London Borough of Merton

The London Borough of Merton is a borough in south-west London, England. The borough was formed under the London Government Act 1963 in 1965 by the merger of the Municipal Borough of Mitcham, the Municipal Borough of Wimbledon and the Merton and Morden Urban District, all within Surrey; the main commercial centres in Merton are Mitcham and Wimbledon, of which Wimbledon is the largest. Other smaller centres include Raynes Park, Colliers Wood, South Wimbledon, Wimbledon Park and Pollards Hill; the borough is the host of one of tennis's Grand Slam competitions. The borough derives its name from the historic parish of Merton, centred on the area now known as South Wimbledon. Merton was chosen as an acceptable compromise, following a dispute between Wimbledon and Mitcham over the new borough's name; the local authority is Merton London Borough Council. Bushey MeadColliers Wood Copse Hill Cottenham Park Crooked Billet Lower Morden Merton Park Mitcham Mitcham Common Morden Morden Park Motspur Park New Malden Norbury Pollards Hill Raynes Park St. Helier South Wimbledon Summerstown Wimbledon Wimbledon Park The May 2014 local government elections saw the Labour Party win an overall majority, following the gain of seven seats from the Conservative Party, one from UKIP.

This followed four years as a minority administration. The current council has a Labour majority and its composition is: Labour: 33 Conservatives: 17 Liberal Democrats: 7 Merton Park Residents: 3 At the Annual Council Meeting, a ceremonial mayor is elected to serve for a year. At the same time, it elects a deputy mayor to serve alongside the mayor. Since 1978, each Mayor must be an elected councillor. Cllr Janice Howard, a Conservative councillor for Wimbledon Park ward is the Mayor and Cllr Edward Foley, Merton Park Resident councillor from Merton Park ward is her deputy. A lot of filming for former ITV police drama The Bill took place in Merton in the districts of Mitcham and Colliers Wood; the set of Sun Hill police station was located in the Borough. The main local newspaper in Merton is the Wimbledon Times; this newspaper was founded in 1977 by a former Conservative councillor on Merton Council, but since the paper has been sold on and it is now published in different editions across South London.

The newspaper is available free. It is published each Friday. Notable businesses with their headquarters in Merton including: Eidos Interactive, a subsidiary of Square Enix, located in Wimbledon Bridge House in Wimbledon. Lenstore, an online optical retailer, located in Wimbledon Park Square Enix Europe: located in Wimbledon Bridge House in Wimbledon. Lidl head offices, located in Wimbledon. London's Poverty Profile found; this is the 5th worst figure out of 32 London boroughs. Merton is served by a wide range of National Rail stations across the borough, as well as the southern tip of London Underground's Northern line and the District line on the Wimbledon branch; the borough is served by several Tramlink stops from Wimbledon, that goes to Croydon, New Addington, Elmers End and Beckenham. It is the only London Borough which has tube and tram services. London Underground stations Colliers Wood South Wimbledon Morden Wimbledon Park WimbledonTramlink stops Wimbledon Dundonald Road Merton Park Morden Road Phipps Bridge Belgrave Walk Mitcham Mitcham JunctionNational Rail stations Tooting Haydons Road Wimbledon Wimbledon Chase South Merton Morden South St Helier Mitcham Junction Mitcham Eastfields Raynes Park Motspur ParkIn March 2011, the main forms of transport that residents used to travel to work were: driving a car or van, 19.2% of all residents aged 16–74.

In 2001, the census recorded. The highest ethnic populations were recorded in wards in the east of the borough in Mitcham and Pollards Hill; the percentage of population from ethnic minorities is predicted to rise across the borough within the next decade. A 2017 report by Trust for London and the New Policy Institute found that Merton has a poverty rate of 20%, the 7th lowest rate in London, it found that the level of pay inequality in Merton is lower than in any other borough, except neighbouring Croydon. According to the council's comparative assessment of wards made in 2004, the most deprived wards within the borough were in the south and east where unemployment rates, educational attainment and the quality of health were worst; the most affluent wards were in the west of the borough. Comparative crime rates appear to be unrelated to the deprivation ranking of wards; the wards containing Mitcham town centre and the St Helier Estate are ranked highest for crime within Merton with the wards containing the commercial shopping centres of Colliers Wood and Wimbledon featuring high in the ranking.

The constituency area of Wimbledon is an affluent area of London with a high proportion of city workers, while Mitcham and Morden is deprived by comparison, which explains the geographical split of political representation of the borough at both national and

White Lantern Corps

The White Lantern Corps is a fictional organization appearing in comics published by DC Comics, related to the emotional spectrum. The White Lantern Corps first appeared in Blackest Night #7 and was created by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis; the first White Lantern Corps member was Sinestro of Korugar when he bonded with the Life Entity, the embodiment of life itself. However, the Entity is removed from Sinestro by Nekron, claimed by Hal Jordan who, joined by the Flash, use its power to rescue Superman, Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Animal Man, Kid Flash, Green Arrow, who had all been turned into Black Lanterns by Nekron, as well as the Anti-Monitor. Jordan used the power of the Entity to sever Nekron's tether to the living world, Black Hand; the revived Black Hand regurgitated twelve white rings that destroyed Nekron's body, revived the Martian Manhunter, Deadman, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, Hawk, Maxwell Lord, Captain Boomerang, Professor Zoom. After the defeat of Nekron, all heroes, turned into White Lanterns are discharged from the Corps, save for Deadman, shown to be the only resurrected character retaining a white power ring as of Brightest Day #0.

