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Llanfairfechan is a town and community in the Conwy County Borough, Wales. It is known as a seaside resort and had a population at the 2001 Census of 3,755, reducing to 3,637 at the 2011 Census; the history of the area dates back to at least Roman times, as demonstrated by the discovery of a large second century milestone, now preserved in the British Museum. It was in Gwynedd from 1972 to 1996, prior to, in Caernarfonshire. For ceremonial and electoral boundary purposes it was transferred from the preserved county of Gwynedd to that of Clwyd in 2003. For electoral purposes, the community of Llanfairfechan consists of three electoral wards, Bryn and Pandy; the town lies on the north coast on the route between Penmaenmawr and Bangor. It has a railway station on the North Wales Coast Line. Morfa Madryn, the salt marsh area west of the town on the shore of Traeth Lafan, is a local authority-managed nature reserve of outstanding beauty and a favourite haunt of bird watchers; the site shags. The rare little egret can be spotted.

It is not far from Aber Falls. Llanfairfechan is home to Bryn y Neuadd, a learning disability hospital, a mental health unit and a medium-secure unit; the site, Bryn Y Neuadd, is home to the control centres for both the Emergency and Non-Emergency Ambulance services for the north. Llanfairfechan was judged North Wales Calor Village of the Year for 2009 in the competition run by Calor Gas UKThe earlier Llanfairfechan Golf Club was founded in 1909; this club continued until the early 1950s. According to the 2011 Census, 45.3% of the population of the town can speak Welsh. 66.2 % of the town's population who were born in Wales noted. The two schools situated in Llanfairfechan, Ysgol Pant-y-Rhedyn and Ysgol Babanod Llanfairfechan, are categorized as being predominantly English-medium schools but with significant use of Welsh. In 2011, the process of town-twinning between Llanfairfechan and Pleumeleuc was completed over the first weekend of June. A number of events were held over the weekend, including trips to local attractions and guided tours around Llanfairfechan itself.

In April 2012, 25 Llanfairfechan teenagers visited Pleumeleuc. Https:// A Vision of Britain Through Time British Listed Buildings Genuki Geograph Llanfairfechan Town Council website Llanfairfechan's Community Web Portal Office for National Statistics


Maoricrypta is a genus of small to medium-sized sea snails, marine gastropod molluscs in the family Calyptraeidae, the slipper snails and saucer shells and Chinese hat shells. This marine genus is known to occur off New Australia. Species within the genus Maoricrypta include: Maoricrypta costata † Maoricrypta haliotoidea Marwick, 1926 Maoricrypta immersa Maoricrypta kopua Marshall, 2003 Maoricrypta monoxyla † Maoricrypta profunda Hutton † Maoricrypta radiata Maoricrypta sodalis B. A. Marshall, 2003 Maoricrypta youngi Powell, 1940 Marshall B. A. 2003. A review of the Recent and Late Cenozoic Calyptraeidae of New Zealand; the Veliger 46: 117-144

The Platinum Collection (Faith No More album)

The Platinum Collection is a compilation album released by Faith No More in 2006. Mike PattonVocals Chuck Mosley – Vocals Jon Hudson – Guitar Trey Spruance – Guitar "Big" Jim Martin – Guitar Billy GouldBass Roddy BottumKeyboards Mike BordinDrums Joe Arditti – Project Manager Ben Lister – Compiler UK Albums Chart – 38

Bundesstra├če 87

The Bundesstraße 87 is a Bundesstraße in Germany. It ends in Frankfurt. In Thüringia it runs along the Straße der Romanik; the modern-day Bundesstraße 87 has been in use since medieval times as a connection between Frankfurt and Leipzig. Between Leipzig and Eckartsberga it follows the historical route of the Via Regia; this section was upgraded to a highway by 1819. The connection as far as Eilenburg was upgraded in 1845. To upgrade the stretch from Eilenburg to Frankfurt, a company limited by shares was founded on 20 November 1854; the Frankfurt an der Oder Leipziger Chausseebaugesellschaft was headquartered in Lübben. This section ran from Eilenburg through Torgau, Schlieben, Luckau, Lübben, Beeskow and Müllrose to Frankfurt; the easternmost section between Beeskow and Frankfurt was completed in 1856. The Prussian State Highway 33 (German: preußische Staatschaussee Nr. 33 went from Frankfurt to Leipzig. From Leipzig the Prussian State Highway 69 ran to Weißenfels. In Weißenfels this road connected with the Prussian State Highway 66, which ran from Halle to Weimar.

