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Lotte World

Lotte World is a major recreation complex in Seoul, South Korea. It consists of the world's largest indoor theme park, an outdoor amusement park called "Magic Island", an artificial island inside a lake linked by monorail, shopping malls, a luxury hotel, a Korean folk museum, sports facilities, movie theaters. Opened on July 12, 1989, Lotte World receives 7.3 million visitors each year. Lotte World is located in Sincheon-dong, Songpa-gu, South Korea, it is made up of two main sections, the outdoor amusement park Magic Island, Adventure. Lotte World is open all year long without any holiday closings and has operating hours from 9 am to 11 pm; the "Adventure" part of the amusement park is divided into four main floors. The Adventures of Sinbad A boat ride that allows passengers to travel along with Sinbad through an underground waterway; the Conquistador An Intamin-made Viking ship ride. It swings back and forth reaching the ceiling of Lotte World at its maximum height; the seats at the ends of the ship rise 5 more meters and 24 degrees higher than the seats towards the middle.

Flume Ride A log ride consisting of a 4-seat long boat. Former name was "the Marrakesh Express". Camelot Carrousel The merry-go-round located near the middle of Lotte World consists of 64 white horses; this is the merry-go-round featured in South Korean drama series, Stairway to Heaven. Giant Loop A Larson's fireball type roller coaster ride made only of one big loop. Passengers are taken for 360 degree spins in a 14m-wide circular rail; the vehicle stops while upside down. Drunken Basket An Intamin drunken barrels model teacup ride that spins the individual vehicles left and right while the whole ride itself rises up and down. 3D Desperados A wide IMAX screen theater. The seats move in all directions in accordance with the screen image. Passengers over 120 kg or under 120 cm must sit on a coach seat. Lotty's Kidstoria A playground for children under age 8; this play area's theme is a fairy-tale world. Children can go barefoot to explore Cinderella's Castle, Alice in Wonderland, other fairy-tale stories.

Treeble's Hopper A children's ride. The children are taken up towards a tree house as they jump down over 6 meters. Only children between 90 cm and 120 cm are permitted. Kids Bumper Cars Bumper cars for children which not permitted on the Crazy Bumper Cars. Anyone over 140 cm is not permitted. Children under 5 years must have an adult with them. Swing Pang Pang A mini version of the Teacup ride. Children under 6 years have to be accompanied by an adult. Boong Boong Car A kid ride where the children aboard a Boong Boong Car and go to save Hansel and Gretel from the witch's house. Children under 105 cm are required to be accompanied by an adult. Brother Moon & Sister Sun Jump into the sky with Brother Moon & Sister Sun to run away from tiger! Lotty Train Make your adventure taking a small train. Eureka Magic boats that take riders down while spinning around. Jumping Fish Explore aquatic adventures; the only way to escape from the evil shark is to jump over it. Do you speak Beluga? Interactive live show with Beluga.

French Revolution A high-octane roller coaster. It rotates 360 degrees and up to 540 degrees in some parts; the roller coaster passes through the building and is indoors, so it may feel like it might hit the building. You can purchase photos taken while boarding at the exit. In 2017 the French Revolution's name was changed to French Revolution2 VR. Bumper Car For adults, must be at least 140 cm to ride. Jungle Adventure A water ride, they enter a dark cave and are taken through the rapids. World Monorail The monorail takes visitors through Lotte World -- both outside, it gives a scenic view as it goes by Adventure goes outside to Magic Island that sits over the Seok-Chon Lake. Folk Museum The folk museum allows visitors to learn all about history. Pharaoh's Fury A multi-motion ride where passengers board a Jeep and travel through ancient Egypt; the passengers feel. Aeronauts Balloon Ride This ride in a balloon spans the majority of the indoor park, it allows. Dynamic Theatre This theatre shows 15-minute-long movies, while the chair vibrates along with the movie.

