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Lorenzo Lamas

Lorenzo Fernando Lamas is an American actor. He is best known for his role of Lance Cumson, the irresponsible grandson of Angela Channing — played by Jane Wyman — in the soap opera Falcon Crest, for which he received a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries or Television Film. Lamas is known for his roles as Reno Raines in the crime drama series Renegade, Hector Ramirez in the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, he served as a judge on ABC television's Are You Hot?, starred in his own reality show, Leave It to Lamas, a series about his real-life family. Lamas was born in Santa Monica, the son of Argentine actor Fernando Lamas and Norwegian American actress Arlene Dahl, he is the stepson of swimmer and film star Esther Williams, who married his father when Lamas was 11 years old. Both Williams and Dahl were best friends of actress Jane Wyman, would work alongside Lamas on Falcon Crest, he was brought up in Pacific Palisades and moved to New York City in 1971.

In 1979, he took up Karate, earning black belts. He graduated from the Admiral Farragut Academy in Pine Beach, New Jersey, in 1975. Longing to be an actor since the age of five, Lamas first studied acting in Tony Barr's Film Actors Workshop and thereafter obtained his first TV acting role in 1976; as a last-minute replacement for Steven Ford, Lamas secured a non-speaking role as a jock in the 1978 musical film Grease, in which he dyed his hair blond. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Lamas had guest-starring roles in a number of TV series including Switch, Sword of Justice, Dear Detective, Secrets of Midland Heights, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat and Hotel. In 1980, Lamas auditioned for and won the role of Lance Cumson, for the pilot of a new series entitled The Vintage Years; the pilot was retooled to become the hit prime time drama series Falcon Crest, which aired on CBS for nine seasons from December 4, 1981 to May 17, 1990. During a 2006 TV interview with a Norwegian television team, Lamas said that to get the role he had auditioned twice and beat out five other actors for the part.

Lamas was nominated for a Golden Globe and two Soap Opera Digest Awards for his work on the series. During his tenure on the show, Lamas had the lead role in the poorly received film Body Rock, where he was nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor.. The co-founder of the Golden Raspberry Awards, John J. B. Wilson named Body Rock as one of "The 100 Most Enjoyably Bad Movies Ever Made". Lamas began carving out a niche for himself as an action-hero, showcasing his martial-arts skills by starring in such movies as the Snake Eater-trilogy, Bounty Tracker, Gladiator Cop, Terminal Justice, many similar low-budget action-films. From 1992 to 1997, Lamas played the lead role of Reno Raines in the syndicated series Renegade, which allowed him to exercise his enthusiasm for Harley-Davidson motorcycles as well as martial arts; the show was seen in over 100 countries, during its fifth and final season, it moved from first-run syndication to the USA Network. Lamas had been keeping his hair long during this time, so when he had it cut short following the end of the fourth season of Renegade, he had to wear a long-haired wig for filming of the final season.

In 2004, Lamas joined the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful as Hector Ramirez, remaining on the show until 2006. In August 2007, Lamas starred as the King of Siam in The King and I at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine; that fall, he performed at Kean University Premiere Stages in Union, New Jersey, in the title role in Steven Dietz's Dracula. In June 2008, he performed as El Gallo in The Fantasticks at the Casa Mañana Theatre in Fort Worth, Texas. In June 2009, Lamas returned to the Ogunquit Playhouse as Zach in A Chorus Line. In 2015, Lamas was a cast member of the reality TV series Celebrity Apprentice; as of 2016, Lamas was working as a helicopter pilot, flying people on day trips to the Grand Canyon from Los Angeles. According to his Twitter account, he is flying as a helicopter tour pilot with HeliNY in New York City. Lamas has six children, his first marriage was to Victoria Hilbert. His second marriage was to his publicist, Michele Cathy Smith, with whom he had two children: son Alvaro Joshua "A.