The Entity tells Deadman that it is dying, that he needs to find the "chosen one" to replace it. Deadman considers Hal Jordan to be the perfect candidate, tells the Entity to take him to him. Instead of taking him to Hal Jordan, the White Lantern Ring takes Deadman and Dove to Aquaman and Mera. Aquaman explains: to find Jackson Hyde. Deadman questions why the Lantern has taken him to Aquaman when he should be searching for the Entity's replacement, the ring replies that to find the new Entity, Deadman must help all the other resurrected complete their tasks. Aquaman understands what is at hand and explains to Deadman that for him to succeed, he must find and help others and explain to them what needs to happen. Meanwhile, the White Lantern is acquired by Deathstorm who, by infecting it with his essence, is able to generate Black Lantern duplicates of the twelve heroes and villains resurrected by the Entity with the goal of preventing the resurrected from completing their tasks; when his white ring reaches 100%, Deadman approaches Hawkman and Hawkgirl after their mission on Hawkworld.

As a secondary labor, the Entity has asked them to live separate lives so that they may strengthen their existence, but they object. Hawkman tries to remove the White Power Ring from Deadman by force, but the Entity reduces them to white dust in front of Deadman's eyes. Meanwhile and the Black Lanterns are shown delivering the White Battery to someone on Qward. Deadman commands the ring to resurrect the two heroes, but the ring refuses, saying that this is part of the Entity's plan, it is revealed that when Nekron attacked the Earth, not only was the Entity mortally wounded, but the contamination of the planet was heightened. Furthermore, the corruption will rise up in the form of another "dark avatar" of the darkness who will try to destroy the Star City forest, the key to save Earth's soul; the Entity resurrects the twelve characters with different purposes. Some of them, like Hawk, Maxwell Lord and Jade, are supposed to prevent further disasters and give Deadman and the Entity more time, but five of them are resurrected in order to overcome what held them back in life and by completing their tasks.

Thus, their life force is purified and the ring takes their essences back because they are essential in saving Earth. Deadman has a secondary purpose: to supply the white ring with power by embracing life; the ring takes Deadman to the beach where Aquaman and Aqualad are battling Black Manta and Siren. There, the Entity reveals to Deadman that it was the Entity that freed the Xebel soldiers from the Bermuda Triangle in order for Aquaman learn the truth about Mera. Aquaman's alliance sends the soldiers of Xebel back to the Bermuda Triangle, therefore completing Aquaman's task, but the Entity reduces Aquaman to water, to Mera's sorrow; as Martian Manhunter completes his task, he is approached by the Entity, who tells him to choose between Mars and Earth. Martian Manhunter chooses Earth, as he returns to the planet and reaches the forest in Star City he is again approached by Deadman. Deadman pleads for forgiveness, the Martian Manhunter says he understands because it is "part of the plan". Meanwhile, Firestorm discovers that the Anti-Monitor seeks to harvest the life energy within the White Lantern in order to grow stronger.

Firestorm is defeated. Deathstorm brings Professor Stein out of his Matrix to taunt the two. Deathstorm attempts to turn Ronnie to salt. Angered, Ronnie decides to work together with Jason to avenge the Professor; the Entity declares that Ronnie has accomplished his mission, returning life to him in a burst of white energy that obliterates the Black Lanterns, returns Jason's father to his home, deposits Firestorm in the Star City forest. Ronnie angrily is refused. Deadman arrives demanding that he be given the White Lantern; when the "Dark Avatar" makes his presence known, Deadman is forced to collect Ronnie's essence, turning Firestorm into one of the Elementals. The life forces of Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl are revealed to be part of the Elementals, wh

Swim Team (film)

Swim Team is a 2016 American documentary sports film about a competitive swim team of teenagers on the autism spectrum. The film was produced by Lara Stolman, it premiered at the 2016 Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival and was released in theaters in the United States on July 7, 2017. Swim Team follows the Jersey Hammerheads swim team, based in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, founded by parent volunteers Michael and Maria McQuay, made up of teenagers on the autism spectrum. Focusing on three athletes and their struggles in and out of the water, the film explores themes and issues related to their transitions to adulthood, how their parents cope with raising a child with autism. Director Lara Stolman is a longtime TV news and documentary producer, Swim Team is her documentary feature debut. Filming took place from January 2014 with follow-ups over the next year, it was selected for IFP's 2016 Documentary Completion Lab, received grants from New York Women in Film and Television, the Loreen Arbus Foundation, the Aetna Foundation, the Karma Foundation.

Swim Team premiered at the 2016 Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival on October 9, 2016, where it was named Best Sports Documentary. It was released theatrically in a limited run starting at IFC Center in New York on July 7, 2017, it aired on PBS' POV on October 2, 2017, began streaming on Netflix on April 2, 2018. Robert Abele of the Los Angeles Times wrote, "The breaststroking, freestyling young athletes in'Swim Team' couldn't be more different in terms of personality, appeal and, of course, developmental challenges, it gives this film from Lara Stolman its particular character and verve." James Sullivan of The Boston Globe wrote, "The film has plenty going for it, from the strength of its character development to the beauty of its balletic underwater footage." The film was called "an eye-opening look at one couple's response to the dearth of public services and programs for their son" by Sheri Linden of The Hollywood Reporter. "Stolman has gained the trust of these families, resulting in an intimacy that's both insightful and disarming," wrote Christy Lemire in

"It feels like a privilege to get to know these folks - to share in their private moments as well as their pride. The result is a film that's both eye-opening and heart-opening."Swim Team won the Jury Award for Best New Jersey Film at the 2016 Monmouth Film Festival. Official website Swim Team at Rotten Tomatoes Swim Team on IMDb Swim Team at Metacritic