The Cricket Annual

The Cricket Annual was a compact cricket annual publication published in 1961 and 1962 and edited by Roy Webber. In 1962 the Playfair titles including Playfair Cricket Annual were acquired by Dickens Press which had just published The Cricket Annual. In November 1962 Webber died and the decision was made to combine the two annuals so that in 1963, Dickens published a new style Playfair Cricket Annual, using the same name but basing the size and price on The Cricket Annual; the Cricket Annual was one in a long line of publications starting in 1895, with many different titles but with a continuity of format and style. They are pocket book size but pre-1928 inaccurately trimmed and size varies. Pre-1915 books contained 96 pages. From 1904-1914 they were edited by Alfred Gibson and for one year in 1921 by'Mentor'. From 1922 until 1939 the editor was Frank Thorogood, in 1946 Percy Rudd, Crawford White until 1957 when he was joined by Roy Webber. Good quality copies prior to 1921 are rare and the 1895-1899 Star and Leader Cricket Manuals is difficult to find in any condition.

The early annuals sold for one penny. When they reappeared after the First World War the price was 4d and in 1929 reduced to 3d until 1939. Post-1946, as the number of pages grew, the cost rose in increments from 6d to one shilling and six pence by 1957. Titles 1895-1899 Star and Leader Cricket Manual 1900-1908 Morning Leader Cricket Annual 1909-1911 Morning Leader Cricket and Sports Annual 1912 Morning Leader Cricket Annual 1913-1914 Daily News and Leader Cricket Annual 1921-1926 Daily News Cricket and Tennis Annual 1927-1930 Daily News Cricket Annual 1931-1939 News Chronicle Cricket Annual 1946-1960 News Chronicle Cricket Annual 1961-1962 The Cricket Annual 1963-2013 Playfair Cricket Annual

Whatever You Want (album)

Whatever You Want is the twelfth studio album by the British rock band Status Quo. This was the band's third album to be produced by Pip Williams. Recording began in December 1978 at Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, the Netherlands, with the final mixes being completed in London in March 1979; the album was released on 12 October 1979 and entered the chart on 20 October 1979, reaching as high as no. 4. The first single from the album — "Whatever You Want" — was released on 14 September, with "Hard Ride" as the B-side, reached a peak position of no. 4. The second single from the album was "Living on an Island", with the B-side "Runaway"; this was reached no. 16 in the chart. The album was remixed for the US market and this version was released in the US with the title Now Hear This in 1980, it was released on CD as part of the 2016 deluxe remaster. However this omitted two songs, "Shady Lady" and "Your Smiling Face"; these are therefore only available on the original vinyl/cassette/8-track releases.

The tracks "Whatever You Want" and "Living On an Island" were swapped in the running order of the US remixed version. "Whatever You Want" — 4:04 "Shady Lady" — 3:00 "Who Asked You" — 4:00 "Your Smiling Face" — 4:25 "Living on an Island" — 4:48 "Come Rock with Me" — 3:15 "Rockin' On" — 3:25 "Runaway" — 4:39 "High Flyer" — 3:47 "Breaking Away" — 6:44 "Hard Ride" "Bad Company" "Another Game In Town" "Shady Lady" "Rearrange" "Living On An Island" The album was first released in CD format in 1991, on a CD containing Just Supposin'. To make the two albums fit the single disc, the track "High Flyer" was omitted, while the song "The Wild Ones" was omitted from Just Supposin'; the album was digitally remastered and released in CD format in 2005. The first release was on 7 March 2005 by Mercury Records in the UK. Francis Rossiguitar, vocals Rick Parfitt — guitar, vocals Alan Lancasterbass, vocals John Coghlan — drumsAdditional personnelAndy Bown — keyboards