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We Shall Return

We Shall Return is a 1963 American drama film directed by Philip S. Goodman and starring Cesar Romero and Anthony Ray, it follows the flight of and eventual return of Cuban refugees following the Cuban Revolution of 1959. It features a fictitious plan to overthrow Fidel Castro, which proves successful, allowing the emigres to go home. Shot predominantly on location in Florida, the film would have its world premiere there as well, on February 15, 1963. More than half a century We Shall Return retains the distinction of being both the only feature film written directly for the screen by novelist Pat Frank and the only one scored by noted jazz saxophonist and composer-arranger Ed Summerlin. List of American films of 1963 We Shall Return on IMDb

Alliance for Middle East Peace

The Alliance for Middle East Peace is a group of over 100 leading non-governmental organizations working to foster reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians, between Arabs and Jews in Israel and the wider region. One of ALLMEP's proposals is an independent International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace to support and encourage efforts to build peace in the region. ALLMEP’s initial advocacy in Washington secured dedicated funds for these organizations within the Office of Conflict Management and Mitigation of USAID. ALLMEP widened its plan, in order to establish an International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace modeled on the International Fund for Ireland which played a notable role in creating a sustainable resolution in Northern Ireland. ALLMEP began as an informal coalition in late 2003; the group first convened in February 2004, at the first annual Middle East coexistence conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. ALLMEP was formally incorporated in 2006, it grew from 14 organizations in 2004 to 27 in 2005 and 44 NGOs in 2007.

ALLMEP has met with USAID and State Department officials, including at its event in Jerusalem in 2006 which included NGO representatives and U. S. diplomats. It has ongoing contact with appropriate U. S. officials responsible for NGO funding. ALLMEP hosts an annual event in Washington. In June 2005, ALLMEP held a summer conference on coexistence; the event included Middle East ambassadors and Muslim religious leaders, members of Congress, State Department officials, leading pro-Israel and pro-Arab activists, Middle East NGO activists to discuss ALLMEP's agenda of coexistence. More than 250 participated, including diplomats from Tunisia, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan; the programming included a panel discussion by Egyptian Ambassador Fahmy, Jordanian Prince Firas bin Raad, Palestinian Chief Representative Hassan Abdel Rahman, Luxembourg Ambassador Arlette Conzemius-Paccoud, former U. S. Ambassador Phillip Wilcox of the Washington Middle East Institute. ALLMEP members met with over 30 congressional offices, regarding the NGOs work on reconciliation.

In March 2006, ALLMEP co-sponsored a reception and screening of a new documentary film about coexistence efforts, Encounter Point. In conjunction with this event, ALLMEP and JustVision representatives met with more than 37 congressional offices. In March 2009, the summit members of ALLMEP met with members of Congress, the Department of State, USAID, the White House; as interest increased for the idea of the IFFIPP, the Alliance doubled its number of meetings in 2009 compared to 2008, met with over ten percent of Congressional offices. Israeli-Palestinian peace process Projects working for peace among Arabs and Israelis Trade Unions Linking Israel and Palestine Arava Institute for Environmental Studies Valley of Peace initiative Group website