Tien Chung-chin

Tien Chung-chin was a Chinese-born politician based in Taiwan. Tien Chung-chin was known by the courtesy name Yunching. A native of Qingcheng County, he attended Peking University, where he participated in the May Fourth Movement. Soon after graduation in 1923, Tien began advanced study in the United States. Starting in 1925, Tien enrolled in the University of Washington transferred to the University of Missouri before earning a master's and doctoral degree from the University of Illinois. Tien returned to China in 1930. In February 1931, Tien was appointed to the Control Yuan. In January 1936, he was named the leader of the Gansu Provincial Department of Education. After the Xi'an Incident, Tien was named chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Government, he began a second term on the Control Yuan in 1938. Concurrently, Tien served as president of Lanzhou University. In November 1946, he was elected to the National Constituent Assembly. Tien retained his Control Yuan position, which included oversight of Gansu and Shaanxi.

On 13 July 1948, Tien took office as the inaugural Minister of Examination. Tien left for Taiwan in 1949. From 1951 to 1954, he led the Tibetan Affairs Commission. In 1958, Tien succeeded Wang Depu as interior minister. Upon stepping down from the ministry of the interior in 1960, Tien served on the Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission for a second time, until 1963. In 1971, he was nominated to succeed Xie Guansheng as President of the Judicial Yuan. Tien held the office until his death in Taipei on 30 March 1977

Maria Zankovetska

Maria Zankovetska was a Ukrainian theater actress. There are some sources that date her birth to August 3, 1860. Maria was born into a family of an impoverished landowner and nobleman Kostyantyn Kostyantynovych Adasovsky and a Chernihiv city resident Maria Vasylivna Nefedova in a village of Zanky, Nizhyn County, Chernigov Governorate, she had many siblings. Maria was a graduate of the Chernihiv City Female Gymnasium. In 1876 Maria came out on a stage of the Nizhyn theater; the city of Nizhyn became her native town. Her professional career started on October 27, 1882 in the Yelizavetgrad City Theater under the management of Marko Kropyvnytsky, her first role was Natalka from the Kotlyarevsky play "Natalka Poltavka". Maria participated among the most popular and professional Ukrainian troupes of Marko Kropyvnytsky, Mykhailo Starytsky, Mykola Sadovsky, Panas Saksahansky, her stage name Zankovetska was derived from the name of the village. The professional career of Zankovetska's accounted for over 30 roles.

Her characters were dramatic heroes. Maria sang in a mezzo-soprano voice; the actress created images that were penetrated with a fiery comedy. She glorified with her play ordinary common people revealing the immensity of their souls. Having a charming voice, a dramatic soprano, she incomparably performed in plays the Ukrainian folk songs. Zankovetska demanded the opening in Nizhyn of a permanent state theater. In 1918 she organized a people's theater "Ukrainian troupe under direction of M. Zankovetska", where she played such actors as Borys Romanytsky, Andriy Rotmyrov and others. Several plays were set among which were "Natalka Poltavka", "Hetman Doroshenko", "Aza the Gypsy". Recognizing her stage merits, in June 1918 the Hetman of Ukraine Pavlo Skoropadsky approved the adoption by the Council of Ministers of a resolution on the appointment of a lifetime state pension for Zankovetska. In 1922 Ukraine triumphantly celebrated the 40th anniversary of Zankovetska's career, she was the first person in Ukraine whom the government awarded the high title of the People's Artist of the republic.

Zankovetska died on October 4, 1934. She is buried in Kiev. 1882 - Natalka 1882 - Halya 1882 - Tsvirkunka 1883 - Olena 1887 - Kharytyna 1889 - Katrya 1891 - Aksyusha 1892 - Aza Ulyana Kvitchyna Yo 1909 - Natalka 1923 - Mother Т.І. Лазанська. ЗАНЬКОВЕЦЬКА Марія Костянтинівна. Енциклопедія історії України: Т. 3: Е-Й / Редкол.: В. А. Смолій та ін. НАН України. Інститут історії України. - К.: В-во «Наукова думка», 2005. - 672 с.: іл. Retrieved 2014-08-01. Photo Archives of Zankovetska Leo Tolstoy asked Maria Zankovetska for a tissue. 04.08.2009 Melpomene of the Ukrainian stage. Triumph and tragedy. To the 150th anniversary of the birthday of Maria Zankovetska. «Mirror Weekly». № 31 7 — 13 August 2004. Profile at hrono Profile