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Lifesaving Medal
GoldLife.gif Silverlife.gif
Gold and Silver Lifesaving Medals
Awarded by United States Coast Guard
Country  United States
Eligibility Open
Awarded for Rescuing, or endeavoring to rescue, any other person from drowning, shipwreck, or other perils of the water.
Established 20 June 1874
Total awarded 600+ Gold Lifesaving Medals
1,900+ Silver Lifesaving Medals

Gold Lifesaving Medal ribbon.svg Silver Lifesaving Medal ribbon.svg
Gold Lifesaving Medal ribbon and Silver Lifesaving Medal ribbon

Famed life-saver Joshua James wearing the Gold Lifesaving Medal among other awards

The Gold Lifesaving Medal and Silver Lifesaving Medal are U.S. decorations issued by the United States Coast Guard. The awards were first established by Act of Congress, 20 June 1874; later authorized by 14 U.S.C. § 500.[1] These decorations are two of the oldest medals in the United States and were originally established at the Department of Treasury as Lifesaving Medals First and Second Class, the Department of the Treasury initially gave the award, but today the United States Coast Guard awards it through the Department of Homeland Security.[2] They are not classified as military decorations, and may be awarded to any person.[3]


A British Sea Gallantry Medal for saving life was authorized in 1854. Twenty years later in the United States the Gold and Silver Lifesaving Medals were first authorized in an Act (18 Stat 125, 43rd Congress) that furthered the United States Life-Saving Service. The Secretary of the Treasury was directed, among other provisions of the act, to create "medals of honor", to be distinguished as life-saving medals of the first and second class, and bestow them upon any persons who endanger their own lives in saving, or endeavoring to save lives from perils of the sea, within the United States, or upon any American vessel.

The Lifesaving Medals have had three designs in their history, the original design in 1874 was "non-portable" and could not be worn by the recipient, but rather displayed much like a trophy. In 1882 the design was changed so that the medal was suspended from a two inch wide ribbon, the ribbon was red for the Gold Lifesaving Medal and light blue for the Silver Lifesaving medal. Finally on 4 August 1949 the medals and ribbons were reduced in size so that they were more proportionate to medals awarded by the U.S. Armed Forces, the ribbons were also redesigned to have multiple colors.

The laws governing the awarding of medal were amended over the years, and is currently awarded by the Coast Guard, the Commandant of the Coast Guard makes the final determination in authorizing the award.

"The Gold Lifesaving Medal or the Silver Lifesaving Medal may be awarded to any person who rescues or endeavors to rescue any other person from drowning, shipwreck, or other perils of the water. The rescue or attempted rescue must either take place in waters within the U.S. or subject to the jurisdiction thereof, or one or the other of the parties must be a citizen of the U.S. or from a vessel or aircraft owned or operated by citizens of the U.S."[3]

The Lifesaving Medal is issued in two grades, being silver and gold. "The Gold Lifesaving Medal may be awarded to an individual who performed a rescue or attempted rescue at the risk of his or her own life, and demonstrates extreme and heroic daring. The Silver Lifesaving Medal may be awarded to an individual who performed a rescue or attempted rescue where the circumstances do not sufficiently distinguish the individual to deserve the medal of gold, but demonstrate such extraordinary effort as to merit recognition. If neither the Gold nor Silver Lifesaving Medal is appropriate, then a Certificate of Valor or an appropriate Coast Guard Public Service Award may be considered."[3]

Until the mid-20th century, the Lifesaving Medal was often bestowed upon members of the military; however in recent times the decoration has become somewhat rare. This is due primarily to the creation of a variety of additional military decorations that are often considered more prestigious than the Lifesaving Medal, the United States Navy often issues the Navy and Marine Corps Medal, instead of the Lifesaving Medal, for sea rescues involving risk of life. "Military personnel serving on active duty would normally not be recommended for Gold and Silver Lifesaving Medals; however, military personnel may be recommended for a Lifesaving Medal if the act of heroism was performed while the individual was in a leave or liberty status. In all other circumstances, a military award should be considered."[3] The Lifesaving Medal is authorized for wear on U.S. military uniforms.[4]

The Lifesaving Medal is unusual among U.S. medals because it is actually struck from the eponymous precious metal, silver or gold.[5]

Multiple awards of the Lifesaving Medal are denoted by award stars on the decoration’s ribbon and a gold clasp, inscribed with the recipient’s name, is worn on the actual medal.