J." and daughter Shayne, both actors. Lamas was in a relationship with actress Daphne Ashbrook, she is an actress. Lamas was married to his third wife, Renegade co-star Kathleen Kinmont, from 1989 to 1993. Playmate of the Month Shauna Sand became Lamas' fourth wife in 1996; the couple had three daughters - Alexandra Lynne and Isabella Lorenza - before divorcing in 2002. After five months of dating, Lamas married Shawna Craig, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, he told reporters. This decision was motivated by the fact that his previous wife, kept the surname Lamas, is named Shauna Lamas, new bride Shawna, whose given name is a homonym and identical to that of Shauna, did not wish to have a identical full name. In June 2018, Lamas filed for divorce from his fifth wife citing irreconcilable differences. Lamas enjoyed close friendships with his Falcon Crest co-stars Ana Alicia


Thoothoor is a coastal village located in the southern district of Tamil Nadu, called Kanyakumari bordering the state of Kerala in India. The Catholic Church plays a conspicuous role in the day-to-day life of the fishermen of Thoothoor village; the conversion of the Hindu fishermen of this village may be traced back to A. D. 1544. The event cumulated in the works of St. Francis Xavier, said to have converted 10,000 Mukkuva fishermen living in thirteen villages along the coast in December 1544. In 1600, the Thoothoor Parish Church was brought under the Padroado. Subsequently, this Parish came under the Diocese of Cochin. In 1838, St. Thomas Church and other adjacent coastal Churches from Pallithura to Erayumanthurai were brought under the Diocese of Varapuzha; this unification brought the Padroado–Propaganda dispute to a crucial stage. St. Thomas Church, Thoothoor was brought under the Diocese of Cochin with its revival in 1850; the Diocese of Thiruvananthapuram was founded on 1 July 1937. But only in 1952 were all the coastal Churches from Pallithura to Erayumanthurai added to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram Diocese.

Thu,s at present Thoothoor Parish Church is one of the Foranate Churches of Trivandrum Diocese. Thoothoor is a coastal village, it is the headquarters of Thoothoor panchayat, consisting of five villages, namely Thoothoor, Eraviputhenthurai and Erayumanthurai. These five villages together are just called Thoothooor. Thoothoor is geographically located in Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu India, it is located 45 km west of Nagercoil, the headquarters of Kanyakumari District and 40 km southeast of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala State. Thiruvananthapuram Airport is the nearest airport and the railway station is at Parassala or Kuzhithurai. Thoothoor is exclusively a fishing village though a little group of people are involved in agriculture in coconut plantations, besides their primary occupation in other professions; the fishing operation in this village is most restricted to a coastline the length of one-kilometer. Its total population is about 6,000; this village is bounded in the north by the A.

V. M Canal, south by the Arabian Sea, east by Poothurai west by Chinnathurai village, but most of the people of this village are settled in the north of Thoothoor Panchayat up to a length of about 500 meters due to the danger of a tsunami. The Tamil Nadu Government constructed a housing colony named St. Thomas Colony in this zone; those who are settled in the above zone consider themselves part and parcel of the village of Thoothoor. As per Government demarcation, this zone is part of Ezhudesam Town Panchayat, but this zone merged with the village. As of 2007, Thoothoor is the home of several significant economic sources; the main business is Shark catching, using modern equipments such as other Navigation tools. The average cost of one fishing boat is 30–60 lakhs in Indian currency. Fishermen go fishing in the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. Boat owners travel in and around Tamil Nadu state and neighboring states such as Kerala, the more distant state of Maharashtra. Now a few boat owners have moved to the Nicobar Islands for deep sea fishing.

The sweat of our boat owners and fishermen working with them make wonders to their generation. Fisherman support their families by fishing and hence their families are able to afford higher education. Thus, just like modern cities most of the kids are getting higher education in a good atmosphere with a tremendous amount of good energy; the positive energy flourishes in success's path on each and every Thoothoor native. The children should be proud to have had such hard working ancestors and parents; the main road allows money to be exchanged from the shark business and shark merchandise, as well as some other fish on a small level. In terms of jobs, in Thoothoor there are a few main sectors, a large number of people from this place are working in their respective industries such as IT, education, educational management, the medical field, business management, mechanical engineering, marine engineering, electrical engineering, etc. All such people are trained professionals, a few PhD holders in mathematics, history and physics.

There are masters in IT professional, fish merchandise, teachers in education sectors and a few health services. A few hundred people are working in the Persian Gulf in countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc. A fewer number of people working are in the USA, Canada and New Zealand; the mechanical engineers and marine engineers work on local ships. Some MBAs are working at south Indian bank; some marine engineers work in international ships in the deep sea. They travel to various countries. There are a few hundred natives of Thoothoor working in Chennai, Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram; the few people working locally work in small businesses and agriculture. Agriculture resources are: Government buses Taxi Auto rickshaws Private buses for traveling to distant cities such as Chennai and Bangalore The nearest train station is in Kuzhithurai, 10 km away Thiruvananthapuram international airport is about 40 km Education plays a vital role in Thoothoor; the Government Primary School provides education to the poor.

