Lockport, Manitoba

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Lockport Dam (north side)
Lockport Dam (north side)
Lockport is located in Manitoba
Location of Lockport in Manitoba
Coordinates: 50°4′59″N 96°56′40″W / 50.08306°N 96.94444°W / 50.08306; -96.94444Coordinates: 50°4′59″N 96°56′40″W / 50.08306°N 96.94444°W / 50.08306; -96.94444
Country Canada
Province Manitoba
RegionWinnipeg Capital Region
Census DivisionNo. 13
Rural MunicipalityR.M. of St Andrews, R.M. of St Clements
 • MPJames Bezan
 • MLAPeter Bjornson
Time zoneUTC−6 (CST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC−5 (CDT)
Forward sortation area
Area code(s)204, 431
NTS Map062I02

Lockport is a small unincorporated community in Manitoba, Canada located just 28 km north of the city of Winnipeg. The community is a part of both the Rural Municipalities of St. Andrews (west of the river), and St. Clements (east of the river).

It is the site of ancient agricultural inhabitation. Flocks of the North American White Pelican are readily seen as are Bald Eagles. Double Crested Cormorants, and many other land and water birds.

The Red River Floodway joins the Red River just down river from the dam; the bridge and locks at Lockport (completed in 1910), submerged the St. Andrews Rapids (a natural obstruction to the south) in order to make the Red River navigable through to Lake Winnipeg; the Red River Floodway joins the Red River just north of the dam. A small Provincial Park is located on the east bank of the river at Lockport and a federal park is located on the west bank.

Lockport is also known for having some of the best fishing in the world to both humans and birds. Specifically, the North Red River running through Lockport is known for some of the best fishing for trophy channel catfish. Lockport is an ancient settlement, predating European history by thousands of years, it is one of the oldest known settlements in Canada.

Some businesses to visit in Lockport include the A&W, Ricky's, Gaffer's Restaurant, Half Moon, Papa Carlo's, Skinner's, Sonia's and Subway Restaurants, famous for summer evening drives from Winnipeg. Other successful businesses located in Lockport include, Eveline Street Boutique, Lockport Grocery and Liquor Mart, and Lockport Wave Beauty Salon. There are also local strawberry patches that are open during the summer months for strawberry picking.

Other nearby tourist attractions include the National Historical Park, Lower Fort Garry. Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site is located 2 km to the north of Highway 44 on Highway 9. Operated by Parks Canada the Site is open year-round with interpretive programs available in the summer months. A café restaurant is available. Further information may be found at: http://www.pc.gc.ca/lhn-nhs/mb/fortgarry/visit/visit2.aspx

On the grounds of Lockport Park is The Kenosewun Centre which is a museum containing local history. Many of Manitoba’s oldest buildings can be found in the Lockport area and the entire region is steeped in the formative history of the province. Travel south along River Road to find St Andrews Church and Rectory, designated national historic sites; the Church is the oldest operating church in Western Canada. Kennedy House, also located on River Road, was built by Captain William Kennedy in 1866; the house operates as a tearoom and museum throughout the summer months.

Winter brings recreational activities such as ice fishing and snowmobiling to the area.

It contains the Lockport Junior High School, which is a junior high school in the Lord Selkirk School Division; the school is located in Lockport, Manitoba and consists of approximately 418 Grade 7 – 9 students. Elementary Schools (K-6), can be found in surrounding areas in the Rural Municipalities of St. Andrews and St. Clements.

Additional historical information is available through Red River North Tourism at 18 Main Street, Selkirk, Manitoba (http://redrivernorthtourism.com/) and Rivers West (http://www.riverswest.ca)

Lockport, Manitoba as seen from the east bank of the Red River.

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