Ontario Provincial Parliament". Members of the assembly refer to themselves as "Members of the Provincial Parliament" as opposed to "Members of the Legislative Assembly" as in many other provinces.

Ontario is the only province to do so, in accordance with a resolution passed in the Assembly on April 7, 1938. However, the Legislative Assembly Act refers only to "members of the Assembly"; the Legislative Assembly is the second largest Canadian provincial deliberative assembly by number of members after the National Assembly of Quebec. The current assembly was elected on June 2018, as part of the 42nd Parliament of Ontario. Owing to the location of the Legislative Building on the grounds of Queen's Park, the metonym "Queen's Park" is used to refer to both the Government of Ontario and the Legislative Assembly. In accordance with the traditions of the Westminster system, most laws originate within the provincial cabinet, are passed by the legislature after multiple rounds of debate and decision-making. Backbench legislators may introduce private legislation or amend bills presented to the legislature by cabinet, playing an integral role in scrutinizing bills both at the debate as well as committee stages.

In the Ontario legislature, this confrontation provides much of the material for Oral Questions and Members' Statements. Legislative scrutiny of the executive is at the heart of much of the work carried out by the Legislature's Standing Committees, which are made up of ordinary backbenchers. A member's day will be divided among participating in the business of the House, attending caucus and committee meetings, speaking in various debates, or returning to his or her constituency to address the concerns and grievances of constituents. Depending on personal inclination and political circumstances, some Members concentrate most of their attention on House matters while others focus on constituency problems, taking on something of an ombudsman's role in the process, it is the task of the legislature to provide the personnel of the executive. As noted, under responsible government, ministers of the Crown are expected to be Members of the Assembly; when a political party comes to power it will place its more experienced parliamentarians into the key cabinet positions, where their parliamentary experience may be the best preparation for the rough and tumble of political life in government.

The 1st Parliament of Ontario was in session from September 3, 1867, until February 25, 1871, just prior to the 1871 general election. This was the first session of the Legislature after Confederation succeeding the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada; the 1867 general election produced a tie between the Conservative Party led by John Sandfield Macdonald and the Liberal Party led by Archibald McKellar. Macdonald led a coalition government with the support of moderate Liberals; the Legislative Assembly was established by the British North America Act, 1867, which dissolved the Province of Canada into two new provinces, with the portion called Canada West becoming Ontario. The Legislature has been unicameral since its inception, with the Assembly having 124 seats representing electoral districts elected through a first-past-the-post electoral system across the province. John Stevenson served as speaker for the assembly. Ontario uses the same boundaries as those at the federal level for its Legislative Assembly in Southern Ontario, while seats in Northern Ontario correspond to the federal districts that were in place before the 2004 adjustment.

Ontario had separate provincial electoral districts prior to 1999. The following notable events occurred during the 2018–present period: July 11, 2018: The 42nd Parliament of Ontario begins its first session. Ted Arnott, MPP for Wellington—Halton Hills, is elected as the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. July 12, 2018: Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell addresses the speech from the throne. November 2, 2018: Progressive Conservative MPP Jim Wilson resigns from cabinet and the PC caucus after allegations of sexual misconduct. November 29, 2018: Progressive Conservative MPP Amanda Simard leaves the PC caucus after opposing the government's cuts to French-language services. February 20, 2019: Progressive Conservative MPP Randy Hillier is suspended from the PC caucus by Premier Doug Ford for being disrespectful toward parents concerned about cuts to autism funding. July 31, 2019: Liberal MPP Nathalie Des Rosier resigns her seat to