Since 1874, more than 600 Gold Lifesaving Medals and more than 1,900 Silver Lifesaving Medals have been awarded.[5]

Notable recipients[edit]

Life Saving Medal 1st Class, original design

Gold Medal[edit]

Notable awardees of the Silver Lifesaving Medal[edit]

Gold Lifesaving Medal awardees[edit]

Note: The listing below was derived from a listing of United States Coast Guard (USCG), Revenue Cutter Service (USRCS), Life Saving Service (USLSS) and Light House Service (USLHS) personnel awarded the Gold Lifesaving Medal. There are other recipients who were civilians or members of other branches of service which have been added as well as others not listed below.

Date of Rescue: 1854 and 1856

Date of Award: 14 May 1888 (Special Act of Congress); Awardee: Captain Thomas Sampson, Chief Detective, U.S. Sub-Treasury, New York. (Also awarded the Silver Lifesaving Medal.)

Date of Rescue: 10 October 1877

Station: Joseph LSS, MI (Station No. 10, Eleventh District), Date of Award: 1 May 1878, Awardee: Joseph Napier

Date of Rescue: 11 September 1878

Station: Charlotte LSS, NY, Date of Award: 2 August 1879, Awardee: Joseph O. Doyle

Date of Rescue: 1 April 1879

Station: Nantucket LSS, MA, Date of Award: 10 May 1879, Awardee: Thomas F. Sandsbury

Date of Rescue: 4 April 1879

Station: Cape Cod LSS, MA Date of Award: 10 November 1879 Awardee: Surfman Isaac F. Mayo

Date of Rescue: 20 November 1879

Station: Glen Arbor LSS, MI, Date of Award: 8 April 1880, Awardees: John Blanchfield, William A. Clark, W.C. Ray, Charles A. Rosman, John Tobin

Date of Rescue: 3 February 1880

Station: Monmouth Beach, NJ (Station No. 4, Fourth District), Dte of Award: 18 June 1880 Awardees: Charles H. Valentine, Garrett H. White, Nelson Lockwood, Benjamin C. Potter, William H. Ferguson, John Van Brunt

Date of Rescue: 3 February 1880

Station: Swan Point LSS, NJ (Station No. 11, Fourth District) Date of Award: 10 June 1881 Awardees: William H. Brower, William L. Chadwick, Abner R. Clayton, David B. Clayton, David B. Fisher, Charles W. Flemming, Abner Herbert, Demarest T. Herbert, Abram J. Jones, Britton C. Miller, Isaac Osborn, Louis Truex

Date of Rescue: 3 February 1880

Station: Green Island LSS, NJ (Station No. 11, Fourth District) Date of Award: 10 June 1881 Awardees: William P. Chadwick, John Flemming, James Numan, Tylee C. Pearce, Charles Seaman, Peter Sutfin, Benjamin Turex, William Vannote

Date of Rescue: 23 April 1880

Station: Point au Barques LSS, MI (Station No. 2, Tenth District) Date of Award: ? Awardee: Jerome G. Kiah

Date of Rescue: 4 February 1881

Station: Lime Rock Lighthouse Station, RI, Date of Award: 16 July 1881, Awardee: Ida Lewis, Keeper, U.S. Lighthouse Service (First award to a woman.)

Date of Rescue: 31 October 1884

Station: Cleveland LSS, OH (Station No. 8, Ninth District) Date of Award: 3 December 1884 Awardees: Lawrence Distel, John L. Eveleigh, Joseph Goodrof, Charles C. Goodwin, William Goodwin, Frederick T. Hatch, Delos Hayden, Charles Learned, Jay Lindsay

Date of Rescue: 22 December 1884

Station: Creed's Hill LSS, NC (Station No. 22, Sixth District) Date of Award: 24 April 1885 Awardee: Patrick H. Etheridge

Date of Rescue: 22 December 1884

Station: Cape Hatteras LSS, NC (Station 23, Sixth District) Date of Award: 24 April 1885 Awardees: Benjamin B. Dailey, Charles Fulcher, Thomas Gray, Isaac Jennett, Jabez B. Jennett, John H. Midgett

Date of Rescue: 28 January 1885

Station: Cape Elizabeth LSS, ME; Date of Award: 25 April 1885; Awardee: Keeper Marcus A. Hanna, USLHS

Date of Rescue: 27 July 1885

Station: Shark River LSS, NJ (Station No. 7, Fourth District); Date of Award: 3 February 1887 Awardee: John C. Patterson