The private schools include: St. Jude’s College, Thoothoor It is affiliated with Manonmaniam Sundaranar Unive

Bleach (season 9)

The ninth season of the Bleach anime series is named The New Captain Shūsuke Amagai arc. The series is based on Tite Kubo's Bleach manga series; the episodes are directed by Noriyuki Abe, produced by TV Tokyo and Studio Pierrot. The season focuses on the introduction of a new Soul Reaper captain, Shūsuke Amagai, the mystery surrounding the Kasumiōji clan, one of the families that constitute the nobility of Soul Society; the season aired from April to October 2008. The English adaptation of the Bleach anime is licensed by Viz Media, this arc began airing on August 28, 2010 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, finished on January 29, 2011. Five DVD compilations, each containing four episodes of the season, have been released by Aniplex. A DVD box set was published by Viz Media on December 13, 2011; the episodes use three pieces of theme music: two closing themes. The opening theme is "Chu-Bura" by Kelun; the first closing theme is "Orange" by Lil'B, used for episodes 168 to 179, the second closing theme is "Gallop" by pe'zmoku, used for the remainder of the episodes.

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Mykola Vilinsky

Mykola Vilinsky was a Ukrainian composer and a professor at the Odessa and Kiev Conservatories. He was descended from a Ukrainian family of hereditary nobles, he was a cousin of singer Ksenia Derzhinskaia. Vilinsky founded the Ballade genre of Ukrainian piano music, he was a student of Witold Maliszewski at Odessa Conservatory, graduated in 1919. Before the Conservatory Vilinsky studied law at the Imperial Novorossiiski University, graduated in 1912. In 1926 Vilinsky was appointed as a professor at Odessa Conservatory. Professor at Kiev Conservatory since 1944. Musicians such as Emil Gilels, David Oistrakh, Yakov Zak, among others, studied his classes on special harmony and polyphony. M. Vilinsky composed symphonic suites, chamber music, virtuoso ballade for piano, piano miniatures, arrangements for choir of Ukrainian, Moldavian folk songs. Mykola Vilinsky's students included Konstantyn Dankevych, Oleksandr Bilash, Oscar Feltsman, David Gershfeld, Anton Mucha, his daughter, Irina Vilinskaia was famous both in Ukraine and abroad as a professor of music who composed and published a number of books on vocalises and Ukrainian folk songs arrangements.

Vilinsky, Mykola Mykolayovych in The New Grove. Dictionary of Music and Musicians. Edited by Stanley Sadie, Vol. 26. Macmillan Publishers Limited 2001. M. Mikhailov, M. M. Vilinsky, Kiev, 1962 Valentina Nazarenko, Elegy about Mykola Vilinsky, "Day" Newspaper №75, Wednesday 23 April 2008 Valentina Nazarenko, Ukrainian page of maestro Maliszewski, "Day" Newspaper, №143, Saturday 15 August 2009 Valentyna Nazarenko, Yuri Vilinsky. Composer and Teacher Mykola Vilinsky. Life. Reminiscences. Reflections. Scientific herald of Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine. No. 114, 2016. P. 67-109. The 125th anniversary of the birth of Mykola Vilinsky. Mykola Vilinsky Piano works by Mykola Vilinsky, performed by V. Ryzhkov From Russia With Love, Michael Minsky Part: 2 - Mykola Vilinsky "Song About Karmaliuk" Mykola Vilinsky, "Ballade in Forms of Variations"

Alpinist Unit

The Alpinist Unit Hebrew: יחידת האלפיניסטים‎, Yehidat Ha'Alpinistim) is a special Israeli Defence Force infantry reserve unit, under the command of the Israeli Northern Command, specializing in mountain warfare, snow warfare and difficult terrain warfare in the northern front Mt. Hermon; the Alpinists are proficient in many aspects of snow warfare, among them shooting and attacking while sliding on skis and custom-made Snowcats, defensive tactics, more. The unit was established in 1983; the unit's training is conducted by elements of Indian MARCOS, Special Frontier Force/Gorkhas, the Nepalese Special Army Rangers/No. 10 Brigade. Their standard equipment includes M4 Carbine assault rifles, the new Israeli TAR-21 Tavor assault rifle, "Negev" light machine gun and sniper rifles M24 and SR-25; the Alpinists, Exhibition in the IDF&defense establishment archives

