Louis III of France

Louis III was the king of West Francia from 879 until his death in 882. The eldest son of king Louis II and his first wife Ansgarde of Burgundy, he succeeded his father and ruled jointly with his younger brother Carloman II, who became sole ruler after Louis's death. Louis's short reign was marked by military success. Louis was born while his father was King of Aquitaine and his grandfather Charles the Bald was ruling West Francia; some doubts were raised about his legitimacy, since his parents had married secretly and Ansgarde was repudiated at Charles' insistence. When Charles died in 877 and Louis the Stammerer died two years some Frankish nobles advocated electing Louis as the sole king, but another party favoured each brother ruling a separate part of the kingdom. In September 879 Louis was crowned at Ferrières Abbey. In March 880 at Amiens the brothers divided their father's kingdom, Louis receiving the northern part, called Neustria or sometimes Francia. Duke Boso, one of Charles the Bald's most trusted lieutenants renounced his allegiance to both brothers and was elected King of Provence.

In the summer of 880 Carloman II and Louis III marched against him and captured Mâcon and the northern part of Boso's kingdom. They united their forces with those of their cousin Charles the Fat ruling East Francia and Kingdom of Italy, unsuccessfully besieged Vienne from August to November. In 881 Louis III achieved a momentous victory against Viking raiders, whose invasions had been ongoing since his grandfather's reign, at the Battle of Saucourt-en-Vimeu. Within a year of the battle an anonymous poet celebrated it and the king, for both his prowess and piety in a short poem Ludwigslied composed in the Old High German. Louis III died on 5 August 882, aged around 18, at Saint-Denis in the centre of his realm. Whilst mounting his horse to pursue a girl, running to seek refuge in her father's house he hit his head on the lintel of a low door and fell, fracturing his skull. Since he had no children, his brother Carloman II became the sole king of West Francia and the victor of Saucourt was buried in the royal mausoleum of the Basilica of St Denis.

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Paweł Przytocki

Paweł Przytocki, is a Polish conductor of classical music. Przytocki studied at the Academy of Music in Kraków, graduating with distinction from the Faculty of Conducting under Professor Jerzy Katlewicz in 1985, he perfected his skills at the Bartók International Seminar with Péter Eötvös and the Master Conducting Course within the Oregon Bach Festival in Eugene, Oregon, USA with Helmuth Rilling. From 1983 to 1987, Przytocki conducted at the Krakow Philharmonic and, since 1987, at the Grand Theatre in Łódź. From 1988 to 1991, he was the music director of the Baltic Philharmonic in Gdańsk, he has worked with the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra in Warsaw in 1990, the Great Theatre and Polish National Opera in Warsaw in 1992, since 1995, the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra. From 1995 to 1997, he was Artistic Director of the Artur Rubinstein Philharmonic in Łódz. From 2005 to 2007, Przytocki was the conductor at the Great Theatre and Polish National Opera in Warsaw. From March 2009 to September 2012 Przytocki was Managing director and Artistic director of the Krakow Philharmonic and Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra in Poland.

Przytocki is a regular guest conductor with European symphonic orchestras. He conducted Budapest Concert Orchestra, Orchestra Sinfonica de Xalapa in Mexico, Real Filharmonia de Galicia in Spain, Capella Istropolitana in Bratislava, Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Halle, Neue Philharmonie Westfalen, Bilkent Symphony Orchestra Ankara, Everett Symphony Orchestra in the United States and Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra in Ostrava. Przytocki has participated with Polish orchestras in numerous international music festivals, including the Athens Festival 1987, the Musikfest Stuttgart 1988, the Flanders Festival 1989, La Chaise-Dieu Festival 1996, Kissinger Sommer 1998, Bratislava Music Festival 1999, Prague Spring 2001, Wratislavia Cantans 2005, he has recorded for the Polish Radio. His recordings on CDs have been released by Point Classics and DUX Records. Uncompleted list of recordings: Rachmaninov: Symphony no 1 in D minor, Pawel Przytocki, Philharmonic Orchestra in Gdańsk, Release Date: 1995-04-16, Audio CD, Aurophon Classics Mozart: Klavierkonzerte, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Pawel Przytocki, Capella Istroplitana, Capella Istropolitana, Christoph Soldan, Release Date: 30 May 2006 Label: K & K Verlagsanstalt Mozart: Klavierkonzerte Vol 2 – Edition Monastery Maulbronn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Pawel Przytocki, Silesian Chamber Philharmonic, Christoph Soldan, Release Date: 27 June 2006 Label: K&K Verlagsanstalt The Beethoven Academy Orchestra performs Wieniawski, Bacewicz & Penderecki, Grazyna Bacewicz, Krzysztof Penderecki, Henryk Wieniawski, Pawel Przytocki, Beethoven Academy, et al.

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Hans Jürgen Press

Hans Jürgen Press was a German illustrator and writer of children's books. Many of his books contain stories and puzzles in which the reader searches the illustrations for clues to the mystery. Press was born in East Prussia, he served for about four months during World War II, when he was captured in France and transported to Marseille, where he was shipped to Oran. After 3 or 4 days he was transported to the United States. Press was trained as an unarmed sail plane glider pilot. While a prisoner of war at Ft. D. A. Russell in Texas, he painted detailed murals of far West Texas mountain scenes at Building 98 in Marfa, Texas; the murals are on the National Register of Historic Places. He departed Marfa, Texas, in 1945 while there he created two west Texas watercolors of local residents one performing a Spanish dance and another playing the Spanish guitar, he attended the Hochschule für Bildende Künste. In 1953 he began to illustrate for "sternchen", the children's supplement of German magazine stern.

He invented "Der kleine Herr Jakob", a little man with moustache and bowler hat who never talked but whose comic strips were commented in verse. The Adventures of the Black Hand Gang was a combination of story and illustration which appeared in weekly chapters, the solution to this week's riddle was given the next week. Press was one of the inventors of the "Wimmelbild", a genre of illustration deliberately overcrowded with detail, to please children on their search for a certain item, he wrote and illustrated books about science and numerous puzzle and play books for children. His son, Julian Press, is an author and illustrator; the Adventures of the Black Hand Gang The Black Hand Gang and the Treasure in Breezy Lake The Black Hand Gang and the Mysterious House Author information at Adventures of the Black Hand Gang Facebook Fan-page A freeware "The Adventures Of The Black Hand Gang" interactive e-book game including every story is available at: The Adventures Of The Black Hand GangThis game allows you to read the entire adventures of the gang while participating via your mouse to help solve the puzzles on each page.

The game was created with the sole purpose to perpetuate the genius of H. J. Press and empower young readers to seek adventure in every aspect of their lives