Date of Rescue: 25 November 1888

Station: Hull LSS, MA; Date of Award: 10 January 1889 Awardees: Joseph T. Galiano, Louis F. Galiano, Joshua James, Osceola F. James, Alonzo L. Mitchell, Ambrose B. Mitchell, H. Webster Mitchell, John L. Mitchell, Eben T. Pope, George F. Pope, Frederick Smith

Date of Rescue: 26 November 1888

Station: Jerry's Point LSS, NH; Date of Award: 10 January 1889; Awardees: Winslow A. Amazeen, Ephraim S. Hall, Silas H. Harding, George W. Randall, Ernest Robinson, John Smith, Selden F. Wells

Date of Rescue: 22 December 1888

Station: San Francisco LSS, CA; Date of Award: 6 February 1892; Awardee: John Regnier

Date of Rescue: 28 November 1889

Station: Evanston LSS, IL; Date of Award: 17 October 1890; Awardees: George Crosby, William Ewing, Edson B. Fowler, Frank W. Kindig, Lawrence O. Lawson, Jacob Loining, William L. Wilson

Date of Rescue: 26 October 1890

Station: Cleveland Breakwater Light Station, OH; Date of Award: 26 February 1891; Awardee: Frederick T. Hatch, Keeper, U.S.L.H.S.

Date of Rescue: 21 January 1892

Station: Coskata LSS, MA; Date of Award: 2 April 1892; Awardee: Walter N. Chase

Date of Rescue: 24 February 1892

Station: Hog Island LSS, VA (Station No. 9, Fifth District); Date of Award: 21 March 1892; Awardee: John E. Johnson

Date of Rescue: 19 April 1893

Station: Milwaukee LSS, WI; Date of Award: 24 May 1893; Awardee: Ingar Olsen

Date of Rescue: 11 October 1896

Station: Pea Island LSS, NC (Station No. 17, Sixth District) Date of Award: 5 March 1996; Awardees: Benjamin Bowser, Richard Etheridge, William Irving, Theodore Meekins, Dorman Pugh, Lewis Wescott, Stanley Wise (all African-Americans)

Date of Rescue: 22-23 November 1896

Station: Point Arena Light Station, CA; Date of Award: 17 October 1899; Awardees: Jefferson M. Brown, Keeper, U.S.L.H.S.

Date of Rescue: 18 August 1899

Station: Gull Shoal LSS, NC, Date of Award: 18 October 1899, Awardee: Rasmus S. Midgett

Date of Rescue: 8 September 1900

Station: USRC Galveston; Date of Award: 18 September 1902; Awardees: James Bierman, U.S.R.C.S.; Charles S. Root, U.S.R.C.S.

Date of Rescue: 21 November 1900

Station: Buffalo LSS, NY (Station No. 5, Ninth District), Date of Award: 23 February 1901, Awardee: W. W. Griesser

Date of Rescue: 21 December 1900

Station: Dam Neck Hills LSS, VA; Date of Award: 7 October 1901; Awardee: Bailey T. Barco

Date of Rescue: 17 March 1902

Station: Monomoy LSS, MA; Date of Award: 28 March 1902; Awardee: Seth L. Ellis

Date of Rescue: 15 December 1902

Station: Charlotte LSS, NY (Station No. 4, Ninth District); Date of Award: 3 January 1903; Awardees: Frank B. Chapman, W. Vernon Downing, Charles Eastwood, Mial E. Eggleston, George N. Gray, George E. Henderson, Ira S. Palmer, Delbert Rose, Lester D. Seymour

Date of Rescue: 21 January 1903

Station: Shipbottom LSS, NJ; Date of Award: 22 October 1903; Awardees: C. V. Conklin, J. Horace Cranmer, B. P. Pharo, Walter Pharo, A. B. Salmons, Isaac W. Truex

Date of Rescue: 21 January 1903

Station: Long Beach LSS, NJ; Date of Award: 22 October 1903; Awardees: M. D. Kelly, George Mathis, W. E. Pharo

Date of Rescue: 13 June 1903

Station: Squan Beach LSS, NJ (Station No. 9, Fourth District); Date of Award: 15 January 1904; Awardee: Robert F. Longstreet

Date of Rescue: 24 July 1903

Station: Sakonnet Light Station, RI, Date of Award: 23 June 1904, Awardee: Nils Nelson, Keeper, U.S. Lighthouse Service

Date of Rescue: 10 October 1903

Station: Virginia Beach LSS, VA; Date of Award: 15 January 1904; Awardee: W. N. Capps