Animal Theatre This production, targeted towards children, tells the story of Piggy, in love with a Princess. The King has chosen a fiancé for the Princess, Knight Rolo. However, Piggy wins the love of the princess through the help of his animal friends. Atlantis Adventure is themed to the lost city, Atlantis. Gyro Drop is a new attraction coupled with VR goggles to give a simulation of a futuristic landscape during the elevation sequence. After completing a short rotation at the top, the seats will be dropped, halting to a stop at the base. One can opt out of the VR goggles. Gyro Swing is a giant swing similar to the indoor ride, but with a rotating end where participants are seated. Comet Express is an indoor rollercoaster with an outer space theme; each car seats two rotates independently from the train. Ghost House Bungee Drop is the main bungee ride in the area. Swing Tree is the chair swing ride in this area. World Monorail is the monorail in this area. Gyro Spin A Zamperla Mega Disk'o ride with 40 seats.

Parachute Drop Hydra Barn Stormer Eagle Fortress Replaced by Swing Tree. Waikiki Wave A Vekoma top spin ride, it was located on where Gyro

Odzun Church

Odzun Church is an Armenian basilica constructed around the 5th–7th century in the Odzun village of the Lori Province of Armenia. The first church appeared here in the 6th century. In the 8th century it was reconstructed by Hovhannes III Odznetsi who served as the katholikos between 717 and 728 and was, as his name suggests, from Odzun; this is the time the church got its current form of a pink felsite basilica with three naves, the two side naves being narrow. At the northern and southern side there are unusual arcaded cloisters and the west cloister has a blind wall with an arched entrance in the middle; the roof is barrel vaulted. Four columns support the rib vaulted tambour and there are two more columns at the western part of the church. At the eastern façade above the central window one can observe a carving of Christ with the gospel of St. John and two angels below. At the southern façade, at each side of the central window there are two angels and traces of another figure Christ. Much in the 19th century two small bell towers were added.

The church was renovated between 2012 and 2014. There are numerous gravestones of the clergy around the church, as well as a funerary monument, its stepped platform supports two carved stelae, each within one of a set of double arches. The east and west sides of the monument are carved with scenes from the Bible and introduction of Christianity in Armenia, its north and south side are carved with floral shapes. It is suggested that this monument commemorates Hovhannes Odznetsi, but its style suggests that it was erected earlier, in the 6th century; this is one of only two such funerary monuments in Armenia. The one located in Odzun was given as a gift to Armenia from an Indian king around the 8th century; the other one is situated in Aghudi in southern Armenian province of Syunik. Cathedral of Mren, a similar and contemporaneous three-nave basilica with dome in historical Armenia The Saviours Armenian Studies Program Armenian Architecture Virtual Armenia 3D Model of The Memorial

Black Killer

Black Killer is a 1971 Italian Spaghetti Western film directed by Carlo Croccolo and starring Klaus Kinski. James Webb arrives to town with a casket full of books, he discovers that the judge co-operates with the wanted O'Hara brothers, who make farmers sign over their land deeds and kill them. The deeds are deposited with the judge. Webb, who has presented himself to the judge as a lawyer, finds that since these deeds are not registered they will forfeit to the judge if the O'Haras are killed; the O'Haras suspect Webb to be a government agent, but they intercept and kill the real agent. They raid town and kill the sheriff in anger when they don't get enough protection money. Burt Collins arrives in town and asks for his brother Peter, who lives outside town with his Native American wife, Sarah, he kills two of O'Hara's men. He seems willing to follow the advice of Ramon O'Hara to leave in the morning, but Webb visits his hotel room to suggest a plan. In the morning Burt kills them. Webb has earlier convinced the judge that according to the law he must become sheriff if none is appointed, Burt is offered to become sheriff instead of standing trial.