Stella shorts

The Stella shorts are a collection of short films by the comedy group Stella. The short films were produced and written by Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, David Wain, who star in the shorts with a number of guest actors, they have gained considerable popularity on the Internet, after appearing on CollegeHumor. A collection of the short films, Stella Shorts 1998-2002, was released on DVD in 2002, but is no longer being produced. Since the short films are not available on DVD, they are distributed online by fans on video sharing websites such as YouTube and Dailymotion. Many of the shorts can be found on Stella's official website. Stella collectively self-produced the short films from 1998 to 2004; the short films were shown at the group's live stage shows at nightclubs. The shorts spawned a number of running jokes and consistencies in the troupe's act, such as Michael Showalter's line "We don't have...this money" and group discussions about the nature of God. Many of the shorts contain raunchy humour, including various instances of people engaging in comical, non-graphic sex acts while being clothed or a sudden, casual appearance of a dildo.

Some of the actors to guest star in the shorts include Sam Rockwell, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Julie Bowen, A. D. Miles, as well as several members of Stella's alma mater The State, such as Joe Lo Truglio. Comedian Zak Orth appears in many of the shorts as well. 1 - Turkey HuntingThe guys go on a botched turkey hunting trip before thanksgiving. 2 - David's CousinDavid goes to the apartment of his long-lost cousin, but Michael and Michael wreak havoc upon arrival. 3 - College ReunionDavid and Michael meet their old group of college friends at a cottage in the country for an emotional reunion. 4 - Day OffThe guys play with a golden retriever all day during their day off. 5 - ThanksgivingThe guys travel back in time to celebrate the first Thanksgiving with their pilgrim ancestors. 6 - Searching for SantaThe guys travel to Antarctica where they enlist a sherpa and search for the mythical figure. 7 - Office PartyDavid and Michael attend an office party, unexpectedly taken hostage by terrorists.

8 - Christmas CarolingThe guys join a group of Christmas carolers in an ill-fated attempt to spread holiday cheer. 9 - WhiffleballThe guys enjoy a day at the park playing heated games of whiffleball. 10 - AuditionAfter seeing an ad for a garage band in search of members, the guys partake in a disastrous audition. 11 - BoredAttempts to solve their boredom with a number of activities leave the guys strapped for cash. Sam Rockwell guest stars. 12 - WhodunitThe guys apathetically find themselves caught up in a classic whodunit situation at a dinner gathering thrown by Michael's wealthy uncle. 13 - YogaThe trio joins an apartment-run yoga class, disrupting it spectacularly. 14 - PokerIn need of money after being mugged, the guys enter a shady poker game and soon find themselves in hot water. 15 - The WoodsA routine camping trip spins into disaster as the trio finds themselves lost in the woods. Featuring Paul Rudd. 16 - DickfishA fishing trip takes a chaotic turn after the boys encounter a dangerous "dickfish" while illegally fishing in a marked-off pond.

This short begins with a "retrospective" making-of type segment featuring interviews with the cast. 17 - Raking LeavesThe trio takes a job raking leaves for "Bill" but soon find themselves facing their greatest challenge yet. 18 - AwkwardDavid's "family friend" Enis comes to visit, but Michael and Michael's attempts at hospitality leave much to be desired. 19 - PizzaMichael's self-inflicted exclusion from a trip to the pizzeria leaves him devastated. 20 - MoustacheThe trio attempt to grow moustaches in a heated competition. 21 - SaturdayA lonely Michael fantasizes an elaborate, surreal interpretation of Chicago's "Saturday In The Park" 22 - CatThe boys find a stray cat and take it in. 23 - One ShotAn attempt to do a crude, partial re-enactment of the "Awkward" short in a single, prolonged shot, featuring a "special guest". 24 - TruthA rainy day inspires the boys to play "Truth", leading them into a surreal, nightmare-like journey of self-discovery. 25 - FriendshipThe boys bond over a day outdoors.

26 - DinnerA dialogue-less short featuring the trio having dinner together to the tunes of various styles of jazz. 27 - BackstageThe boys warm up backstage at the Fez nightclub in preparation for following Janeane Garofalo with their stand-up act. "Bar" was included on the Stella Season One DVD On December 15, 2008, Stella premiered "Birthday", their first new short since 2004, on My Damn Channel, the website on which cast member David Wain had achieved much success with his show Wainy Days. The short was shown during Stella's 2008 live tour. Stella shorts at CollegeHumor Stella's Vimeo Page, the only current location of the "College Reunion" and "Poker" shorts. Stella shorts on IMDb