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A locule or loculus is a small cavity or compartment within an organ or part of an organism. In angiosperms, the term locule refers to a chamber within an ovary of the flower and fruits. Depending on the number of locules in the ovary, fruits can be classified as uni-locular, bi-locular, tri-locular or multi-locular; the number of locules present in a gynoecium may be equal to or less than the number of carpels. The locules contain the seeds; the term may refer to chambers within anthers containing pollen. In Ascomycete fungi, locules are chambers within the hymenium in which the perithecia develop

Finn the Half-Great

Finn the Half-Great is a fiction novel written by Canadian author and columnist Theo Caldwell. The book is published by Tundra Books in Toronto, Canada; the story takes place in Ireland and revolves around the story of Fionn mac Cumhaill known as Finn McCool in Irish folklore. It includes elements from Norse and English mythology; the novel, aimed at a young audience aged 10 and over, was included in the Toronto Star's Holiday Reads of 2009. Quill & Quire, which published a review of the book, called it "a quest fantasy with moments of humour and high emotion, epic battles and daring deeds", however it was described as "half-great" by the School Library Journal. Theo Caldwell has stated his intention to publish a second novel, Finn the half-Great and the Death of Gogmagog, as part of a five-book series

2020 K League 1

The 2020 K League 1 will be the 38th season of the top division of professional football in South Korea since its establishment in 1983 as K League and the 2nd season in its current name, the K League 1. Since this season, The additional spot will be for players from member countries of the ASEAN Football Federation who are members of the Asian Football Confederation, they are Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam. The regular season was scheduled to begin on 29 February and to end on 4 October, but was postponed indefinitely following the COVID-19 outbreak in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do and nationwide. Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors are the defending champions. Teams relegated to the 2020 K League 2 Gyeongnam FC Jeju UnitedTeams promoted from the 2019 K League 2 Gwangju FC Busan IPark The following twelve clubs will compete in the K League 1 during the 2020 season. Primary venues used in the K League 1 inlcude: Restricting the number of foreign players to five per team, including a slot for a player from AFC countries and a slot for a player from ASEAN.

A team could use five foreign players on the field each game including at least one player from the AFC confederationPlayers name in bold indicates the player is registered during the mid-season transfer window. Teams play each other twice, once away. Teams play every other team once


Ishii is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include: Ami Ishii, Japanese gravure idol David Ishii, Japanese-American golfer Hiroshi Ishii, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Hiroshi Ishii, Japanese golfer Hisaichi Ishii, Japanese manga artist Hitoshi Ishii, Japanese mathematician Kaisei Ishii, Japanese footballer Kan Ishii, Japanese composer, the brother of composer Maki Ishii Katsuhito Ishii, Japanese film director Kazuhisa Ishii, Japanese baseball player Kazuyoshi Ishii, Japanese karateka Ken Ishii, Japanese DJ and music producer Kentarō Ishii, Japanese shogi player Kikujiro Ishii, Japanese diplomat who negotiated the Lansing-Ishii Agreement Kikuyo Ishii, Japanese swimmer Koichi Ishii, Japanese video game director Koki Ishii, Japanese footballer Kouji Ishii, Japanese voice actor Kunio Ishii, professional Go player Maki Ishii, Japanese composer, the brother of composer Kan Ishii Mario Alberto Ishii, Argentine politician Masanori Ishii, Japanese actor and narrator Satoshi Ishii, Japanese judoka and mixed martial arts fighter Shigemi Ishii, Japanese footballer Shiro Ishii, military physician who created and ran Japan's biological warfare program Shohachi Ishii, Japanese sport wrestler Sogo Ishii, Japanese film director Susumu Ishii, second kaicho of the Inagawa-kai yakuza gang in Japan Takashi Ishii, Japanese film director and screenwriter Takashi Ishii, Japanese baseball pitcher and coach Takeo Ishii, Japanese yodeler Takuro Ishii, Japanese baseball player Tatsuya Ishii, Japanese singer, songwriter and industrial designer Teruo Ishii, Japanese film director Tomiko Ishii, Japanese actress Tomohiro Ishii, Japanese professional wrestler Tomoo Ishii, Japanese golfer Tomoya Ishii, Japanese alpine skier Vania Ishii, Japanese-Brazilian judoka Yasushi Ishii, Japanese singer and composer Yoneo Ishii, Japanese historian Yuka Ishii, Japanese writer Yuki Ishii, volleyball player O-Ren Ishii, character from the Quentin Tarantino film, Kill Bill

Gary Hasler

Gary Hasler is an Australian former association football player. He played in the National Soccer League for Sunshine George South Melbourne. In international football, he made two appearances for Australia and represented the country at the 1992 Olympics. Hasler joined Sunshine George Cross in the National Soccer League in 1989. In 1992, he joined South Melbourne. After two seasons he moved to Heidelberg in the Victorian Premier League. Hasler was a member of the Australian squad at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. In September 1992 he played twice for Australia in full internationals, his debut for Australia was against Tahiti in Papeete. His second and final match was against Solomon Islands in the same month

Joanna Merlin

Joanna Merlin is an American actress and casting director who has worked with Stephen Sondheim and starred in the original Broadway production of Fiddler on the Roof. She has written two acting guides and is a faculty member of New York University's graduate acting program. In recent years, she has become known for her recurring role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Judge Lena Petrovsky. Joann Ratner, who took her mother's maiden name, was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Toni Merlin and Harry Ratner, a Jewish grocer, she first acted on stage at age 11. Merlin graduated from UCLA and studied under Michael Chekhov, learning his world-renowned acting technique, she has been described as the last student of Michael Chekhov, still alive and teaching. Merlin made her first screen appearance in Cecil B. DeMille's film The Ten Commandments in 1956. Five years she made her Broadway debut in Becket before playing Tzeitel in Harold Prince's production of Fiddler on the Roof, she left the cast of Fiddler on the Roof before the end of its tour to take care of her two small children but Harold Prince gave her the opportunity to become involved in casting with a more flexible schedule.

Company was the first musical. She was in charge of casting for such plays as Follies and Sweeney Todd. In 1986, she served as casting director for Big Trouble in Little China. After making appearances in several feature films, including the movie Fame, in which she played Miss Olivia Berg, a classical dance teacher. Like many actors from that show, she went on to play other characters in the Law & Order franchise - another defense attorney in the original show and a more recurring role as Judge Lena Petrovsky, a judge, stern, by-the-book, has scolded or sanctioned, at various times, ADAs Casey Novak and Alexandra Cabot and Detective Olivia Benson, in its first spin-off Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. In the latter role, she appeared in every season between the years 2000 and 2011. In 2001, Joanna Merlin wrote Auditioning: An Actor-Friendly Guide and in 2007, shared her knowledge of the theatre industry in the instructional video Master Classes in the Michael Chekhov Technique, she teaches in New York University's graduate acting program at the Tisch School of the Arts and in 1999, founded the Michael Chekhov Association where she teaches acting workshops.

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