Date of Rescue: 22 January 1904

Station: Quogue LSS, NY; Date of Award: ?; Awardees: Surfman William F. Halsey, Jr., Surfman Frank D. Warner

Date of Rescue: 22 February 1904

Station: Blue Point LSS, NY; Date of Award: 15 January 1905; Awardees: Arthur Latham, Frank D. Raynor

Date of Rescue: 10 February 1905

Station: Cape Lookout LSS, NC Date of Award: 12 April 1905 Awardees: James W. Fulcher, William H. Gaskill, John A. Guthrie, Kilby Guthrie, Calupt T. Jarvis, John F. Kirkman, Joseph L. Lewis, Tyre Moore, Walter M. Voemans

Date of Rescue: 1 December 1905

Station: Sand Island Light Station; Date of Award: 21 May 1906; Awardee: Niels Nilsen, Keeper, U.S.L.H.S.

Date of Rescue: 29 November 1909

Station: Cape Hatteras LSS, NC Date of Award: 6 December 1911 Awardee: B. B. Miller

Date of Rescue: 29 November 1909

Station: Creed's Hill LSS, NC Date of Award: 6 December 1911 Awardee: E. H. Peel

Date of Rescue: 28 August 1911

Station: Unknown, Date of Award: 28 March 1912, Awardee: Third Lieutenant S. S. Yeandle, U.S.R.C.S.

Date of Rescue: 30 December 1912

Station: Tathams LSS, NJ Date of Award: 16 April 1913 Awardees: Ridgeway G. Cobb, Richard Cresse, William A. Eckersley, William S. Eldridge, John K. Mathis, Harry McGinley, Samuel Morton, Frank Nichols, Adelbert Robbins, John E. Treworgy, Earl S. Woolson, Charles Wright, Jr.

Date of Rescue: 7 January 1913

Station: Point Adams LSS, OR; Date of Award: 14 April 1913; Awardees: Bernard C. Anderson, Thomas Anderson, P. A. De Kruis, John Doty, Ole Ericksen, Charles Johnson, Edward Johnson, Robert Nagel, Rudolph A. Pajoman, Charles E. Pearson, Leonard Pearson, Carl W. Petterson, Alfred Rimer, Theodore Roberge, Robert Therand, Charles A. Tucker, Oscar S. Wicklund

Date of Rescue: 8 November 1913

Station: Portage LSS, MI; Date of Award: 15 July 1914; Awardees: John C. Alfsen, Paul Liedtke, Oscar Marshall, Thomas H. McCormick, John McDonald, David M. Small, Fred C. Sollman, Collin L. Westrope

Date of Rescue: 8 November 1913

Station: Eagle Harbor LSS, MI; Date of Award: 15 July 1914; Awardees: Serge Anderson, John Beck, Thomas W. Bennetts, Anthony F. Glaza, George Halpainen, Charles Kumpula, Henry Padberg, Charles A. Tucker, Chester O. Tucker

Date of Rescue: 23 November 1914

Station: Fort Point LSS, CA; Date of Award: 13 April 1915; Awardee: John L. Clark

Date of Rescue: 23 November 1914

Station: Point Bonita LSS, CA; Date of Award: 13 April 1915; Awardees: Michael Maxwell, Joseph L. Nutter

Note - In 1915 the Revenue Cutter Service and the Life Saving Service merged to form the United States Coast Guard. Unless, otherwise indicated, all awardees listed after 1915 are Coast Guard personnel.

Date of Rescue: 15 January 1918

Station: USS North Dakota; Date of Award:  ?; Awardees: CDR Henry C. Mustin, USN

Date of Rescue: 16 August 1918

Station: Chicamacomico LBS, NC; Date of Award: 20 August 1924 Awardees: John A. Midgett, Zion S. Midgett, Arthur V. Midgett, Leroy S. Midgett, Clarence E. Midgett, Prochorus L. O'Neal

Date of Rescue: 16 September 1918

Station: USCGC Seneca; Date of Award: 16 May 1919; Awardee: Coxswain James Osborne

Date of Rescue: 28 April 1919

Station: USS Marietta, Date of Award: 5 January 1920, Awardee: Captain Harry G. Hamlet, USCG

Date of Rescue: 14 November 1919

Station: Grand Marais LBS, MI Date of Award: 3 June 1920 Awardees: John O. Anderson, Alfred E. Kristofferson, Leon E. Alford, George Olsen, Glen Wells, Edward J. Spencer, Russell Martin, William Campbell, Joseph G. McShea

