Loire-Atlantique is a department in Bretagne on the west coast of France named after the Loire River and the Atlantic Ocean. Loire-Atlantique is one of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolution on March 4, 1790, it was named Loire-Inférieure, but its name was changed in 1957 to Loire-Atlantique. The area is part of the historical Duchy of Brittany, contains what many people still consider to be Brittany's capital, Nantes. However, during World War Two, the Vichy Government set up a system of regional prefectures where Loire-Atlantique was excluded from the Region of Brittany and united with neighbouring French departments, under the lead of Angers. After the war these administrative changes were reimplemented in the 1955 boundary changes intended to optimise the management of the regions. There has since been a series of campaigns reflecting a strong local mood to have the department reintegrated with Brittany. Loire-Atlantique is part of the current region of Pays-de-la-Loire and is surrounded by the department of Morbihan, Ille-et-Vilaine, Maine-et-Loire, Vendée, with the Atlantic on the west.

Population development since 1801: Upper Brittany's indigenous language is Gallo, a romance language related to French. The number of Gallo language speakers has been in steady decline since the early 20th century; the language is neither official nor taught in secondary education. In the south of the département, the local language was Poitevin dialect; the Breton language, a Celtic language, native to Lower Brittany, was spoken in the western area of Loire-Atlantique, up to 1920 in Batz-sur-Mer. This area has a rather Breton toponymy: for instance, Guérande originates from the Breton Gwenn Rann; the folklore and musical traditions of eastern or Upper Brittany are similar to those of western or Lower Brittany. The département operates the Lila network of interurban buses, which link its villages and cities; the urban areas of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire operate their own urban transport networks, known as Tan and Stran respectively. By rail, the regional trains and buses of the TER Pays de la Loire link major towns and cities of the Pays de la Loire and adjoining regions, including those of the département.

Nantes is on the TGV network, with high speed trains running to Paris by the LGV Atlantique in just over 2 hours. Nantes Atlantique Airport, located 8 km to the southwest of the city of Nantes, serves the département and surrounding areas, it is the biggest airport in northwestern France, linking with several French, North African and European cities, as well as Montreal in Canada. Cantons of the Loire-Atlantique department Communes of the Loire-Atlantique department Arrondissements of the Loire-Atlantique department La Baule - Guérande Peninsula Prefecture General council Loire Atlantic Tourism

Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 150

The 150th Pennsylvania House of Representatives District is located in Montgomery County and includes the following areas: Collegeville Lower Providence Township Skippack Township Upper Providence Township District Mingo District Trappe West Norriton Township District 01 District 02 District 03 Cox, Harold. "Legislatures - 1776-2004". Wilkes University Election Statistics Project. Wilkes University

Lynette Fromme

Lynette Alice "Squeaky" Fromme is an American criminal, a member of the Manson family. Though not involved in the infamous Tate–LaBianca murders which the Manson family are best known for, she attempted to assassinate President Gerald Ford in 1975. For that crime, Fromme was sentenced to life in prison. Fromme was paroled from prison on August 14, 2009, after serving 34 years. Since 2014, Fromme has lived in New York. Fromme was born in Santa Monica, the daughter of Helen and William Millar Fromme, an aeronautical engineer; as a child, Fromme performed for a popular dance group called the Westchester Lariats, which began touring the United States and Europe in the late 1950s, appeared on The Lawrence Welk Show and at the White House. In 1963, the family moved to Redondo Beach, Fromme began using alcohol and drugs, her grades dropped at Redondo Union High School, but she graduated in 1966. She moved out of her parents' house for a few months before her father convinced her to consider El Camino College.

She lived there for two months. In 1967, at age 19, Fromme dropped out of college and went to Venice Beach after her parents had thrown her out of the house. Suffering from depression, she sat on a curb and watched a bus arrive, a bearded man with long hair exited; the man stopped and looked at her and said "Your parents threw you out, didn't they?" Fromme decided that the man, Charles Manson, was a psychic. Manson walked away and Fromme picked up her belongings and followed him. Manson had been released from the federal prison at Terminal Island, Fromme became the second member of what would become the Manson Family. Fromme found Manson's philosophies and attitudes appealing, the two became friends and traveled together with other young people, including Mary Brunner and Susan Atkins, she lived with the Manson Family at Spahn Ranch where they worked for their keep, at the Barker Ranch in Death Valley, owned by a Family member's grandmother. Ranch owner George Spahn gave her the nickname "Squeaky" because of the sound that she made when he touched her.

Manson and some of his followers were arrested for the Sharon Tate and Leno and Rosemary LaBianca murders in 1969, Fromme and the remaining Manson Family camped outside the trial. Manson and fellow defendants Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, Leslie Van Houten carved Xs into their foreheads, as did Fromme and her compatriots, they proclaimed Manson's innocence and preached his apocalyptic philosophy to the news media and to anyone else who would listen. Fromme was never charged with involvement in the murders, but she was convicted of attempting to prevent Manson's imprisoned followers from testifying, as well as contempt of court when she refused to testify, she was given short jail sentences for both offenses. Fromme and Sandra Good moved into a dilapidated attic apartment in downtown Sacramento, as they wanted to be near Manson after he was moved to Folsom Prison. Around 1973, Fromme started work on an extensive 600-page book about the Manson Family, including intricate drawings and photos. Fromme sent it to publishers, but she dropped it after discussing it with Clem Grogan, deciding that the project was too incriminating.

The book, titled Reflexion, was published in 2018 by the Peasenhall Press. Fromme traveled to Stockton in 1972 with Nancy Pitman, Priscilla Cooper, ex-convict Aryan Brotherhood members Michael Monfort and James Craig, in order to follow through with Manson's deal with the Brotherhood; this group met Lauren Willett at a cabin. In November 1972, Montfort and Craig forced James Willett to dig his own grave and shot him because he was going to tell the authorities about a series of robberies that they had committed after they were released from prison, his body was found with his hand still sticking out of the ground. The housemates were arrested on suspicion of murder, after which Lauren's body was discovered in the basement, she had been shot to death. The Willetts' eight-month old daughter, was found alive in the house. Fromme was released for lack of evidence; the Sonoma County coroner's office concluded that James Willett was killed sometime in September 1972, although his decapitated body was not found until the beginning of November.

He had been buried near Guerneville. On the night of November 11, 1972, the Stockton Police responded to information that a station wagon owned by the Willetts was parked in front of 720 W. Flora St. Sergeant Richard Whiteman forced his way into the house: "All the persons subsequently arrested were in the house except for Fromme, she telephoned the house while police were there, asking to be picked up, officers obliged, taking her into custody nearby. Police found a quantity of guns and ammunition in the house along with amounts of marijuana, noticed freshly dug earth beneath the building."Fromme told reporters that she had been traveling in California trying to visit "brothers" in jail and to visit Manson. She said that she came to Stockton on November 10 to visit William Goucher, in jail on a robbery charge, when Lauren died; when Fromme left the jail after visiting Goucher, she called the house on Flora Street to have someone pick her up, the Stockton Police traced the call and arrested her at a phone booth.

The Stockton Police exhumed the body of Lauren the following day. Cooper told investigators that she had been shot accidentally, contending that Monfort was "demonstrating the dangers of firearms, playing a form of Russian roulette with a.38 caliber pistol" and had first spun the gun cylinder and shot at his own head, pointed it at the victim, when it fired. The