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Structure of the Gaelic Athletic Association

The Structure of the Gaelic Athletic Association is a voluntary, democratic association consisting of various boards and committees organised in a structured hierarchy. The individual club is the basic unit of the association, the world headquarters are at Croke Park. All of the Gaelic Athletic Association's activities are governed by a book called the Official Guide; each County Board may have its own by-laws. Each Divisional Board may have its own regulations, none of which may duplicate or contradict the Official Guide or county by-laws. Annual Congress President Central Council Provincial councils County Board Divisional Board Sport specific board Club CommitteeCongress is an annual meeting of all the GAA county boards and provincial councils, it is here. Central Council is a committee consisting of representatives of county boards and senior management at Croke Park. In Ireland there are four provincial councils, there are some overseas units that fit into the same level, such as the British Provincial Council.

In Ireland there are 32 county boards, again there are overseas units that fit into this level, such as the New York Board and the Canadian Board. With the exception of Central Council, all of these councils and committees are elected at an annual meeting at which the outgoing board reports on its year's activities before stepping down and the election of the incoming board taking place; the Higher Education GAA fulfills a similar role as the County Board in competitions where educational institutions such as UCD GAA field teams. Some institutions like UCD are considered clubs by the County Board and so fall under the two jurisdictions. Annual Congress President Central Council Higher Education GAA Educational institution

Phway Phway

Phway Phway is a three-time Myanmar Academy Award winning Burmese actress and model. She is the Myanmar's second highest-paid actress and considered as one of the most commercially successful actresses in Burmese cinema. Phway won her first Myanmar Academy Award in 2012 with the film Let Pan, achieved her second award in 2015 with the film I'm Rose and third award in 2018 with the film Shwe Kyar. All films were directed by four-time Myanmar Academy Award winner Wyne. Phway Phway was born on 9 August 1988 in Burma to parent Mg U and his wife Theingi, she attended high school at the Kamayut 2 High School in 2004, graduated from University of Foreign Languages, Yangon with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Korean in 2008. Phway Phway had a great interest in becoming a singer as a child, she and her friends formed a band, "Art of Depression" with her as a vocalist. At university, she began modeling, she named herself as "Phway Phway" as her actress name. Her modeling career led to appearing in music videos and TV commercials, direct-to-video films.

She appeared on many magazine covers. She was awarded a successful new face actor in 2009 People Magazine Award and the best leading actress in "Lat Pan" movie in Myanmar Academy Awards 2012. Besides acting and modeling, Phway Phway has great interest in fashion designing, she believes that if she was not involved in the entertainment industry, she would have studied fashion and created her own label. She is the cousin of Myanmar actress Wut Hmone Shwe Yee. Phway Phway was listed as the Second Youngest Academy Award Winner after Soe Pyae Thazin. Phway Phway's fan called her "Phway Sein". Phway Phway on Facebook Phway Phway on IMDb

Boris Gurevich (wrestler, born 1937)

Boris Mikhaylovich Gurevich is a former Soviet wrestler. Gurevich, Jewish, was born in Kiev, Ukraine. Gurevich won the 1968 Summer Olympic Games freestyle middleweight gold medal in Mexico City, he finished ahead of silver medalist Jigjidiin Mönkhbat of Mongolia and bronze medalist Prodan Gardzhev of Bulgaria. He won a silver medal at the 1961 World Wrestling Championships at 87 kilograms, a gold medal at the 1967 World Wrestling Championships at 87 kilograms, a gold medal at the 1969 World Wrestling Championships at 90 kilograms, he was inducted into the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in 1982. List of select Jewish wrestlers Boris Michailowitsch Gurewitsch at United World Wrestling Boris Gurevich at Evans, Hilary. "Borys Mykhailovych Hurevych". Olympics at Sports Reference LLC

The Apotheosis of Athanasios Diakos

The Apotheosis of Athanasios Diakos is an oil painting by Konstantinos Parthenis created in 1933. The oil painting has dimensions 380 x 380 centimeters, it is exhibited at the National Gallery of Greece. Athanasios Diakos was a freedom fighter for Greek independence, executed by the Ottoman Empire by impalement following the Battle of Alamana; the painting shows a secular subject in a religious composition, with a cubist style. National Gallery Marina Lambrakē-Plaka. National Gallery, 100 years: four centuries of Greek painting from the collections of the National Gallery and the Euripidis Koutlidis Foundation. National Gallery and Alexandros Soutzos Museum. ISBN 9789607791030

Lower Connecticut River Valley

The Lower Connecticut River Valley is a region of the state of Connecticut focused around the juncture where the Connecticut River meets Long Island Sound. It includes the western edge of New London County, it is located in the southeastern-central part of the state and includes the seventeen towns of Chester, Cromwell, Deep River, East Haddam, East Hampton, Haddam, Lyme, Middletown, Old Lyme, Old Saybrook and Westbrook. Route 154 runs along the river ending in Old Saybrook; the road is designated as a scenic highway, popular with motorcycle tourists. State Route 9 runs through Cromwell and Middletown and extends to the shoreline where it connects with Interstate 95 in Old Saybrook; the region is known for its picturesque riverside scenery, small river and shoreline towns, tourist attractions such as the Goodspeed Opera House, the Essex Steam Train, Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park, Powder Ridge Mountain Park and Resort, the Traveler's Professional Golf Championship at TPC at River Highlands, Lyman Orchards, Lyman Orchards Golf Courses, Fox Hopyard Golf Course and Gillette Castle.

Middletown, the region's largest town, is one of Connecticut's smaller cities and the location of Wesleyan University. The oldest archeological founds in the area have been dated back to circa 8000 BC. Lower Connecticut River Valley Council of Governments