Steven Cantor

Steven Cantor is an American film/television director and film/television producer. Seven of his films have been nominated for Emmy Awards, with one winning, he was nominated for an Academy Award for his first film. Notable works include the films Tent City, USA, Unraveled, No One Dies in Lily Dale, Reporter with Nicholas Kristof, I Am an Animal, What Remains, loudQUIETloud: A Film about Pixies, American Masters: Willie Nelson, Devil's Playground, Blood Ties, "Dancer."Cantor directed and executive produced the HBO series Family Bonds, has executive produced numerous other television series through his Stick Figure Productions banner. In 2017, Cantor released "STEP" with Fox Searchlight Pictures, documenting the senior year of a girls' high-school step dance team against the background of inner-city Baltimore. Cantor graduated from the USC School of Cinema-Television, he is the founder of NY based Stick Figure Productions, which he ran for 12 years, prior to selling it in 2013 to Ora, the digital network owned by Carlos Slim Helu.

In 2016, Cantor is now once again the sole proprietor. Blood Ties: The Life and Work of Sally Mann Director/Producer: Nominated for a 1994 Academy Award in the category of Best Short Subject Documentary. Devil's Playground Producer: Nominated for an Emmy. At some point they must decide whether to commit to the strict rules of the Amish Church, or leave their families behind to join "English" society; the film spawned a reality series, "Amish in the City", which Cantor's Stick Figure banner executive produced, as well as a non-fiction book Rumspringa by Tom Shachtman. "American Masters: Willie Nelson: Still is Still Moving" – Director/Producer: An inside look at an American icon as he deals with two families, his relations and his nearly lifelong bandmates. What Remains Director/Producer: Studies a further project of Mann’s, a provocative photo series exploring the way in which nature assimilates the body once life has left it, directly confronting American attitudes towards death; the film screened first at The Sundance Film Festival in 2006 before premiering on HBO.loudQUIETloud Director/Producer: Follows the ups and downs of alternative music group The Pixies in their unexpected reformation and the reunion tour.

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STEP Producer: Documents the senior year of a girls' high-school step dance team against the background of inner-city Baltimore. Between Me and My Mind Director/Producer: A documentary about Phish frontman Trey Anastasio. Family Bonds Director, Executive Producer: explores the lives of the Evangelistas, a family of bail bondsmen and bounty hunters in Long Island.#1 Single Executive Producer: documents the dating life of singer Lisa Loeb. Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane Executive Producer: Documents the life and Baby Phat fashion empire of former model Kimora Lee Simmons."Amish: Out of Order" Executive Producer: Documents Mose Gingerich, an Ex-Amish man living in Missouri, the group of Ex-Amish youths he guides and helps to adapt to English society. "American Gypsies" Executive Producer: An unprecedented look into the clandestine world of gypsies, through the eyes of one of the most powerful families in New York, the Johns Family. "Catching Hell" Executive Producer: A team of underwater spear fishermen battle the challenges of the seas, while trying to eke out a living.

Cantor has directed commercials for such clients as Porsche, NFL/United Way and David Barton Gym. Steven Cantor on IMDb Steven Cantor's Company at Stick Figure Productions Ginia Bellafante's review of What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann in The New York Times Interview with Steven Cantor on HBO Latest Movie by Steven Cantor released on BBC Films Behind the Scenes with Steven Cantor released on ESPN 30 for 30 Q&A with Steven Cantor on Quora

Michael Zadoorian

Michael Zadoorian is an American novelist and short story writer. Zadoorian’s work explores themes of love, music, things forgotten and found again, the eidetic power of photographic images, Detroit, he is best known as the author of The Leisure Seeker, published in 2009 by William Morrow and Company. In 2018, it was adapted for a motion picture starring Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland, directed by Italian film director, Paolo Virzi; the film was released in March 2018. A new novel, Beautiful Music was published in May 2018 by Akashic Books. Zadoorian was born in Detroit, the son of Rosemary Zadoorian and Norman Zadoorian, an industrial photographer, he graduated from Wayne State University in 1979, with a B. A. in Communications and minor in English. In the late eighties, he returned to Wayne State, where he studied with writers Charles Baxter, Samuel Astrachan and Christopher Towne Leland, winning three Tompkins Awards for fiction and essay and a Loughead-Eldridge Creative Writing Scholarship.