In 1932 the road was renamed Fernverkehrsstraße 87, in 1934 Reichsstraße 87 by the Nazis, connecting with the former Fernverkehrsstraße 7 at Umpferstedt. In 1961 the so-called Fernverkehrsstraße 87 was extended from Umpferstedt to Ilmenau. Since 2005 the Bundesstraße 87 runs between the Lützen South and Weißenfels via the autobahns A38 and A9. Since 1996 the extension from Meiningen to Fulda has been planned as Bundesstraße 87n. Bridge over the river Elbe in Torgau Bridge over the river Saale in Bad Kösen, built in 1891 as replacement for a stone bridge from the 14th Century Germany portal Roads portal List of roads in Saxony


Porlamar is the largest city on Isla Margarita, Nueva Esparta State in Venezuela. The city was founded as Puerto de la Mar on the southeast coast in 1536, less than 40 years after Christopher Columbus first sailed through. In 1680 the Council of the Indies ordered Margarita born Juan Fermín de Huidobro to build a fortress with four bastions and a watchtower known as San Carlos Borromeo. Porlamar was a quiet fishing village until the arrival of air travel. Since it has become the central hub of the island with shops and nightlife supported by European and Venezuelan tourism. Porlamar holds about one-third of Margarita Island's population. Porlamar is Margarita Island's center of commerce. Since it was granted free-port status in 1973, its boutique-lined avenues have been crowded with tourists. In the late 1990s, the economic downfall hit Porlamar. Del Caribe International General Santiago Marino Airport in Porlamar has charter services to Europe and Colombia as well as scheduled passenger flights to destinations in Venezuela and is located 20 kilometres southwest of the city center.

Cancún, Mexico Cartagena, Colombia Miami, USA San Francisco Chronicle article

Kyabasuka Gakuen

Kyabasuka Gakuen is a 2016 Japanese television drama series starring Sakura Miyawaki. It is the sequel to Majisuka Gakuen 5, set in an alternate timeline where the events of that season never happened but the Majisuka All-Girls High School goes bankrupt. In order to save their school from shutting down, the girls decide to open and work at a hostess bar called "Aquarium", it started airing on October 2016 on Nippon Television. Sakura Miyawaki as Sakura Yui Yokoyama as Otabe Haruka Kodama as Katsuzetsu Yuria Kizaki as Magic Jurina Matsui as Center Nana Okada as Katabutsu Juri Takahashi as Uonome Ryoka Oshima as Kusogaki Mion Mukaichi as Jisedai Mako Kojima as Kamisori Haruka Komiyama as Ikizama Rika Nakai as Shūkai Mio Tomonaga as Bōyomi Yui Kojina as Mirror Sayaka Yamamoto as Antonio Miru Shiroma as Shirogiku Fuuko Yagura as Kurobara Ririka Suto as Tetsugaku Nagisa Shibuya as Hachikō Tomu Mutō as Tsun Saya Kawamoto as Rookie Akari Yoshida as Red Toshio Kakei as Saionji, Cabaret Club Producer Suekichi-kun as Satoshi Kyosuke Yabe Koki Okada Akimasa Haraguchi Kazumasa Koura Ryohei Abe Toshiya Sakai Zen Kajiwara Nanase Nishino as Nogi Female Student Mayu Watanabe as Nezumi Yu Inaba as Tsuyoshi Tsujimoto, System Engineer Haruna Kojima as Kojiharu Yuki Kashiwagi as Yuki Kashiwagi Maria Abe as Maria Rena Kato as Dodobusu, Fortune Teller Hana Matsuoka as Hana Matsuoka Rino Sashihara as Scandal Anna Iriyama as Yoga Kaori Matsumura as Kaori Matsumura, Hostess Nao Furuhata as Nao Furuhata, Hostess Akane Takayanagi as Akane Takayanagi, Hostess Akari Suda as Akari Suda, Hostess Sarina Sōda as Sarina Sōda, Hostess Haruka Futamura as Haruka Futamura, Hostess Haruka Shimazaki as Salt Mai Shiraishi as Nogi Female Student Official website