Devolo (singer)

David Puniani is a New Zealand hip-hop performer of Tongan descent from South Auckland, best known as a member of the hip hop group Deceptikonz. He is signed to the Dawn Raid Entertainment music label and in 2009 he was "Best Pacific Male Artist" at the Pacific Music Awards. In 2008, his debut single "Somebody" became a top 10 hit on the NZ iTunes top songs for all genres and #1 on NZ iTunes top hip hop downloads; that year, his hit single "Too Shy" jumped from #38 to #6 in one week on New Zealand’s RIANZ Top 40 Singles Chart. In 2009, the pop group The Pussycat Dolls asked Devolo to do a remix of their forthcoming single "Bottle Pop". In 2009 Devolo featured on David Dallas' single "Indulge Me", which charted at #34, his debut solo album Heaven & Hell was released on 2 March 2009, but it failed to make the charts

Jenna Kim Jones

Jenna Kim Jones is an American comedian and podcaster. Known for her on-camera narration in the American documentary film Meet the Mormons, she hosts a daily podcast called Couple Friends. Jones is a former Thursday gang. Jones was born in Seoul, South Korea on June 8, 1986. At the age of 8 she relocated with five siblings to Provo, Utah. After graduating from Timpview High School in 2004, she moved to New York City to attend New York University. In July 2012 she moved to Los Angeles, they moved to the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. Jones graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Arts in Producing and Writing for Television in 2008. In high school, Jones was a park performer at Utah's Lagoon Amusement Park. While at NYU, she interned at Follow Productions, The Martha Stewart Show, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and CBS Primetime Casting. After graduating from NYU, Jones began working for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, she worked there from 2008 to 2012 as a script PA.

While there, she was introduced to stand-up comedy. She began performing at open mics in 2009 and was asked to help produce and host The Daily Show and Friends, a monthly stand up show held at the Comix NY comedy club in Lower Manhattan. Jones worked for Ora TV. Jones performs clean stand-up comedy across the United States at private events, she has released four comedy specials. Jones' video debut comedy special was released in 2014; this audio show was the featured comedy special for the entire month of September 2016 as part of the Everyone Laughs Series Sirius XM Radio Laugh USA Ch. 98 Released in 2017 by the video streaming service VidAngel part of their Dry Bar Comedy series. This show is available to Amazon Prime members as part of their online video offering. Jones' second audio special recorded over two comedy shows at the Legacy Theatre in Tyrone, GA on June 16, 2018. Featured on Sirius XM Radio Channel 98 Laugh USA. Launched March 28, 2019, Couple Friends is a audio show hosted by Jones and featuring her husband Allan Moss.

Jones described Couple Friends is an evolution from her previous #SorryNotSorry with Jenna Kim Jones podcast. On May 1, 2019 Couple Friends is now published daily; the show coves a variety of topics each day and each episode is less than 20 minutes long. Launched February 28, 2014, the #SorryNotSorry with Jenna Kim Jones Podcast was a family-friendly audio show hosted by Jones and featuring her husband Allan Moss. Released weekly, the run time is under an hour; each show follows the same general outline, with different recurring segments swapped out from show to show. An example of the show would be introductions, covering a random topic for the first quarter of the show a segment or two, followed by Tweets of the Week, closing with Hopes & Dreams. #SNSwJKJ segments include: Foodie Call - Jones, a self described junk food connoisseur with an impressive knowledge of brands and flavors, discusses food news and trends. Quench or Parch - A subject is evaluated and decided if it is liked or not liked.

Jones and Moss reveal their opinion of the subject at the same time. Today's Win! - Listeners submit their stories of irony via Twitter. For example, "#todayswin, I found $5 on the ground walking back to my car, where I had received a parking ticket." #Dear Jenna - Jones and Moss give their non-professional advice on a topic a listener has submitted via email or Twitter. Quick on your think! - Jones and Moss name a subject and they have five seconds to name three types of the subject. Hopes & Dreams - Jones and Moss give a weekly aspiration and a long term goal that they want to achieve. Guests - From time to time Jones has family and friends on the show. Live Tweets - A movie, Twitter hashtag and time are all chosen for a Live Tweet event where Jones and listeners start to watch the movie at the same time and all tweet during the movie to a designated hashtag. After 5 years and 354 episodes #SorryNotSorry with Jenna Kim Jones podcast was re-branded and titled Couple Friends. Alison Rosen and Jenna Kim Jones met in 2010.

A mutual friend felt that Jones would be a good fit on the first incarnation of Rosen's Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend Ustream show. Jones moved out to California, where Rosen lived. Rosen had Jones on her new Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend podcast on June 12, 2013, Jones became a regular on the Thursday panel show. At the end of 2014 the show changed studios. Jones and Moss supported Rosen with the transition of the podcast. Jones and Moss stayed on the Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend Thursday show as regulars on the until June 2017, when they announced they had bought a house and were moving to Atlanta. In addition to writing television sketch comedy, Jones does freelance writing. Jones is the on-camera narrator of Meet the Mormons, she continues to be the voice behind Meet the Mormons as New Faces / New Stories expands on other people and families not part of the original movie. These new stories are shown at Temple Square, at select LDS Mormon Visitors' Centers. On Sept 17, 2018 BYU TV announced Jenna Kim Jones as one of the new hosts of Random Acts season four.

In addition to doing various voiceover work, Jones met house music producer Graham Knox Frazier while working at The Daily Show and released She Don't Care Feat. Jenna Kim Jones on December 6, 2011. Knox's track "Everything" is played as the intr