He accepts and the judge suggests that they share the land 50-50. The O'Haras are told, they capture the brothers when they come out. Burt is beaten unconscious and Peter is killed when he tries to stop them from raping Sarah, they set fire to the house. Burt and Sarah now avenge themselves on the O’Hara gang, they get information from a young woman who works at the saloon. In the morning after the gang’s celebration at the saloon one of the malefactors is killed by gunshots from Burt and by an arrow from Sarah; the O’Haras have Consuela taken to a mine to serve as bait to catch Burt. Burt and Sarah kill the guards with knife, they enter the cave and kill the gang member, in the process of raping Consuela, but the girl is killed by a stray bullet. Sarah and Burt kill the guards at the O'Hara ranch with snare, they hang one of the guards outside the window to make the men come out. Inside, Burt confronts Pedro O’Hara in the darkness of a closed room; when a man opens the door he is killed with him. Outside Sarah kills men with a rifle, until they run away, leaving Miguel O'Hara.

She shoots an arrow with burning dynamite. After the explosion he cries that he is blind and falls down. Webb accuses the judge, who offers him 50%; when the offer is refused he takes a gun from his drawer but is killed by Webb with a gun concealed in a book. Webb takes papers and money, he is surprised by Sarah, sent by Burt to detain him, but he tricks her, takes her gun and ties her up. Burt arrives into town with the bodies of the O'Haras and offers Ramon a choice between the gun and jail, he shoots another man coming down the stairs. The two now come out in the street, where O'Hara uses a hayfork. Webb shoots down two O'Hara henchmen from the roof. Ramon is shot by a gun that Webb throws to Burt. Citizens gather around the corpses. Webb gives Burt the deeds taken from Wilson. Sarah arrives with a gun. Burt calms her, but still he arrests Webb for the murder of the judge, cuffs him to take him to a judge in Canyon City, he answers vaguely to Sarah's question about when he will be back. At the junction to Canyon city he sets Webb free.

The latter says, "You fooled me.” Burt replies. They separate. Klaus Kinski as James Webb, the lawyer Fred Robsahm as Burt Collins Antonio Cantafora as Ramon O'Hara Marina Malfatti as Sarah Collins Enzo Pulcrano as Pedro O'Hara Tiziana Dini as Consuela Calogero Caruana as Miguel O'Hara Jerry Ross as Peter Collins, Burt's brother Dante Maggio as Judge Wilson Claudio Trionfi Antonio Danesi as Ryan O'Hara Mimmo Maggio as Slide O'Hara Carlo Croccolo as Deputy sheriff In his investigation of narrative structures in Spaghetti Western films, Fridlund writes that Black Killer displays many typical properties of a low-end genre production. There are blatantly unmotivated conspicuous gaps in the plot; as another low-end characteristic, the scenes with the O’Haras were re-used in another film, Bounty Hunter in Trinity. However, by chance or by design, the story line does offer a subtle play on several variants of the partnership plot, used in many Spaghetti Westerns following the success of For a Few Dollars More.

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Memory map

In computer science, a memory map is a structure of data that indicates how memory is laid out. Memory maps can have a different meaning in different parts of the operating system, it is the fastest and most flexible cache organization. The associative memory stores both the content of the memory word. In the boot process, a memory map is passed on from the firmware in order to instruct an operating system kernel about memory layout, it contains the information regarding the size of total memory, any reserved regions and may provide other details specific to the architecture. In virtual memory implementations and memory management units, a memory map refers to page tables, which store the mapping between a certain process's virtual memory layout and how that space relates to physical memory addresses. In native debugger programs, a memory map refers to the mapping between loaded executable/library files and memory regions; these memory maps are used to resolve memory addresses to actual symbols.

