Little Red Riding Hood (1922 film)

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Little Red Riding Hood
Laugh-O-Grams series
Little Red Riding Hood (Disney).jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed by Walt Disney
Produced by Walt Disney
Animation by Rudolph Ising
Carman Maxwell
Ub Iwerks
Hugh Harman
Otto Walliman
Lorey Tague
Studio Laugh-O-Gram Studio
Release date(s) July 29, 1922 (1922-07-29)
Color process Black and white
Running time 6 minutes 12 seconds
Country United States
Preceded by Kansas City’s Spring Cleanup
Followed by The Four Musicians of Bremen

Little Red Riding Hood (1922) is a Walt Disney short cartoon, and is a rendition of the traditional story of Little Red Riding Hood.[1] The film is part of the Laugh-O-Grams series that was released in 1922.[2] This is one of the first ever Walt Disney cartoons,[3][4][5][6] and considered Disney's first attempt at animated storytelling.[7] Rather than using animation cels, it was made mostly by photographing inked lines on paper.[8] The film was considered to be lost for many years and it was listed in 1980 on the American Film Institute's "10 Most Wanted Films for Archival Preservation".[9] A print of the film was discovered by a British collector in a London film library in 1998 and was restored the same year.[7][9]

The film introduces the prototype for Julius the Cat, who would become Disney's first named, recurring character.[10]:302

A second American short film with the same title was also released in 1922 which starred Baby Peggy.

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