Date of Rescue: 14 March 1920

Station: USCGC Acushnet; Date of Award: 11 May 1920; Awardees: LCDR James Pine, USCG, Charles Hansen

Date of Rescue: 14 February 1923

Station: USCGC Snohomish Date of Award: 28 September 1928 Awardee: LCDR Henry G. Hemingway, USCG

Date of Rescue: 28-29 October 1923

Station: Panama Canal Zone Date of Award:  ? Awardee: Sheppard J. Shreaves (civilian)

Date of Rescue: 7 July 1924

Station: USCGC Mascoutin, Date of Award: 24 October 1924, Awardees: John S. Baylis, Thomas W. Coker

Date of Rescue: 8 November 1925

Station: USLHT Columbine Date of Award: 16 February 1927 Awardee: Norman C. Manyon, Keeper, U.S. Lighthouse Service

Date of Rescue: 26 August 1924

Station: Ocean City LBS, MD Date of Award: 11 June 1925 Awardee: BMC(L) Thomas F. Moore

Date of Rescue: 16 November 1926

Station: CG-213 Date of Award: 24 May 1927 Awardee: BM(T) William C. Hart

Date of Rescue: 5 March 1928

Station: USCGC Raritan Date of Award: 30 June 1928 Awardee: Paul R. Kelliher

Date of Rescue: 10 November 1929

Station: Coast Guard Seaplane No. 3 Date of Award: 23 April 1930 Awardee: Machinist William R. Kinley

Date of Rescue: 1 January 1933

Station: Coast Guard Seaplane Arcturus, CG Air Station, Miami Date of Award: 17 April 1933 Awardees: Carl C. von Paulsen, William L. Foley, ACMM James R. Orndorff, Jr., AMM1 William D. Pinkston, RM3 Thomas S. McKenzie

Date of Rescue: 22 August 1933

Station: CG-112, Base Nine, Cape May, NJ Date of Award: 26 April 1934 Awardees: John A. Glynn, BMC William J. Kelley, BM1 Stanley F. Rogers, MoMM1 Aldbert Fagerholm, MoMM2 Edward J. Recotta, SN2 Frank J. Pfingston, MoMM1 Miller L. West, Cook Charles R. Neblett

Date of Rescue: 24 March 1935

Station: Point Adams LBS, OR Date of Award: 25 April 1936 Awardee: MoMM2 Lynn M. Clapp

Date of Rescue: 8 February 1936

Station: Charlevoix LBS, MI Date of Award: 28 April 1936 Awardee: BM2 Earl Cunningham

Date of Rescue: 22 June 1937

Station: USCGC Pontchartrain Date of Award: 15 September 1937 Awardee: BM2 Albert Lees

Date of Rescue: 7 May 1937

Station: Gray's Harbor LBS, WA Date of Award: 20 September 1937 Awardees: BN(L) Hilman J. Persson, MoMM1(L) Roy I. Anderson, MoMM1 Jesse W. Mathews, Surfman Daneil E. Hamaleinen, Surfman Roy N. Woods

Date of Rescue: 10 May 1937

Station: Coast Guard Seaplane V-131, CG Air Station San Diego Date of Award: 3 August 1937 Awardee: LT Stanley C. Linholm, USCG

Date of Rescue: 26 March 1938

Station: MLB Triumph, Point Adams LBS, OR Date of Award: 7 November 1938 Awardee: BN(L) John F. McCormick

Date of Rescue: 21 September 1938

Station: Woods Hole LBS, MA, Date of Award: 23 January 1939, Awardees: SN1 Charles G. Starling, RM3 John A. Steadman

Date of Rescue: 23 December 1938

Station: USCGC Haida Date of Award: 1 November 1945 Awardee: ENS Glenn L. Rollins

Date of Rescue: 3 December 1939

Station: Point Bonita LBS, CA Date of Award: 30 April 1940 Awardee: BMC Cecil M. Thomas

Date of Rescue: 14 & 15 October 1947

Station: USCGC Bibb Date of Award: 10 November 1947 Awardees: LTJG Clarence S. Hall, BM1 Ralph J. Keller

Date of Rescue: 11 August 1947

Station: USS Henley (DD-762) Date of Award: 3 December 1947 Awardee: SN2 Richard C. Gillett

Date of Rescue: 2 September 1947

Station: USCGC McCulloch Date of Award: 2 March 1948 Awardee: BM1 Marion K. Reynolds