The PC BIOS provides a set of routines. Some of the available routines are: BIOS Function: INT 0x15, AX=0xE801: This BIOS interrupt call is used by the running OS to get the memory size for 64MB+ configurations, it is supported by AMI BIOSses dated August 1994 or later. The operating system just sets AX to 0xE801 calls int 0x15. If some error has happened, the routine returns with CF set to 1. If no error, the routine returns with CF clear and the state of registers is described as following: BIOS Function: INT 0x15, AX=0xE820 - GET SYSTEM MEMORY MAP: Input: SMAP buffer structure: How used: The operating system shall allocate an SMAP buffer in memory. Set registers as specified in "Input" table. On first call, EBX should be set to 0. Next step is to call INT 0x15. If no error, the interrupt call returns with CF clear and the buffer filled with data representing first region of the memory map. EBX is updated by BIOS so that when the OS calls the routine again, The next region is returned in the buffer.

BIOS sets EBX to zero. BIOS RAMMap by Mark Russinovich

Merethe Trøan

Merethe Trøan is a Norwegian singer, best known for her participation in the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest. In her teens, Trøan and her sister were members of vocal group Pastel together with two brothers. In 1985, Pastel took part in the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest selection, Melodi Grand Prix, with the song "Ring Ring Ring" finishing third. Pastel released one self-titled LP before disbanding. In 1992, Trøan returned to MGP as a solo artist, this time was successful with the song "Visjoner" being chosen as the Norwegian entry for the 37th Eurovision Song Contest, held in Malmö, Sweden on 9 May. "Visjoner" did not prove successful, managing only 18th place of 23 entries, although Trøan's performance is remembered for a spontaneous giggle midway through the song. Trøan subsequently took up work as a voice actor, her credits including the Norwegian versions of Disney's Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book 2

Stelth Ulvang

Stelth Ulvang is an American musician, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, best known as the touring member of the folk rock band The Lumineers. He is the co-founder of the Front Range-based band The Dovekins. In February 2015, Ulvang released his debut album And, as Always, he released three more albums, one LP and two EPs, in 2018. The live performances feature him accompanied by his collaborator and drummer, Max Barcelow, the multi-instrumentalist Dorota Szuta. Ulvang married Dorota Szuta in 2018, they have been composing music and performing live with each other from a long time. It was while working at a coffee shop on Laurel Street in Fort Collins, that Ulvang developed an interest in music and decided to become a musician. Being an avid traveller, he used to busk to cover his expenses. Due to his habit of performing barefooted on stage, he has acquired the nickname "Barefoot Wanderer". Ulvang's major influences include Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac, Jason Molina, Pavement, Leonard Cohen, Joan Baez, Dave Van Ronk, Tom Waits, Jerry Lee Lewis, Neil Young and Bob Dylan.

Among genres, he has been influenced by Garage rock. Known for his ability to play a variety of instruments, Ulvang states that he plays more than 12, he plays guitar and piano, likes the flute and the accordion. In 2009, While sailing from Hawaii to Seattle with the singer-songwriter Griff Snyder in a boat named "The Dove", Stelth came up with the idea of forming the band The Dovekins, they cemented the band's lineup in Denver which included five members, all rooted in the city's folk punk scene. Dovekins played mountain-town folk and indie rock style-music; the group released two studio albums - Assemble the Aviary and live in 2010 and toured before disbanding with a final show in Austin in October 2011. The band reunited on a few occasions since including at the 2018 Treefort festival in Boise. Ulvang came in touch with The Lumineers in 2009, when the latter, seeking for some advice on self-booking Colorado shows, interacted with him through Myspace; as The Lumineers were in need of a musician, Ulvang joined them in 2011 as a touring member.

He was designated to play Bass guitar for them but he switched to Piano. Since he has assisted in the composition of various The Lumineers' songs, Stubborn Love being one of the most prominent of them all. Moreover, he accompanies the group in all of their live performances and has along with the band, opened for U2. Ulvang started to compose his own music in 2012, he has since released 2 EPs. His full-length debut album- "And, as Always. "And, as Always. Ulvang told the Colorado Public Radio that American Boredom was more political-themed than the other albums which were centred around environmental issues