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Levante FC
Escut Levante FC.jpg
Full nameLevante Football Club
GroundEstadio La Cruz

Levante Football Club was a football club in Valencia, Spain


Levante Football Club was founded in 1909. In 1939 Levante FC and Gimnástico FC merged into Levante Unión Deportiva. Levante UD thus having origin since, at least, 1909 from both merged teams, Levante FC and Gimnástico FC. Today, Levante Union Deportiva is the most senior football club in Valencia. Local rival team Valencia CF was not formed until 1919.[1][2][3][4][5]


Levante FC - (1909–1939) → ↓

Levante FC - Gimnástico FC,[6] renamed Levante Unión Deportiva[7]- (1939–Present)

Gimnástico FC - (1909–1939) → ↑

Copa de la España Libre[edit]

During the Spanish Civil War both Levante FC and Gimnástico CF played in the Mediterranean League, finishing fifth and sixth respectively. Teams from this league also competed in the Copa de la España Libre (Free Spain Cup), it was originally intended that the top four teams from the league would enter the cup, but FC Barcelona opted to tour Mexico and the United States. As a result, Levante FC took their place; the first round of the competition was a mini-league with the top two teams, Levante FC and Valencia CF, then qualifying for the final. On July 18, 1937, Levante FC beat their city rivals 1-0 at the Montjuïc.


Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1929/30 2nd
1930/31 6th
1931/32 1st
1932/33 4th
1933/34 5th
1934/35 3rd
1935/36 3rd


Quarter-finals (1): 1935

Kit evolution[edit]


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