Date of Rescue: 11 September 1949

Station: Point Montara Light Station, CA Date of Award: 20 March 1950 Awardee: SA Leonard Wisniewski

Date of Rescue: 5 April 1951

Station: St. George's Reef Light Station, CA; Date of Award: 31 March 1952; Awardee: BMC Fred Permenter

Date of Rescue: 28 May 1951

Station: U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 78; Date of Award: 27 June 1952; Awardee: Erick Lundberg, USCG AUX

Date of Rescue: 18 February 1952

Station: Chatham LBS, MA Date of Award: 7 May 1952 Awardees: BM1 Bernard C. Webber, EN2(P) Andrew J. Fitzgerald, SN Richard P. Livesey, SN Ervin E. Mask

Date of Rescue: 18 & 19 February 1952

Station: USCGC Yakutat; Date of Award: 7 May 1952; Awardee: ENS William R. Kiely, Jr.

Date of Rescue: 18 January 1953

Station: Coast Guard Air Detachment Sangley Point, Philippine Islands; Date of Award: 16 November 1955; Awardees: LT John Vukic, LTJG Gerald W. Steward, ADC Joseph M. Miller, Jr., ALC Winfield J. Hammond, AL1 Carl R. Tornell, AO1 Joseph R. Bridge, AD3 Tracy W. Miller, AM3 Robert F. Hewitt

Date of Rescue: 15 December 1955

Station: Plum Island Light Station, NY; Date of Award: 1 April 1957; Awardee: SN Sherwood R. Anderson

Date of Rescue: 23 June 1957

Station: Yaquina Bay LBS, OR; Date of Award: 30 January 1958; Awardee: FN James R. Dean, BMC Thomas. D. McAdams

Date of Rescue: 19 February 1960

Station: Cape Elizabeth LBS, ME; Date of Award: 7 July 1960; Awardee: Leon E. Minzy

Date of Rescue: 12 January 1961

Station: Point Adams LBS; Date of Award: 25 June 1962; Awardee: BM1 John L. Culp

Date of Rescue: 12 January 1961

Station: Cape Disappointment LBS, WA; Date of Award: 25 June 1962; Awardee: SN-BM Larry B. Edwards

Date of Rescue: 14 September 1961

Station: Grand Haven South Pierhead Light Station, MI Date of Award: 18 May 1962; Awardee: BM2 David E. Sparks

Date of Rescue: 1 June 1962

Station: Quillayute River LBS, WA; Date of Award: 20 March 1963; Awardee: BM1 John C. Webb

Date of Rescue: 2 December 1965

Station: Coast Guard Base Detroit, MI Date of Award: 11 March 1966 Awardee: SN Dennis R. Bauer

Date of Rescue: 29 April 1968

Station: USCGC McLane; Date of Award: 16 January 1969; Awardees: SN John R. McGowan, SN Richard E. Geise

Date of Rescue: 5 October 1969

Station: ? Date of Award: 22 February 1973 Awardee: Petty Officer James P. Grier

Date of Rescue: 18 April 1993

Station:  ? Date of Award: 7 October 1993 Awardee: PA1 Gary A. Openshaw

Date of Rescue: 10 September 1994

Station:  ?; Date of Award: 27 February 1995; Awardee: CPO George B. Evans

Date of Rescue: 26 November 1995

Station: Cape Disappointment USCGS; Date of Award: 7 June 1996; Awardee: Petty Officer Michael E. Early

Date of Rescue: 27 May 1996

Station: ? Date of Award: 24 January 1997; Awardee: Petty Officer Kevin S. DeGroot

Date of Rescue: 6 April 1997

Station: CG-41351; Date of Award: 15 May 1997; Awardee: Frank Mauro, USCG Auxiliary


Other awardees[edit]

  • Lucien M. Clemons, June 19, 1876.
  • Hubbard M. Celmons, June 19, 1876.
  • A.J. Celmons, June 19, 1876.
  • J. Schuyler Crosby, June 8, 1877.
  • Carl Fosburg, June 8, 1877.
  • Philip C. Bleil, New York City Police Department, January 4, 1878.
  • Ensign Lucien Young, USN, June 12, 1878.
  • Seaman Antoine Williams, USN, March 13, 1879.
  • John H. Rapp, March 4, 1882. (Also awarded Silver Medal.)
  • Cabin Steward Fuji Hachitaro, USN, November 5, 1889.

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