He earned an M. A. in Creative Writing in 1994. His short stories have appeared in The Literary Review, Beloit Fiction Journal, American Short Fiction, Great Lakes Review, Wisconsin Review, North American Review and the anthologies Detroit Noir, On The Clock and Bob Seger’s House. In 2000, W. W. Norton published his first novel, Second Hand, about a Detroit-area vintage store owner searching for meaning in other people’s junk; the New York Times Book Review called it "a gift from the gods" and "a romantic adventure that explores what Yeats called'the foul rag and bone shop of the heart.'” The book was awarded the Great Lakes Colleges Association First Fiction Award and was selected for the Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers and Book Sense 76 programs. In 2009, William Morrow published his second novel, The Leisure Seeker, a road novel about John and Ella, an elderly couple who escape the doctors and adult children who control their lives, to take a final vacation together. Booklist, in a starred review stated: “The Leisure Seeker is pretty much like life itself: joyous, funny, tragic and not to be missed.”

The Los Angeles Times review called the novel a "heartfelt story of the grown children dealing with "stuff," both physical and emotional, left over after the death of their parents". It was long-listed for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. In 2009, Wayne State University Press published The Lost Tiki Palaces Of Detroit, a collection of stories, which received a Michigan Notable Book award. In 2010, he received the Anahid Literary Award from Columbia University. In 2013, he was the recipient of a Kresge Artist Fellowship in the Literary Arts. In 2016, at the Cannes Film Festival, award-winning Italian director Paolo Virzi announced that The Leisure Seeker would be his first English language film, with Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland starring as Ella and John; the script was adapted by Francesco Piccolo, Stephen Amidon and Virzi. Filming wrapped September 2016 in Key West, Florida. Sony Pictures Classics acquired all rights for the U. S. Latin America, Eastern Europe and South Africa, the film was released in March of 2018 in the United States.

In 2018, Zadoorian's newest novel, Beautiful Music, was released by Akashic Books. Set in 1970’s era Detroit, Beautiful Music is the story of one young man’s transformation through music. Danny Yzemski is a husky, pop radio–loving loner balancing a dysfunctional home life with the sudden harsh realities of freshman year at a high school marked by racial turbulence; when tragedy strikes the family, Danny’s mother becomes erratic and angry about the seismic cultural shifts unfolding in her city and the world. As she tries to keep it together with the help of Librium and breakfast cereal, Danny finds his own reason to carry on: rock ‘n’ roll. In particular, the drum and guitar–heavy songs of local legends like the MC5 and Iggy Pop. Zadoorian has worked as a lawn boy, a shipping room clerk, a plant guard for Chrysler, a UPS mail sorter, a freelance journalist, but as an advertising copywriter, spending most of his career at the Doner and Campbell Ewald agencies in the Detroit area, he lives with Rita Simmons in Ferndale, Michigan.

Second Hand The Leisure Seeker Beautiful Music The Lost Tiki Palaces of Detroit: Short Stories Pre-Press Short Fiction award, Michigan Council for Arts Selection, Barnes & Noble “Discover Great New Writers” program Best Books of 2000, Fiction and Literature, Best Books of 2000, Detroit Free Press Favorite Books of 2000, Chicago Tribune Great Lakes Colleges Association First Fiction Award Honoree, Festivaletteratura, Italy Speaker, International Short Story Festival, Poland Prix Chronos de Literature selection, France Winner, Columbia University, Anahid Literary Award Michigan Notable Book Award, The Lost Tiki Palaces of Detroit Longlisted, International Dublin Literary Award Kresge Fellowship in the Literary Arts Winner,"Great Lakes Great Reads" award in Adult Fiction for Beautiful Music by the Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association Official website Podcast interview with Michael Zadoorian about The Leisure Seeker and the differences between the book and the movie, Daily Detroit Interview with Michael Zadoorian, Crain's Detroit